Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities in 2022


Job Search 2022

I'm constantly looking at different ways of teaching you similar stuff, to reinforce so that it clicks with you and what i actually did was thought about how do i go about surfacing job candidates.

 How do i use the tools like google and linkedin and those kind of things and then could i flip all that and go the other way and make a list for my boot campers of what they should do it which is the mirror of what i as a recruiter would do.

so i came up with this list of like well it's really like 10 things but there's a couple others but it's basically it's a dozen things that i want to draw your attention to now if i'm talking about something and you're not quite clear what i mean, take some comfort in knowing that as you go through the boot camp program if you are new i've likely covered this somewhere.

 I tried to pull it forward give it to you in a different manner so that it registers a little differently or maybe unlocks a little extra effort activity that you could do that might be the trick that does it for you, so you'll have this as a replay you have a lot of what i'm about to tell you sprinkled throughout the program.

Job Search 2022

1. CONSIDER is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 This is one of the points from the Articles on the ten point formula to create more job options and i talked about this is the desk work park because this is even before you're bringing yourself to the market, can you think about on your career trajectory the job that maybe you held just previously just prior to what you are now or what the next job.

 might be or something that's on this path and it doesn't have to be an up arrow it could be a sideways arrow so so a simple example that i think a lot of people can understand, this might be a program manager are there ba positions or qa positions quality assurance that might be able to investigate.

 i want to draw your attention to the second thing is when you look for people tar or companies i should say, you know i talk about i want you to identify a target company list right and i've given you a number of ways of doing that, and i said you know google the stuff, think about the stuff, go to linkedin and look for the stuff well one thing that i want to draw your attention to is when you pull up a company in linkedin.

 so there's nothing scientific about this you go to linkedin you find a company or you find a person and you see they work for a company and you click on the company, then it pops a company page okay and on the company page you might be looking at things such as who works there what are they about, and you might be doing some research.

Job Search 2022

2. COMPANIES  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Well do you notice over in the uh i guess the right hand side there's the people also viewed okay so the people also viewed section of the company is going to tell you additional companies that are like that company, so now the only problem with this is i don't want you going down a rabbit hole right because like all of a sudden you get you know when we're searching for candidates when we start looking at people also viewed we get off the track of of the primary search boolean that we created in the first place.

  i'm just saying to you make sure you are mindful of that is a great and rich way of immediately coming up with companies that are just like that okay so i don't know how emphatically i have told you to do this throughout, but i want to call your attention to make sure that you're doing this and then the other thing is the people themselves are you looking at some of the key players in the organization and where they might have worked.

 This is a great extra step when you got the company pulled up in uh in linkedin and then we've got the people targets, so now i'm talking about the people that you might target you've got folks like the bosses or executives, or even team members that you might be coming across.

 Have you looked at varying the title of the of the boss so to come up with a boss hat and you're looking for the you know regional vice president of sales business development director, that could be the same type of person that's varying the titles.

 Then are you reviewing the different positions that a particular potential boss has held what other nomenclature might you be able to use, now we've gone at length through this in the searching module where we've talked to you about the google boolean and the linkedin x-ray but you are collecting additional parameters or additional keywords that you might be able to search on if you're reviewing what positions they've held other positions and other titles.

Job Search 2022

3. PEOPLE TARGETS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

Then people also viewed okay so you i'm you know i'm looking at andy he's the you know grand poobah of milewalk all right well what who else is who else are they viewing they're probably reviewing, i'll never get the jessica elba and jennifer lopez things that it says people also viewed when they viewed me.

 i have absolutely no idea what we have in common certainly not our looks that's for sure but like just make sure that you're doing that okay and then uh right here are there previous organizations that boss has worked at so not necessarily what just other titles has the boss held.

