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Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities in 2022


Job Search 2022

I'm constantly looking at different ways of teaching you similar stuff, to reinforce so that it clicks with you and what i actually did was thought about how do i go about surfacing job candidates.

 How do i use the tools like google and linkedin and those kind of things and then could i flip all that and go the other way and make a list for my boot campers of what they should do it which is the mirror of what i as a recruiter would do.

so i came up with this list of like well it's really like 10 things but there's a couple others but it's basically it's a dozen things that i want to draw your attention to now if i'm talking about something and you're not quite clear what i mean, take some comfort in knowing that as you go through the boot camp program if you are new i've likely covered this somewhere.

 I tried to pull it forward give it to you in a different manner so that it registers a little differently or maybe unlocks a little extra effort activity that you could do that might be the trick that does it for you, so you'll have this as a replay you have a lot of what i'm about to tell you sprinkled throughout the program.

Job Search 2022

1. CONSIDER is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 This is one of the points from the Articles on the ten point formula to create more job options and i talked about this is the desk work park because this is even before you're bringing yourself to the market, can you think about on your career trajectory the job that maybe you held just previously just prior to what you are now or what the next job.

 might be or something that's on this path and it doesn't have to be an up arrow it could be a sideways arrow so so a simple example that i think a lot of people can understand, this might be a program manager are there ba positions or qa positions quality assurance that might be able to investigate.

 i want to draw your attention to the second thing is when you look for people tar or companies i should say, you know i talk about i want you to identify a target company list right and i've given you a number of ways of doing that, and i said you know google the stuff, think about the stuff, go to linkedin and look for the stuff well one thing that i want to draw your attention to is when you pull up a company in linkedin.

 so there's nothing scientific about this you go to linkedin you find a company or you find a person and you see they work for a company and you click on the company, then it pops a company page okay and on the company page you might be looking at things such as who works there what are they about, and you might be doing some research.

Job Search 2022

2. COMPANIES  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Well do you notice over in the uh i guess the right hand side there's the people also viewed okay so the people also viewed section of the company is going to tell you additional companies that are like that company, so now the only problem with this is i don't want you going down a rabbit hole right because like all of a sudden you get you know when we're searching for candidates when we start looking at people also viewed we get off the track of of the primary search boolean that we created in the first place.

  i'm just saying to you make sure you are mindful of that is a great and rich way of immediately coming up with companies that are just like that okay so i don't know how emphatically i have told you to do this throughout, but i want to call your attention to make sure that you're doing this and then the other thing is the people themselves are you looking at some of the key players in the organization and where they might have worked.

 This is a great extra step when you got the company pulled up in uh in linkedin and then we've got the people targets, so now i'm talking about the people that you might target you've got folks like the bosses or executives, or even team members that you might be coming across.

 Have you looked at varying the title of the of the boss so to come up with a boss hat and you're looking for the you know regional vice president of sales business development director, that could be the same type of person that's varying the titles.

 Then are you reviewing the different positions that a particular potential boss has held what other nomenclature might you be able to use, now we've gone at length through this in the searching module where we've talked to you about the google boolean and the linkedin x-ray but you are collecting additional parameters or additional keywords that you might be able to search on if you're reviewing what positions they've held other positions and other titles.

Job Search 2022

3. PEOPLE TARGETS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

Then people also viewed okay so you i'm you know i'm looking at andy he's the you know grand poobah of milewalk all right well what who else is who else are they viewing they're probably reviewing, i'll never get the jessica elba and jennifer lopez things that it says people also viewed when they viewed me.

 i have absolutely no idea what we have in common certainly not our looks that's for sure but like just make sure that you're doing that okay and then uh right here are there previous organizations that boss has worked at so not necessarily what just other titles has the boss held.

 But that person obviously is in your space, so are there other organizations that you could be adding to your list now i've given you some stuff, we're going to keep going along these lines but the one thing that you need to do if this is me and this is what i used to do as a recruiter when we were when kara and i would be searching for people.

 i have myself this it's really scientific it's called a piece of paper it's like a notepad it's got nothing on it i call it my shrapnel list, so that i and you know i'm like the most focused person in the world so that i never stray from what i'm doing just because i see a white light and i see something that i might want to chase have a little shrapnel pad.

 that you just then write it okay the boss worked at such and such company i don't even know what that company is i don't even care never heard of it just write it down okay and make a company list that's all, and make a person list you don't even need to go investigate those people just stay on your path but these are those little extras and i guarantee you if you sat for an hour and did this.

 you'd fill up a whole notebook of stuff like that and wait that's the point yes and that's the point no that's the point yes get more stuff and the point no is don't stray away from what you're doing go do that later.

 Now i'm just gonna go look at all these companies, so keep that in mind so you do it for companies and you do it for people you do it for people targets what else can you do it for or should i say who else let me ask you to raise your hands i haven't looked at the chat uh and by the way if you got questions just like the live shows put or public live shows put question marks in front of them.

4. SELF TARGETING  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

How many of you do this do you self-target do you look at you do you look at your profile and say all right braylee stone susan i love it skye how about you i can i basically can see stacy susan skye and bradley.

 it's just a sucks um but wait but do you look at people also viewed who else like how do i know that they view jessica alba and oprah and jennifer lopez right, people also viewed okay well what are their titles what are their companies right, so here again um right vacuuming the carpet right getting all the dust up going on angles going in circles right. so don't be afraid to do a little self-targeting okay don't be don't be afraid to do a little self-targeting and position targeting okay.

Job Search 2022

5. POSITION TARGETS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 You look at title variants so make sure that as you're seeing other people you're looking at their title variants you're seeing where they previously worked so don't when you look at somebody's profile you're not just looking at where they work now, what do they call themselves what's their headline right where have they previously worked.

 Who else have people right this is again just to reiterate i want you to make sure if you've got a person you're looking at that and then there's skill variants, for example maybe you're a sales force you know CRM expert right.