 But that person obviously is in your space, so are there other organizations that you could be adding to your list now i've given you some stuff, we're going to keep going along these lines but the one thing that you need to do if this is me and this is what i used to do as a recruiter when we were when kara and i would be searching for people.

 i have myself this it's really scientific it's called a piece of paper it's like a notepad it's got nothing on it i call it my shrapnel list, so that i and you know i'm like the most focused person in the world so that i never stray from what i'm doing just because i see a white light and i see something that i might want to chase have a little shrapnel pad.

 that you just then write it okay the boss worked at such and such company i don't even know what that company is i don't even care never heard of it just write it down okay and make a company list that's all, and make a person list you don't even need to go investigate those people just stay on your path but these are those little extras and i guarantee you if you sat for an hour and did this.

 you'd fill up a whole notebook of stuff like that and wait that's the point yes and that's the point no that's the point yes get more stuff and the point no is don't stray away from what you're doing go do that later.

 Now i'm just gonna go look at all these companies, so keep that in mind so you do it for companies and you do it for people you do it for people targets what else can you do it for or should i say who else let me ask you to raise your hands i haven't looked at the chat uh and by the way if you got questions just like the live shows put or public live shows put question marks in front of them.

4. SELF TARGETING  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

How many of you do this do you self-target do you look at you do you look at your profile and say all right braylee stone susan i love it skye how about you i can i basically can see stacy susan skye and bradley.

 it's just a sucks um but wait but do you look at people also viewed who else like how do i know that they view jessica alba and oprah and jennifer lopez right, people also viewed okay well what are their titles what are their companies right, so here again um right vacuuming the carpet right getting all the dust up going on angles going in circles right. so don't be afraid to do a little self-targeting okay don't be don't be afraid to do a little self-targeting and position targeting okay.

Job Search 2022

5. POSITION TARGETS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 You look at title variants so make sure that as you're seeing other people you're looking at their title variants you're seeing where they previously worked so don't when you look at somebody's profile you're not just looking at where they work now, what do they call themselves what's their headline right where have they previously worked.

 Who else have people right this is again just to reiterate i want you to make sure if you've got a person you're looking at that and then there's skill variants, for example maybe you're a sales force you know CRM expert right.

 What other skills might they have well there's skills in multiple dimensions they might have other CRM packages like sugar CRM microsoft CRM, what are some of the other skill variations hard skills and then what are some of the other capabilities and softer skills or foundational skills that they have that they're touting float down look at their skill section look at their skills throughout the body of their linkedin profile.

 Now i want to pause here because you know we're through five of these now the point to all of this is not to exhaust you like oh my god andy you know this is so much stuff i don't no it's just open your eyes wider right, make sure because researching is about uncovering things that you didn't anticipate you were going to uncover when you started to look for whatever it is you looked for.

 This is just other ways of what think about it you look at somebody's profile you discover a company you never heard of then you send some boss hunting letter or some no job opening cover letter over to the organization and bang that's the one, that hires you it comes from doing little things, i just you know i just want to reiterate that then we've talked about this a lot.

Job Search 2022

6. EXPAND GOEGRAPHY  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 make sure you're expanding your geography okay you're in the U.S go out of state in europe go to different countries, in the US you want to go to a different country that's fine too okay, and then this thing here in 95% of the cases this is going to be a smart thing to do and in some cases and i already know this because i've gone back and forth with some of you in the system.

 Even if it says we disregard whether it says we're open to remote or we're not open to remote or this is a five day in the office job disregard that, disregard it until you get them on the phone and somebody says for the third time there's absolutely no way that you can live in nashville and for our company that's based in san francisco.

 if you are in hyper job search mode take in everything that you possibly can from an investigative standpoint, don't worry if you get in there we had one guy he said any  you know i'm interviewing and things are going well and they told me that you know they're gonna need me to move and i might not need to do it right away but i'm gonna need to do it and my wife said no and my response to him was don't mess with the wife.

 Don't be silly like if she doesn't want to move don't move you're not moving get out of that and go and talk to somebody else, but for most of you expand the geo we got a guy i don't think he's here he's a vip and he and i base i don't know if he is here,  you know we've been on the phone like every day this week and i don't know if he's here, he's not here he's probably counting up all his new dollars.

 You know he's in nashville he had an opportunity in florida at an opportunity in new jersey and we're you know we're doing this with the offers and some other offers and now we're literally back and forth negotiating his contract.

 we're going back and forth with the language in the agreement that's about this thick about the relocation now so they wanted him to relocate and then they said well you know we needed in a couple months, then it was six months now we're out to a year and we're getting that even loosened okay so because he wants his kids to finish high school whatever wherever they are.

 He doesn't want to have to move and i mean we're negotiating all this multiple times a day throughout the day like going back and forth and how to get all the language the right way, but things that would never have been heard of so maybe you're not sure you want to move maybe you're open to it maybe you want to buy yourself some time to think about it.

 it's fair game and i think i told you about justin another boot camper where they wanted him to move in two months and he we negotiated two years, so just roll with it a lot can change and you know what um what's that expression i don't know if we got any commercial real estate you know multi-unit buildings and families and squatters rights and things like that.

Job Search 2022

7. REVIEW SITES  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Once you get in and you squat it's harder to move you out, think someone telling you the squatter story about expanding your expanding your geography. Make sure you're doing this actually same thing with the VIP guy, so gets in this interviewing process and he says well i'm noticing that there's other positions in the organization that might be a possibility.

 Now you might glance once and notice something and then opportunity falls off so for the corporate websites remind yourself or make a note that as you are going through the process with the company, that you are actually looking at this to see if anything else pops up and we're gonna talk about this a little more in some of the other ones but just keep an eye if other things do pop up and i would constantly be looking at indeeds and these others not to apply.

 but to see you know are additional positions opening up in areas that i'm interested in in companies that i'm interested in or maybe even interviewing with okay so don't forget that once you get engaged and we're going to talk a little bit about what to say to them once you do get engaged but make sure you are doing this.

 it's very easy to forget to do this it's very easy to be so focused because andy said you get right you got you guys saw my now famous i don't you saw this thing right andy said i need to keep sending out my resume at 90 of my effort and what happens is we get engaged and then you start taking me literally and then you don't spend any and pay any attention to stuff.

 that you have going when i'm talking about mere minutes here right real quick but just make sure that you are not losing sight of don't let any of these slip through the cracks and because you might intercept it while you are in the interview process and then raise it or 

Job Search 2022

8. FOLLOWING ON LINK  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

are you following the companies the recruiters and hr people and the hiring managers on linkedin, if you are think about sent it to company xyz boom follow them boom follow all the management team follow the recruiters all of them i don't even care who the recruiters are.

 They got eight recruiters follow them all okay it's simple just follow just follow hit the follow button, and then the hiring managers we got some VIP that i'm working with that we set up all the follows.

  Profile was not super built out on linkedin we needed a hook right to email this person and sure enough now she was on a podcast and that was a great tailored email that we now could send to her because you're following her on linkedin and was posted.

 These kind of things will surface so like as a recruiter i would just follow all the companies and then i would follow all the recruiters in the companies that i wanted to see if i wanted to recruit for, we would make sure we were following everybody, passive it's passive right and then just look in your linkedin feed oh there's a post on the page.

 For a new they're looking for a new so-and-so guess what they're looking for something is it you why don't you send a linkedin message and say hey i see you're looking for this you know i got a friend who's whatever you should contact him you should contact her right something like that there's nothing wrong with getting engaged with recruiters on linkedin, and you followed them and then they posted something and then you commented on it.

They do that they do that a lot and recruiters are lazy they're the corporate recruiters are lazy bunch,hey i'm looking for a sales force architect send me your resume write any comments you make on that they're gonna see it.

Job Search 2022

9. GOOGLE ALERTS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Google alerts who's using google alerts do you know what these are so you go into google it they're very simple you tell google what you want to be notified for via email, you set up google alerts on you know mile walk when mile well now if you actually do mile walk is in the news you're going to get the 5k mile walk leukemia and lymphoma society.