 What other skills might they have well there's skills in multiple dimensions they might have other CRM packages like sugar CRM microsoft CRM, what are some of the other skill variations hard skills and then what are some of the other capabilities and softer skills or foundational skills that they have that they're touting float down look at their skill section look at their skills throughout the body of their linkedin profile.

 Now i want to pause here because you know we're through five of these now the point to all of this is not to exhaust you like oh my god andy you know this is so much stuff i don't no it's just open your eyes wider right, make sure because researching is about uncovering things that you didn't anticipate you were going to uncover when you started to look for whatever it is you looked for.

 This is just other ways of what think about it you look at somebody's profile you discover a company you never heard of then you send some boss hunting letter or some no job opening cover letter over to the organization and bang that's the one, that hires you it comes from doing little things, i just you know i just want to reiterate that then we've talked about this a lot.

Job Search 2022

6. EXPAND GOEGRAPHY  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 make sure you're expanding your geography okay you're in the U.S go out of state in europe go to different countries, in the US you want to go to a different country that's fine too okay, and then this thing here in 95% of the cases this is going to be a smart thing to do and in some cases and i already know this because i've gone back and forth with some of you in the system.

 Even if it says we disregard whether it says we're open to remote or we're not open to remote or this is a five day in the office job disregard that, disregard it until you get them on the phone and somebody says for the third time there's absolutely no way that you can live in nashville and for our company that's based in san francisco.

 if you are in hyper job search mode take in everything that you possibly can from an investigative standpoint, don't worry if you get in there we had one guy he said any  you know i'm interviewing and things are going well and they told me that you know they're gonna need me to move and i might not need to do it right away but i'm gonna need to do it and my wife said no and my response to him was don't mess with the wife.

 Don't be silly like if she doesn't want to move don't move you're not moving get out of that and go and talk to somebody else, but for most of you expand the geo we got a guy i don't think he's here he's a vip and he and i base i don't know if he is here,  you know we've been on the phone like every day this week and i don't know if he's here, he's not here he's probably counting up all his new dollars.

 You know he's in nashville he had an opportunity in florida at an opportunity in new jersey and we're you know we're doing this with the offers and some other offers and now we're literally back and forth negotiating his contract.

 we're going back and forth with the language in the agreement that's about this thick about the relocation now so they wanted him to relocate and then they said well you know we needed in a couple months, then it was six months now we're out to a year and we're getting that even loosened okay so because he wants his kids to finish high school whatever wherever they are.

 He doesn't want to have to move and i mean we're negotiating all this multiple times a day throughout the day like going back and forth and how to get all the language the right way, but things that would never have been heard of so maybe you're not sure you want to move maybe you're open to it maybe you want to buy yourself some time to think about it.

 it's fair game and i think i told you about justin another boot camper where they wanted him to move in two months and he we negotiated two years, so just roll with it a lot can change and you know what um what's that expression i don't know if we got any commercial real estate you know multi-unit buildings and families and squatters rights and things like that.

Job Search 2022

7. REVIEW SITES  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Once you get in and you squat it's harder to move you out, think someone telling you the squatter story about expanding your expanding your geography. Make sure you're doing this actually same thing with the VIP guy, so gets in this interviewing process and he says well i'm noticing that there's other positions in the organization that might be a possibility.

 Now you might glance once and notice something and then opportunity falls off so for the corporate websites remind yourself or make a note that as you are going through the process with the company, that you are actually looking at this to see if anything else pops up and we're gonna talk about this a little more in some of the other ones but just keep an eye if other things do pop up and i would constantly be looking at indeeds and these others not to apply.

 but to see you know are additional positions opening up in areas that i'm interested in in companies that i'm interested in or maybe even interviewing with okay so don't forget that once you get engaged and we're going to talk a little bit about what to say to them once you do get engaged but make sure you are doing this.

 it's very easy to forget to do this it's very easy to be so focused because andy said you get right you got you guys saw my now famous i don't you saw this thing right andy said i need to keep sending out my resume at 90 of my effort and what happens is we get engaged and then you start taking me literally and then you don't spend any and pay any attention to stuff.

 that you have going when i'm talking about mere minutes here right real quick but just make sure that you are not losing sight of don't let any of these slip through the cracks and because you might intercept it while you are in the interview process and then raise it or 

Job Search 2022

8. FOLLOWING ON LINK  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

are you following the companies the recruiters and hr people and the hiring managers on linkedin, if you are think about sent it to company xyz boom follow them boom follow all the management team follow the recruiters all of them i don't even care who the recruiters are.

 They got eight recruiters follow them all okay it's simple just follow just follow hit the follow button, and then the hiring managers we got some VIP that i'm working with that we set up all the follows.

  Profile was not super built out on linkedin we needed a hook right to email this person and sure enough now she was on a podcast and that was a great tailored email that we now could send to her because you're following her on linkedin and was posted.

 These kind of things will surface so like as a recruiter i would just follow all the companies and then i would follow all the recruiters in the companies that i wanted to see if i wanted to recruit for, we would make sure we were following everybody, passive it's passive right and then just look in your linkedin feed oh there's a post on the page.

 For a new they're looking for a new so-and-so guess what they're looking for something is it you why don't you send a linkedin message and say hey i see you're looking for this you know i got a friend who's whatever you should contact him you should contact her right something like that there's nothing wrong with getting engaged with recruiters on linkedin, and you followed them and then they posted something and then you commented on it.

They do that they do that a lot and recruiters are lazy they're the corporate recruiters are lazy bunch,hey i'm looking for a sales force architect send me your resume write any comments you make on that they're gonna see it.

Job Search 2022

9. GOOGLE ALERTS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Google alerts who's using google alerts do you know what these are so you go into google it they're very simple you tell google what you want to be notified for via email, you set up google alerts on you know mile walk when mile well now if you actually do mile walk is in the news you're going to get the 5k mile walk leukemia and lymphoma society.