 You're going to get some of that so you need to be really careful you might want to say milewalk and Markir-lagi or whatever so set up google alerts all right this is really good are there groups are there hiring managers are there entities within the organizations the organizations themselves and anytime there's any news press releases a new hire whoever that is put out, you'll get an Email

 i don't go look for free website change sites and here's how it works you go to the thing to the site you say you know company xyz slash careers slash something whatever the pages the url.

 you say tell me email me whenever that web page changes, whenever the web page changes and then they'd send you an email it says they added the solution architect for blah blah blah okay and so now you know, now some of these are going to be a pain in the butt right you're going to see it you'll be like okay i don't need that click, right some so what we would do is any of the companies, that we would be recruiting for any of the companies that we wanted to recruit for we would go to their career sites and we would i would use the url it was like free or something it was like there's a probably a bunch of them out there.

 They just send you alerts so anytime that web page gets refreshed off you'd go and you'd get an alert, the thinking part the desk work the blueprinting the sending right you know setting up your environment so that you're getting stuff passively to you and you're paying attention.

10. COVER LETTERS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 Let's get into the cover letters this is in your cover letters already but i just want to make sure that you're calling it out, make sure you're using the this or any other language if you're not sure what i'm talking about i always like to include in a cover letter, when you were sending it especially like a four sentence or a boss hundred whatever is.

 if you are targeting a position you don't want them to limit their thinking of you to that position, so you want to say you know this or any other position where you think i can add the most value for your company or something like that, now in your cover letters if you're targeting somebody you might also want to say you know how i have you draw out your accomplishment or on an accomplishment or major accomplishments when you're targeting a boss or people like that.

 if it's appropriate you don't always have to do this, where you've held other positions that would be of interest to them, so another neat little tactic is not just well, i sold all this stuff, i built this unit but it's like but i've also held titles such as you know i'm a salesperson but i've also held titles such as marketing director and product management or whatever like.

 What you're doing is you're showing your diversity in the roles that you've played so it could be so now i'm thinking oh maybe there's other roles i need help with or i want to hire the most versatile person, so you might want to use you might want to use that and then to round it out and i alluded to this one before.

11. INTERVIEWS  is the part of Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities

 When you go into a screen in an interview okay you need to say to the person that you are talking to before you get off the phone, this was great i really look forward to pursuing this and i want you to know i'm enthused and all that other flowery stuff i tell you to say.

 Say just you know just out of curiosity are there any other positions you're recruiting for that either a you think i would be suitable for that you might want to speak to me about or wonder if i'm interested in or,  i'm happy to network with you and if you know if they're not then i'm happy to give you any names that i can of people that i know.

 it's your way of kind of slipping in the opener of is there anything else, now this is a little different than hey i noticed you had three other positions on your site that i can that i could fulfill, you could say hey before we get off the phone this is great i want to help you in whatever capacity that you need the most and my skills as you can tell are wide and right wide ranging.

 i also noticed you had opportunities on your website related to this that and the other thing of those three positions which one do you think i'm most suited forand i ask you t hat because i want to help you know i want to join your organization in the capacity that's most important to you.

  I know people for these other things that i could tell you about that too you know however you want to get that dialogue going and then same kind of thing as you go through the interviewing process, just it's okay to ask like even if you don't notice that another opportunity comes up on their site.

You get to the hiring official maybe the hiring official's not first right you got a screener an HR person or a recruiter that's common right, so you get to the hiring official say hey we're interviewing for this but just curious is there any other capacities you think i could join your organization.

 I want to join wherever you need need it the most so i want you to know i'm open to that so all of these things are aimed at giving you a little extra,  i don't want you to obsess over oh my god andy just gave me another 11 part checklist that's not the point.

 Because what will happen is once you look at the thing and you use it as a checklist for like two days you're it's gonna be second nature to you, just make sure you have the most important tool which is the blank piece of paper.

 That you used to write all stuff down on okay so i hope i hope you enjoyed that 



temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

There are lots who messaged me asking if there are job opportunities regarding cleaner and those who have no experience or no education.. 

So guys this one that I'll give to you are cleaner positions so different types of cleaner that require no education ,no experience and you need to find permanent job.

 Since cleaners are NOC D so mostly' you will start as temporary foreign worker so meaning uh they will not ask for ielts and ECA because this is temporary foreign work, but this is a great opportunity for you to come here so one you are here, in two years that you're working you can develop yourself, you can study or you can find another employer for you.

 To become permanent you can find an employer that will give you an opportunity, that will give you an LMIA so you can renew your work permit at the same time you can apply for permanent residence here.

 This job position is no experience, per employers qualification but it doesn't mean that if no experience is you can be hired right away you really need a lot of patience in applying because you know, with this qualifications there are lots of uh competition.

 If you will be simultaneously with applicant with experience, of course the employer will choose those with experience than those without but the one posted in their job information minimum is no experience, im very sure that you simultaneously apply with experienced applicant.

 they will most probably choose those with experience just keep your hopes high that you will be chosen even though you don't have experience, no education i hope you will be considered on this position, so the job i was talking about is cleaner so janitorial cleaner, light duty cleaner and all types of cleaner so where do you see these? 

You know what others are tired of job bank but we can't do anything about that that is the national uh job search engine government of canada all goes there so, you just need to be patient in looking for job.

 so i will walk you through on how you can get a cleaner job here in Canada, so guys as usual just type job bank canada on google.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 We are here now at job bank so just type cleaner and hit search you will notice that only two cleaners appear, here it says two results so to make all the searches appear for cleaner, you need to click this "did you mean cleaner" 

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

Click this and now you will see that the result from two went up to 3,028 Result, so meaning these are the cleaner jobs that you can apply for here in job bank so this includes those posted in indeed and zip recruiter and other employers.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 That post jobs in job bank so since temporary foreign workers need permanent job we need to filter here you will see here are the related job titles cleaner, special light duty cleaners, janitors, laborer , processing manufacturing and utilities they are included as cleaner so these are all NOC D since temporary foreign workers should look for permanent full-time job

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 So we won't get tired of looking from the 3,028 Result, just click this period of employment permanent you will notice when you click permanent the 3,028 changes to 134 it means 100 of those are part-time that you won't need because you came from outside canada, what you need is permanent full time job then on no education, go to educational training.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 If you don't have education which is what we are looking for a minimum requirement no education, just click no education and if you also don't have experience, you can click this no experience and it will show that it changes to 673, it means others require those with experience and education since you are temporary foreign worker and you can filter employment group go to employment group and filter temporary foreign workers so uh what appears now.

 Is only 29 results so the first one is cleaner of facility services so it's in saint john new brunswick which is you have a chance to be permanent resident here because new brunswick is under the atlantic immigration program, and when you click this they have nine vacancies this icon means the employer has a labor market impact assessment or LMIA.

So they have approved LMIA so the job requirements: english no degree certificate or diploma, no experience there is the job description watch windows, address complaint customer complaints or concerns so just read here so work setting so down below, you will see who can apply to this job the employer accept applications from canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 Which is always on top because they are priority next is other candidates with or without a valid canadian work permit so when there's no canadian or permanent residents that will apply apply, the next one are those who does not have canadian work permit.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 Which is you are included because you are outside canada so guys, it means this SBC facility services is accepting foreign workers that are outside of canada so how to apply? you will see, here you will see that this is advertised until January 29 so guys I hope you can apply before the. job posting expires show how to apply, just click "show how to apply" .

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

You can send an email here so guys at the top you will see uh saint john new brunswick 14 dollars per hour 37 so it's full time permanent full-time nine vacancies this is the employer SBC facility services when you click SBC facility services it is a cleaning company here in Canada.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 They have lawn care and lawn maintenance commercial office cleaning, floor, windows and others did you see guys so, apply now here if you think you are qualified so let's go back to main menu let's see what else are posted the next is the same also cleaner but in prince Edward island.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 So this is also one of the provinces under atlantic immigration program so you have a great chance to become permanent residents because the atlantic immigration program has just opened so when you click this is for prince edward island same thing but the hourly rate is higher 15.60 because salary here in canada varies per province 3 vacancies needed to fill.