 You're going to get some of that so you need to be really careful you might want to say milewalk and Markir-lagi or whatever so set up google alerts all right this is really good are there groups are there hiring managers are there entities within the organizations the organizations themselves and anytime there's any news press releases a new hire whoever that is put out, you'll get an Email

 i don't go look for free website change sites and here's how it works you go to the thing to the site you say you know company xyz slash careers slash something whatever the pages the url.

 you say tell me email me whenever that web page changes, whenever the web page changes and then they'd send you an email it says they added the solution architect for blah blah blah okay and so now you know, now some of these are going to be a pain in the butt right you're going to see it you'll be like okay i don't need that click, right some so what we would do is any of the companies, that we would be recruiting for any of the companies that we wanted to recruit for we would go to their career sites and we would i would use the url it was like free or something it was like there's a probably a bunch of them out there.

 They just send you alerts so anytime that web page gets refreshed off you'd go and you'd get an alert, the thinking part the desk work the blueprinting the sending right you know setting up your environment so that you're getting stuff passively to you and you're paying attention.

10. COVER LETTERS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Let's get into the cover letters this is in your cover letters already but i just want to make sure that you're calling it out, make sure you're using the this or any other language if you're not sure what i'm talking about i always like to include in a cover letter, when you were sending it especially like a four sentence or a boss hundred whatever is.

 if you are targeting a position you don't want them to limit their thinking of you to that position, so you want to say you know this or any other position where you think i can add the most value for your company or something like that, now in your cover letters if you're targeting somebody you might also want to say you know how i have you draw out your accomplishment or on an accomplishment or major accomplishments when you're targeting a boss or people like that.

 if it's appropriate you don't always have to do this, where you've held other positions that would be of interest to them, so another neat little tactic is not just well, i sold all this stuff, i built this unit but it's like but i've also held titles such as you know i'm a salesperson but i've also held titles such as marketing director and product management or whatever like.

 What you're doing is you're showing your diversity in the roles that you've played so it could be so now i'm thinking oh maybe there's other roles i need help with or i want to hire the most versatile person, so you might want to use you might want to use that and then to round it out and i alluded to this one before.

11. INTERVIEWS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 When you go into a screen in an interview okay you need to say to the person that you are talking to before you get off the phone, this was great i really look forward to pursuing this and i want you to know i'm enthused and all that other flowery stuff i tell you to say.

 Say just you know just out of curiosity are there any other positions you're recruiting for that either a you think i would be suitable for that you might want to speak to me about or wonder if i'm interested in or,  i'm happy to network with you and if you know if they're not then i'm happy to give you any names that i can of people that i know.

 it's your way of kind of slipping in the opener of is there anything else, now this is a little different than hey i noticed you had three other positions on your site that i can that i could fulfill, you could say hey before we get off the phone this is great i want to help you in whatever capacity that you need the most and my skills as you can tell are wide and right wide ranging.

 i also noticed you had opportunities on your website related to this that and the other thing of those three positions which one do you think i'm most suited forand i ask you t hat because i want to help you know i want to join your organization in the capacity that's most important to you.

  I know people for these other things that i could tell you about that too you know however you want to get that dialogue going and then same kind of thing as you go through the interviewing process, just it's okay to ask like even if you don't notice that another opportunity comes up on their site.

You get to the hiring official maybe the hiring official's not first right you got a screener an HR person or a recruiter that's common right, so you get to the hiring official say hey we're interviewing for this but just curious is there any other capacities you think i could join your organization.

 I want to join wherever you need need it the most so i want you to know i'm open to that so all of these things are aimed at giving you a little extra,  i don't want you to obsess over oh my god andy just gave me another 11 part checklist that's not the point.

 Because what will happen is once you look at the thing and you use it as a checklist for like two days you're it's gonna be second nature to you, just make sure you have the most important tool which is the blank piece of paper.

 That you used to write all stuff down on okay so i hope i hope you enjoyed that 

Discipline is Everything for your Career Powerful Motivational for Better Life

simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

Discipline is everything for your career, for real life…. Because 99% of people that say stuff like that are not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.

simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

 The marines have a saying everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die and that's just real at the center of bringing any dream into fruition is self-discipline.

 you know some something as simple as food and eating it's not about your body as much as it is about your mind it's getting command of your mind to be able to choose actions that are in your own best interest.

 Every day we are choosing that's not in our own best interest right, so if the world is attacking you and the world wants to fight you and the world's trying to hold you down so you won't kick yourself in the balls, so you don't stop yourself from getting what you dream.

simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

 Discipline is Everything for your Career, Self-discipline is the center of all material success………..

 The thing about self-discipline is that it is necessary for everything you do in your life you have to be self-disciplined, if discipline comes from somewhere else it's very very hard to remain consistent, because you tend to resist it's wild because i see trainers and they're in the gym with people and you know the guy or girl that they're working out hates their workout hates it, because the discipline is coming from somewhere else.

 You it's something that you dread every time you go in you don't really want to do it it's like uh but oh no my trainer's here he's about to you know beat me up and make me feel crazy.

 Well the truth is every trainer should work his way out of your life, anybody who's working you out…. Your teachers, your trainers, your people, they have to train you to get out of your life…..

simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

 Discipline is Everything for your Career ,So you can go ahead do your own workout do your own thing practice self-discipline…… 

 I always wanted to win the world cup that was the reason i started and as the time went by i started enjoying cricket and i started realizing the challenges of cricket and my coach was instrumental along with my brother to my elder brother Rajiv to make me realize the importance of leading a disciplined life, a focused life and to make me push harder they found reasons and even towards the end of my career i followed that formula.

simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

 Discipline is Everything for your Career, self-discipline and being able to perform

 i've never met a person who was not successful that didn't have a great amount of self-discipline within, their life self-discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep commitments and promises and meet deadlines.

 is essential to success of none of us none of us can afford to have a life that is controlled by someone else or a life that is basically controlled by our emotions, i learned many years ago that there are two kinds of people there's the type of person who says i'm gonna wait till i feel like it before i do it and then there's a person who says i've got to do it so that i feel like it.