 there is also LMIA available same thing no degree, no diploma or certificate and no experience below you will see that it's the same you can apply those outside canada and their advertisement will expire on January 29 show how to apply there is the email address where you can submit your cover letter and resume so simple guys, you see we already found two and the third, it's the same but in New Brunswick also but in Fredericton different city.

temporary foreign work,  this is a great opportunity for you

 So they have six vacancies that they need to fill employer has also LMIA available same no degree, no certificate, no diploma and the same who can apply for this job available for those outside canada here below, i also see chambermaids because they are cleaning rooms also they are also classified as cleaners, they are cleaning hotel rooms so this is in Golden British Columbia.

 So the employers is Khams Holding Limited 17 dollars per hour, two vacancies that they are looking for you will see that employer has LMIA available, no degree, no experience job duties are here work setting: hotel, motel, resort who can apply? you see here those outside canada is eligible to apply those without canadian work permit.

 Can also apply or those who is not here yet because eligible those even without valid canadian work permit so the advertisement is until january 29th there you are guys, just my first three samples are okay because this sbc facility services company this is legit and guaranteed by government of Canada… 

US Labor Shortage Is NOT Something New, Look Flashback from 2000 to end of 2021

US Labor Shortage

The U.S is in a terrible labor shortage right now? absolutely horrible but wait this isn't the first time i've heard of this i remember hearing it in news articles back in 2015.

 Maybe even some from 2011 but, wait wait i think we've been in a labor shortage since before the bush times since before bush took office we've been in a labor shortage,

labor participation rate

 it's only gotten worse as democratic policy has made their way into our economy and let me explain where i'm getting that from i'm being a little hyperbolic i think that's a way over simplification and i'll take acknowledge of that i think there are many factors into this that maybe we just don't know or know how to account for and that's okay.

labor participation rate

 We need to understand what has caused it to rise and what has caused it to decrease, so let's start with this…… bush 2002, bush january 2002 let's start here because that's as far back in terms of januaries will let me go at least for this chart 66.5 percent okay……

labor participation rate

 Bush, all the way to obama keep in mind bush went through went through a recession most where most of the biggest dip is right here okay, the biggest dip all the way to january 2009 57.6 Percent so even through a recession through people losing their houses, losing their jobs.

 I put that in quotes because clearly not too many people lost their jobs if the labor participation rate was only down by 0.8 percent yes that is something to be concerned about point eight percent is a lot of people and that is a recession let's make that clear, that needs to be accounted for that matters.

But for a recession that doesn't you know i'd expect more only a percentage point less than actually 0.8….. that's not that bad considering not great by any means i think we needed to work on increasing the labor participation maybe we would have had a shorter recession because let's face it 2008 was a horrible horrible horrible recession and i hope we never go through something like that again.

 But i'd argue we've been in a recession even before then, so let's take a look at the obama era one year after bush after obama took office, january 2009 to january 2010 64.8 percent labor participation rate we lost a percentage point 0.9 to be exact, obama took more people out of the workforce in one year than bush did his entire eight years in office.

 Just think about that obama policies get pushed into place and then after obama policy gets pushed into place immediately the labor shortage starts the labor participation starts dropping all the way down by almost a percentage point in a year.

labor participation rate

 Wait….. i thought we got out of a recession, i think it actually continued, i think if you look at labor force participation rate if that was the sole factor of a recession. We are still in it at this point in january 2010 because we lost a percentage point that's not good.

 Now let's talk obama all the way to 2017 so 2010 to when obama took off or trump took office in 2017. that is january 2017. there we go 62.8 that's a delta of 2 so obama has now taken, what bush did chucked it in the gutter and thrown it all the way and essentially tripled what bushed it.

labor participation rate

 That's kind of crazy that's absolutely ludicrous, he lost us three points in his time in office roughly 3.9 to be exact, from his first year in office to when trump took over the labor partition rate was down an additional two percent.