 One will never get anything done because they're still waiting to feel the moment to move and the other person says no i need to move and then i will begin to feel the movement, sauna self-discipline is essential in your life and in my life if we're going to get things done.

simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

Discipline is Everything for your Career, have no discipline is no value of anything

 it's real simple if you don't work out you don't get you don't get a muscle right, so i always tell people this is there's a daily practice like priming if you don't do that if you get up and you just have no discipline whats ever you get no value of anything your diets don't work when you don't do them exercise doesn't work when you don't do them, but most of people have some experiences that they want to shift and once you shift those things your whole life changes, but life is constant growth my life isn't here because i went to one seminar one time and now my life is fit for life.

i work out i train my mind i train my body it becomes a lifestyle it's not just like you're depending upon somebody else i'm not here to become somebody's guru, i'm not here to give them a gift i'm here them to open up their own gifts and that's really what my work has been.


simple discipline for increase your Potential Inside, Careers, More Opportunities u get it.....

Discipline is Everything for your Career, simple discipline is nothing more than making and keeping simple promises to yourself

 One of the things that i think you should always come back to first is take a look at how you set your day up because how you set it up is how it ends up how do i set my day up, so that i'm practicing what i call simple discipline, simple discipline is nothing more than making and keeping simple promises to yourself repeating it every day.

 The way that you start to change the big things is to change the small things make tiny teeny teeny promises to yourself and then keep them.

 So how do you build simple discipline here are some core skills that i do every morning that have helped me, 
Number one i do not sleep with the phone 
Number two when the alarm goes off on my phone it's not near me so i have to get my ass out of bed, you keep those small simple promises to yourself and you'll start to build the muscle of simple discipline and you can start to do it in other areas of your life.

What career opportunity can I do for myself ? Resign from jobs to Start Mobile Detailing Business

do it yourself for survive on next year

Resign from jobs to Start Mobile Detailing Business, cause when you make a something automaticly you make a money

If you're trying to start your own car detailing business what's holding you back from actually doing so, is that you're waiting to get certified from a Visa Center ? you're waiting to get trained from a detail center ?

 is that you don't think you have all the tools and products, is it you don't have the van, is that you don't have the shock, is it that you're waiting to get more money to spend on your t-shirts and business cards….

 what is it that's holding you back from starting your detailing business think about it right now, once you've written that down once you've thought about in your head take that idea or on the sheet of paper crumble it up and throw it away and don't even worry about it.

 your effort when you're first starting off your first version of your business whether it is your first time ever running a business or your grantham business in the past regardless of your notion of why you can't or why you're going to fail or what's going to happen if you start without XYZ completely scratch that and launch your business.

 I seriously can't remember the last time I did something for the first time and got it right on the first attempt, whether it's business or personal related you're always going to revise your first attempt to you're second to your third to your fourth and to your fifth you're never going to be a hundred and ten percent complete or ready or prepared on the first try.

 you can make assumptions you can analyze you can kind of get a feel for what's going to happen but once you actually start your business once you actually get into the game you'll start to truly realize what are the true obstacles and hurdles and problems you're going to encounter and then that's when you can develop actual solutions to move yourself forward.

 but right now that you're contemplating over you know I need to get this first I'm worried about this I need to overanalyze this I need to write down ten ideas for this I needed by all these foot you can scratch all of that if you're very limited on experience, if you don't think you're good enough as a detailer to perform the service itself it's called learning on the job and some of you are going to say oh well you know it's professionally not supposed to be valuing the damage someone's card you know you shouldn't be starting a business if you're not you know an expert level scratch all of that.

 Your first revision is going to come out crap it's I myself was a terrible detailer when I first started off compared to what I am now comparing this Oscar from Oscar four years ago, no comparison whatsoever and that's the exact same mythology that you should follow with your business.

 You starting off right now no matter how good you are at this exact moment you will be ten times better a year two years three years from now, perhaps you want to offer interior cleaning services but you're waiting on a steamer waiting on an extractor waiting to save up more money they're buying a buddy buffer so you can put a carpet attach into it.

 Whatever the case may be just start with what you have and you can improve as you go that's the biggest key that I always try to say is, you're going to improve as you get more experience if it is that you don't have enough money to get XYZ then just start with outfit and figure out a solution to get the end result.
do it yourself for survive on next year

 You cannot just think you need to get everything in place before you can start, I know a lot of people will say that because you're going to go into business you need to be professional you need this and you need that and you shouldn't start I do not follow that idea just because everyone starts from somewhere no matter if it's an absolutely a business owner a student a teacher you're going to start at level zero.

 at some point if you're not as fortunate or someone has is in a better position than you then that doesn't mean you can't do whatever it is you want to do and for our instance starting a detailing business, you can start and if we're being really honest in the first three months you're not going to get much business anyhow so if you're worried about you want every single lasting in place once you actually get that and then start you're not going to get much activity.

 Unless you have proper marketing place, unless you have a decent budget to work with and if you know what you're doing at the same time then you can get some quick traction but even then if you have all that in place just start with whatever you whatever experience you have and whatever tools and products you have.

 You must constantly always try to push to just start with what you have, regardless of your experience the tools you have or whatever else you think we need….. if it's that you think you need a bank account on your LLC your DBA your insurance your workers comp and all of that just service one customer then come to realize you actually don't even like detailing because you've only been watching the videos Tutorial.

 Instead of actually performing the services that's going to save you a lot of headaches and troubles instead of spending so much money and all the time to get your business legitimate, it comes to realize you actually don't want to do it.

 That much better option to just realize that instead of going through all those hurdles like I mentioned write down whatever it is you think is stopping you from starting your business. 
do it yourself for survive on next year

I don't want you to think you have to wait months and spend thousands of dollars to get started, just to get a first couple hundred bucks in your pocket you can start this weekend you can start getting traction and get that momentum going.

 the longer you like right now that you're thinking about starting your business or you just started it you're really pumped you're excited you want to get money in your pocket you want a service vehicle if you want to get experience you want to get people to know who you are.

How to Handle Stress at Work Tips to Stop Stressing About Work

tips for handle stress at work

Sometimes things don't go right. 

Sometimes you make mistakes. 

Sometimes the situation isn't always roses and daisies. And that's okay. 

The real solution to having less stress at work and to feeling so blah and stressed down all the time about wor is... 

For the best career advancement advice, make sure Continous reading thisArticles. 

Are you feeling stressed AF at work? 

If you are, this Articles is exactly for you. I'm making just for you. My friend stress at work is totally normal. We all have it, it is something that always exists. But especially right now with everything going on in the world, all of our stress might be feeling a little bit more elevated. 

I wanted to share with you some simple strategies on how you can handle stress at work. And in life. My most important strategy is going to be the last one that we talk about. So make sure that you stay all the way through. 

If you're ready to learn my stress relief tips so that you can have less stress at work.

 The first Tips to Stop Stressing About Work that I have for you to handle stress at work is to breathe. I know this sounds really dumb because it's really obvious. Like, you're breathing right now I bet. I hope you are! 

The power of breathing is that simply taking a really nice deep breath can be something that helps move you from a reactive state where positive things don't always happen into a more active state where you can react accordingly. And with less stress, if we look into the science behind it, there's a couple of different things at play. 

tips for handle stress at work

First of all, if you're facing acute stress, which I'm going to come back to in just a minute, you are going to be having an amygdala response. That's your fight flight or freeze. It's the most primitive area of our brain from when we were cavemen and we were facing challenges like saber toothed tigers. Now, you probably won't find many of those lurking around at work. However, your reaction to any stress of work is essentially the same.

 Taking time to breathe is actually going to allow the chemical in your brain that actually unaccept amygdala response time to dissipate so that you can move into your logic center of your brain. 

tips for handle stress at work

The other component is our brain just needs oxygen, especially if we are going to be doing some deep thinking. We want to be thoughtful in our actions, especially if we are in a very stressful situation, we are going to be able to think better and act better when we have that oxygen for our brain. 

So really, breathing is always your friend on a day to day basis. But especially in times of stress, know when you are taking that moment to breathe, one of the things that I want you to be asking yourself is moving into my second tip to handle stress at work. And that is getting to the root of the problem. 

The question I want you to sincerely think about an answer for yourself here is: What is the real problem here ? The thing that we're feeling stressed about and maybe feeling anxious, or reactive or having conflict about might not actually be the source of the problem, it might just be the straw that broke the camel's back. 

Or it might be the thing that's in front of us that we can actually identify. For example, one of the ways that I've seen this play out with my clients in the real world is having a lot of stress about inbox management. 

They're being bombarded in their inbox with action items and things to do. And they have to reply to this and do this and think about that. So yeah, it's their inbox stressing them out. But what is actually underlying that stress is that they don't feel like they're in control. If this sounds a little bit familiar drop.

 One of the things that I think especially when I work one on one with my clients that always surprises people is that they're usually coming because there is a problem, there is an obstacle, but it's often deeper than what we actually think it is. So in till we get to the point where we really understand the problem, we're not going to be able to solve for it. And that means that we're going to have stress, we resolve that thing, we are going to feel that stress in a different way.

 Now this one I know it's a lot easier said than done. But I promise you that investing time into this step is going to be something that is really helpful. 

For my next Tips to Stop stress About work, I want to come back to something that I mentioned earlier, which was talking about acute stress. And that is that you need to consider perspective. And there's a couple of layers to this. So let's dive into it. 

There's two questions that I have for you, to help you gain perspective about your stress at work. The first is, is the stress about thing. So often when we're talking about stress, it's a bad thing. And we're talking about all the negative impacts of stress. And you know, we feel so stressed down and as soon as someone says that they're stressed, we automatically know that that's a bad thing. 

But the thing is that stress can be a good thing. If we actually look at it from the psychology behind stress. There are three different types of stress. One is good, two or bad. The first kind of stress is you stress, this is good stress. 

This is the stress that is motivating us. So sometimes if we're thinking about our stress, and maybe we are feeling a little bit insecure or we're facing a little bit of imposter syndrome on a project that we're Working on the thing is that this isn't always a bad thing, this stress can actually really motivate us to invest our attention, our energy and our best effort to accomplish the outcome that we're really going for. 

And with all this good stress, we might not actually come into it with the gousto, that we're coming with it now that we're quite honestly a little bit terrified that we're in over our heads. 

On the other hand, we have the bad stressors, we have acute stress, and this is actually triggered by an event. So think about, you get a call from an unhappy customer, or unclear instructions from your boss, and there is a tight deadline to meet it. And you're not sure what you're even supposed to be doing. 

These are acute stressors, they're kind of sudden and instantaneous, then we also have chronic stress. And there are different types of chronic stress that you might experience at work. 

One great example. Chronic stress is the stress that is always present. For example, if you have a toxic manager, that stress of having them is constant, even though there is going to be also acute stressors, which they bring into your world.

tips for handle stress at work

 Now one thing that can be interesting, and it's not true in all cases, but I want you to be open about it. And I want you to consider it for those bad stressors that you have in your life. Sometimes our bad stressors might actually be a good stressor in disguise. 

Like maybe that bad Boss that we're dealing with is really giving us the motivation, when we kind of are stuck in our careers to take that next step to either get the promotion or our dream job. And let's just face it, anytime that we have the opportunity in life to take lemons and make a delicious lemon teeny, we need to drink that shit up. 

The other question that I have regarding perspective for you is, does this really matter? And be honest with yourself your if you come back to this stressful situation in a year? Are you really gonna care about it? 

I think in our day to day jobs, we just get so entrenched in the things that we're doing. And we end up getting really stressed over benign things. Because of course, all of the little things add up to the really big things. But in the sequence of events, is this something that is going to really, truly have impact on your career and in your life? If the answer is yes, then yeah, it's pretty much a valid stressor. 

But if it's something that a year from now isn't really going to matter, then maybe you can stress out a little bit less about it. And this brings me into my next tip to handle stress at work. And that is to regain control. 

Especially if you're a control freak like me, one of the easiest ways to fuel an enormous amount of stress is to not be in control of a situation. In my opinion, if you are not in control, you are in chaos. And when you're in chaos, things start to take out through your life, this doesn't mean that things are completely off the hook and that you're reckless and things like that. 

Really chaos just means that you aren't in control of your actual day. And the things that are happening because this means that you can't be sure you can be confident that you're going to achieve your career goals. or even your to do list today, when you have a stress at work. 

Ask yourself this question, what can I control? And this is no way insinuating that you have control over all of the things you really don't you're dealing with other people unless you work all by yourself, and then you're just stressing yourself out.

 But that's probably not the situation, you're probably dealing with your boss, with coworkers, with other teams, with customers with partners. But in this stressfull situation, which is causing us stress at work, what are you actually in control of if the stress is more aggregate I didn't, because of a lot of things, one of the things that I do encourage you to consider is establishing some work life boundaries if you haven't already done so. 

Because when we think about things like dealing with difficult coworkers and your inbox taking over your life, or you feel like you're working all of the time, and that's the thing that's causing you stress at work, this is something that can be fixed for it. 

Now, when we think about the chronic stressors, like the nonstop email notifications, work taking over your life, dealing with toxic co workers are their work life boundaries that you can set that will help alleviate them. And then of course, in a more acute situation, think about the things that you are actually in control of.

tips for handle stress at work

 When you have a stressful situation at work, there is going to be a ton of stuff that isn't in your control, that it's totally up to other people who they decide to be what they do in this situation. 

But you can always control the things that you are in control of this includes your energy, your effort, your workplace boundaries, all of these things really add up. And when you're clear on what you can control, it actually helps you release the stress and worry an anxiety about all of the things that you aren't in control of that are stressing you out at work. 

Next point Tips to Stop Stressing About Work, And this is one of the things that if you're trying to handle stress at work, i t's a step that seems really obvious. But so many people miss this one. And that is to do a priority check. I can't tell you how many times I've spoken to a client that is just stressing themselves and running them into the ground over something really tiny. 

That either wasn't something that was the most important thing, or didn't really have a huge impact. When we don't understand how things are prioritized at our company, on our team. And for ourselves, it's really easy to enter a state of overwhelm, because then you just have all of this stuff to do. 

That creates a lot of stress at work. However, when you know exactly what you should be focusing on the impact that you are supposed to be having and how you can best have an impact at work. 

This allows you to focus on all of those things. It also makes you feel a lot better about the things that you don't need to stress out about because you don't really maybe even need to do or at least don't need to do right now. 

This is honestly one of the things that knowing your unique awesomeness quotient, your UAQ has a huge impact on, if you don't already know your UAQ, if you cannot escape stress at work, why not just stress over the right things that are actually going to move your career forward and are going to bring you satisfaction in your career. 

If you want to cope with stress at work, I highly recommend that you find a way to get some exercise in, now this isn't all about like doing some like crazy high intensity hit training, or you know getting really ripped or anything like that. Not at all unless that's your thing. 

Because when I'm talking about exercise here, it's not about looking hot. And it's not even necessarily about all of the health benefits that exercise actually offers you, it's because exercise is actually going to give you three immediate benefits.

tips for handle stress at work

 First of all, when you exercise when you move your body, you are going to decrease your levels of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. 

The second immediate impact that exercise has is that if you change your scenery, it changes your mind, especially if you're facing a different work problem. Something as simple as going for a walk and just seeing different things. And getting some clarity is going to be what actually gets you through that stress at work, or just makes you feel a little bit better so that you can tackle it when you get back to the office or to your home office. 

And the third isn't necessary. But most of the time when I talk about exercise and something like going for a walk or going for a good run if you're me. And this is something that just getting outside and breathing in, you know, nice, clean air, hopefully it's clean air unless you're in New York City like me which case it's you know, massive minnows. 

But nonetheless, getting outside especially into that nice, cold crisp fall air that we have right now is pointing me something that feels really, really good and decreases your stress levels. 

This is something that especially like for me in terms of stress management, the best way that I am managing my stress throughout my career has been through exercise. 

And once you have that habit, it becomes the first thing that you do. And if you're going to go to any vice, in a stressful situation, exercise is a lot better than a lot of the other vices that we might have like getting back to something a little bit more traditional and less sweaty, is my next tip to help you handle stress. And that is to commit to either your next step or to change if your work stress is because you were absolutely miserable your job you hate your company or in a toxic workplace, then you need to commit to actually changing that situation. 

And then you commit to your next step. Or if you're more into a scenario of acute stress, just identifying what you are going to do next, or what you can learn from the situation is going to be something that is immensely immensely helpful. 

I think it's really easy when we're feeling stressed out at work to just kind of stay in that place. I know it sounds really ridiculous. But doing nothing is a lot easier than doing something even. And probably even especially if you're feeling kind of miserable because of the stress that you have at work.

I'm sure when you actually start actioning those changes or taking those steps, you're going to feel a lot better and your stress level is going to alleviate especially as you get closer to resolving the actual cause of stress at work. 

And this brings me into my last Tips to Stop Stressing About Work. And that was to stop being so hard on yourself. So many of my clients that I know so many of you are just your perfectionist at heart and I know because and I know how hard it is when you just want to be your best, bring your best, and really succeed in every single situation. 

But you know what, sometimes things don't go right. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes the situation is isn't always roses and daisies, and that's okay. 

The real solution to having less stress at work and to feeling so blah and stress d out all the time about work is to actually tak some of the pressure off of yourself. And whe you're ambitious, and when you're tenacious, this is so much easier said than done. 

Trust me on thi one. But the easier that you can go in yoursel and really seeing that your career success journe is a marathon. It's not a sprint. It makes a lot of stressful situations that you're facing at wor or career obstacles that you're trying to navigate so much easier. 

And I think one of the ways tha we can really do this is to make sure that we ar cultivating a positive attitude, because whe things don't go your way, and especially if you'r a perfectionist by nature, just like me, it' really easy to feel defeated when things don't g right or don't go the way that you're expectin them to go. 

However, when you cultivate tha positive mindset, it allows you to see th opportunity in every situation, which i ultimately going to be something that elevate your career.

TRUCKERS in Demand in US What's Really Driving The Supply Chain Crisis?

TRUCKERS in Demand in US for 2022 after pandemic

You know we've really seen a lot of talk about trucker shortages are hitting record highs, the united states is facing a truck driver shortage truck…. 

There's no shortage what there is shortage of is uh more union contract jobs, so that that's the only shortage that that's really there 

TRUCKERS in Demand in US for 2022 after pandemic

America's ports are backlogged with shipping containers, the media wants you to think a truck driver shortage is to blame…. But there is no truck driver shortage, there are 15% more drivers than a decade ago.

The real issue is truckers have been increasingly mistreated and exploited for profits, for decades, driver compensation has dropped 40 percent since the 1970s. 

TRUCKERS in Demand in US for 2022 after pandemic

Port truck driving as it is right now can be compared to share cropping, these drivers are essentially paying to work they have to pay for their diesel, their insurance, you know their tags maintenance on tires etc so sometimes these drivers will have to owe the company on insurance costs because they weren't able to fulfill their work.

 Companies overwhelmingly treat truck drivers at the ports as independent contractors, not employees…. This forces costs onto drivers that the companies should be paying driving down wages for truckers.

TRUCKERS in Demand in US for 2022 after pandemic

 Sometimes even misclassified drivers you won't make nothing you'll show up to work and actually be in the red, you'll buy lunch, you'll pay for your fuel, and you'll be in the red, for that day because you weren't able to secure a loaded container out of that port let me sell you one being a misclassified drivers but you could be your own boss, you could be your own company, you could own your own truck, one day but really it's just a big rip-off… you end up paying all these fees and pay for a truck that'll never be yours i actually went through that.

 So that's where the first scheme shows up you know these companies erroneously classify them as independent contractors so they can deny them insurance sick leave, you know during the pandemic PPE unemployment insurance you name it.

 The deck is stacked against you someone's like going to Vegas thinking you're really going to win, when the fact of the matter is not set up for you to win, the misclassification of workers has led to extreme inefficiency at the ports.

 Where drivers can wait hours for cargo loads, for no pay, this means the same companies exploiting workers by refusing to treat them as employees are also the ones throwing off the supply chain, but the roots of this crisis go back decades to the deregulation of the 1980s when working conditions and pay for truck drivers started to plummet as full-time union jobs were transformed into contract work.

TRUCKERS in Demand in US for 2022 after pandemic

 Everyone knows that truck driving was a very lucrative career it was a ticket to the middle class it was a majority unionized workforce, and what this current crisis demonstrates is that the system, this race to the bottom that the trucking industry has engaged in, is what has caused and exacerbated this problem that we're facing right now.

 Trucking companies misclassify their drivers left and right in this race to the bottom, they're also union busting to prevent workers who are employees from organizing for decent pay and benefits….. in 2018 logistics company universal logistics holdings fired a group of drivers at the ports of los angeles and long beach after they successfully voted to form a union with the teamsters, then they replaced their former employees with independent contractors.

TRUCKERS in Demand in US for 2022 after pandemic

TD 5

 On december 3rd of 2019 we overwhelmingly won our election, two weeks later we're let go…. Just out of nowhere out of the blue we just let go i'm talking four days before Christmas. 

The reason i think they fired me was for retaliation because they knew i was really really involved, i was very outspoken i would actually uh get into it with the union busters , so the national labor relations board has since ruled that the firings were illegal and that universal logistics holdings must reinstate its workers and give them back pay, but the company has continued to act with impunity and fight against the ruling, even as its net income has risen 28% from 37.5 million in 2019 to 48 million in 2020.

i landed on my feet i actually accepted a job for lower hourly wages, but better medical better better health care vision diddle um a guaranteed 40-hour work week and it was a union job, being the union driver at these ports is completely  different from being a misclassified driver.

 Again right now the narrative that it's a lack of of jobs is absolutely incorrect there are plenty of drivers who want to work you know, the lines are absolutely backed up what it is, is a shortage of good union jobs, we're seeing a lot of words thrown around like retention programs, recruitment programs, but folks are missing the point….. the point is that drivers want to work but they want to be fairly compensated and in order to do that we need to regulate a heavily unregulated system………

Job Opportunities for 2022 No Experience Required No High skill Required

What's the best no experience required job ……???

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required

-Sweeping machine, Drive a forklift a sized sweeper around during the night, listen to whatever you want as loud as you want, relatively good pay compared to other kinds of cleaning jobs.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
 - Night security guard spend your evenings studying up to be something else.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
 - Grain silo work $25 an hour and mostly all you do is sweep or take a nap and sometimes explode.

 - the railroad isn't a bad gig, great retirement plan, and regular pay. Engineers can make north of 100k just be prepared to be on call all the time.
No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
Railroads are definitely great employment, locally pay is $25 for a shop helper which requires no experience, you've got to be on point though because if your screw up the Union will throw you under the train faster than the company.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- I used to work for a small clothing store at a resort hotel in Waikiki, I worked many retail jobs in my time in Hawaii and had to deal with about as many rude customers as you would anywhere else, but something about this place put all the customers in a good mood (maybe the fact we were on the beach) and I almost never had to deal with rude people. it was a fairly slow gig too which gave my co-workers and a lot of downtime for bee sing which we did plenty of, it was the only retail job I ever had where I never felt stress out.
 On a lot of days we would open the doors to let a tropical breeze in, the standard outfit was shorts t-shirt and flip-flops, US guys who worked there love to flirt with the girls in a little jewelry kiosk next house and we would get hit on regularly by borer teen girls and their drunk, middle-aged mothers looking for a tropical island fling, we used to actually fight for who God to take out the trash because the dumpster was on the beach, we would always time trash takeout for sunset and even the manager didn't get angry when it mysteriously took us ten minutes to go to the dumpster and back. at the time I was living in a studio apartments in Waikiki just a couple blocks away and it was a 10-minute walk to work for me.
 if that job had paid a living wage I'd probably still be there but I couldn't afford to live off my salary there, So I had to quit moved back to the mainland and go to grad school so I could get a career job. I'm a college professor now making a decent living in a respectable career but sometimes I wish I was still selling t-shirts on the beach in Waikiki.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- If you can get a doorman gig in Manhattan, its 50k a year plus a crapload of tips plus full benefits, holiday pay, sick time, personal time and they offer classes to be an electrician and plumber AMD stuff like that, a good building will see you with 20k here in tips.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
-Hotel des Clark, get paid to place if 5-10 hours a day…!! Light cleaning and other duties that take less than an hour.

No Experience Required Jobs

- This is pretty much only an option for girls, but nannying. I get paid $15 HR to go hang out a wealthy family's house with their seven-year-old girl 20 hours a week, yesterday I was there for eight hours and we braided bracelets, colored and played trivia crack.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- I delivered pizzas for three years and made more money now than I am working as a post-grad temp $13/hr, if I also don't spend $300 ish depends on hours a month in gas, so it's a trade-off. Most Friday and Saturday nights if you factor in tips I'd make a bit more than $20/hr, but it was generally for only 3 – 4 hour bursts. When I started opening on the weekends it was nice because I'd get about 8 - 10 hours a day on my paychecks then make at least $120 dollars on both Saturday and Sunday, and if it's football season.
 I'd sometimes make $500 from tips alone from a Friday night shift then opening Saturday and Sunday, it's really dependent on hours, though. I worked 35 - 40 hours a week and worked longer shifts, but it worked because I was still in school so working weird hours was easy. 
if you get into it but only work about 20 hours a week, you're generally working three hour rushes and while the burst money is okay, you aren't building the money on your paycheck and you aren't going on trips where you take 4 - 5 deliveries which is super efficient time money wise. 

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- Stagehand, most cities have labor companies that provide people for the entertainment industry specifically. yes the hours are long and the work can be heavy but it generally pays well and you get to be involved in some pretty nice events/concerts… I started out as a stagehand, straight out of high school. worked hard and moved up in the industry, I have worked in many countries on short and long projects…. I now design and earn a good salary, it's still possible to make it without University.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- As much as it could potentially be a nightmare…. babysitting as a kid was a really, really easy way to have money, as like a 12 year old. I would go over to a neighbor's house at like 6:00, feed two kids dinner, play a board game, put them to sleep and then watch TV by myself and get paid for it, no experience required so much that little children are trusted with human lives.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required

- My friend works in fishing in Alaska half a year and frickin loves it, half the time on it Boat, half the time doing packaging and crap in a warehouse, No experience required, they even pay for your plane ticket there and back (Alaska), and Room, food, everything… She works like three four months a year and travels the rest of it. The hours are rough, but it seems like they make it fun while they're there, and save a ton of money. It may not be perfect, you basically fall off the map for a couple of months, but to work like that then have money to live your life for 2/3 of the year easily….. it has definitely entered my mind a few times.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- Mines Washing Truck , Started right out of high school no experience got my h2s and first aid now I'm making over 100k a year at 18. Work crazy hours but depending on what you do it isn't as difficult as people say.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- In Canada you only need a high school diploma to become a Office Boy on Airport, it's tough to make the cast during post training, but you'll be making good cash you do. 

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- Gas attendant, only two states left… get paid to do what the rest of the USA does fo free….!!! 

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- If you're interested in cooking, go apply at a local restaurant and offer to wash dishes at the start. if you're good dishwasher they'll move you up the ranks if you're attentive and listen well. All that garbage about having to go to culinary school to be a cook chef is a complete farce,

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- I started working at a bar is a bouncer about four months ago, it's pretty freaking rad, the entire interview process was… word-for-word : 
“Do you have any problem with confrontation ?” 
“you'll be working from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. is that a problem for you ?” 
“Do you have any problem with occasionally mopping up puke…?” 
“Okay you've got the job” 
I was actually floored because the bar I work at is corporately owned and the application process online was very official, so I expected a much more thorough interview process.

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- Retail, everyone should have a retail job once in their life for at least 6 months. You need no experience but you will learn a lot from it.
 First, you will probably learn what your ambition is, if you think folding clothes at the gap and nothing else is not all that bad of a way to spend a year, college might not be your future path…. if you're racing out of work to try and get in some classes you will learn how to time manage like a pro. 
Secondly, you will learn social skills….. the ability, or perhaps art of looking someone in the eye and have a conversation is something you need to practice, without the glow of a phone nearby, it is possible.
 Third, you will learn that people, all people, are disgusting. why is this important ?? because once you realize that other people are human, you think before acting, and act a little nicer. psychological fact….
 Fourth, most importantly, you will be a better shopper…. if you've had to fold shirts for an hour or serve people food for hours, or clean bathrooms, you will always remember that when you are on the other end… Sure, some of you will feel vengeance and be “well, I cleaned this so can they” but they vast majority will remember how much they hated when people acted up and avoid that same behaviour. the old golden rule in effect….. 

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- My first job out of college was as a “repo man” for a major bank, entry-level position for my first two years there. Clearly I had no experience stealing cars. The idea was that this was a career path for loan officers, a good loan officer will understand the ramifications of making a bad loan. My career spanned 12 years with the bank. 

No Experience Required Jobs

  • Job Opportunities No Experience Required
- In Australia, the highest paid no skills required is the traffic lollipop person. You need to today a one-day course for one hundred and nine dollars and the pay is about $75 per Hour yes $75 per Hour.