  We don't know what it takes to you know have a recession if this isn't one of the factors one of the major factors because it i would hope this would be a major factor this is how many people are in the workforce, hey what percentage of people are in the workforce oh yeah we're losing two percent about that's about a percentage point.

 You know it's about half a percentage point a year, right around half a percentage point a year it's a little more than that but we could round we'll put in obama's favor that's horrible, why would that be why are we saying that's not a recession ? 

Well because there's other factors of course but either way that is horrible so let's go trump it's first year in office so january 2017 to january 2018 where are we at 62.7 percent.

 Wait….. trump only lost .1 percent based on this chart that's the best we've seen just think about that through trump  gets into office his policies take effect one year later we only lost point one percent.

labor participation rate

 Compared to obama's first year where he lost almost a percentage point a full percentage point that's insane that means trump's policies put people back in the workforce, fast forward let's go all the way up until the coronavirus hit right before let's talk about january 2020.

labor participation rate

 We all remember january 2020 2019 people said it was the best years of their lives you know ask any business owner, hey how you doing man 2019 i made the most money i'm excited for 2020. you know i can't wait i think it's gonna be a great year, i'm able to start lowering prices maybe you've gone up a little bit due to you know natural inflation but by and large i'm sticking to the same price point.

 Coronavirus hits lost three percentage point basically overnight due to coronavirus, three percentage points that's a lot that's a lot…. you shut down for two weeks, you stop the economy, you stop doing everything, you stop production, you tell people stay at home it's dangerous out there, you do everything in your power to stop the flow of the economy.

 That took a lot of people out of the workforce, that's a lot and rightfully so they marked it as a recession rather you agree or disagree with that i think it's a recession but i also think we've been in a recession since you know basically up when bush took office.

 If you take labor participation because it's dropped until trump took office and he added, first time labor has been added was when trump took office isn't that crazy? isn't that nuts? all because trump policy no way….

labor participation rate

 Can't be right numbers don't lie guys so here we go…. so the corona we lost 3.2 percentage points corona recovery to biden okay so that's january 2021 okay, so oh my goodness there we go 61.4 so we went from 60.2 to 61.4 that's a recovery of 1.2 percent.

 iIwould not call that a successful recovery i think we are still recovering and we need to increase that number exponentially, we need to get up there and this is starting to be a real issue, the lack of labor participation is going to take a toll on the economy companies are just eventually they're just going to adapt and say oh you thought you could have help from a retail associate no not no more those retail associates are are too busy at the at the register.

labor participation rate

 We can't find the people so you're just gonna go up to a kiosk and deal with the kiosk you're already seeing it, you're already seeing it let's go biden to current so january 2020 to right this second november 2021 that's the that's the latest data from

labor participation rate

 Which is a fairly recent number i mean it's about 20 days old, so it's fairly recent we only gained 0.7 percent i thought we were recovered you know you're taught you hear in the news hey what a great economy, how great is this that we are you know finally recovering from everything but yet here we are we haven't recovered from the coronavirus hit.

 Let alone from 2008 crash the mortgage crisis or you call it the housing crisis whatever you want i call it a mortgage crisis because people who own their home didn't lose their home not that i'm aware of, we have not recovered since 2000 when the recession happened and yet right now you have the media cheering biden he's doing a great job he's increasing the economy of the stock market but our labors.

labor participation rate

 But our labor it's not increasing but why why why……… what are these so-called experts saying are the cause of the labor shortage well let's take a look according to business insider so they actually found so i don't know where they got this this was updated in 2015 okay it shows in 2015 that we haven't had this bad since like the 70s right i think it even says it in here 1977. 

So today it's even worse it's closer to you know 70 72 74 somewhere around there pretty insane right i wish i could find out where they actually got this chart from because i don't see any sources to it just says business insider like oh hey look we found it and it says bureau labor statistics.

labor participation rate

 I was just on the bls website but maybe because this was made in 2017. um so let's get into it bloomberg businessweek, the mystery of the missing workers this is updated august 5th 2021 so this should be you know somewhat recent back in august um if we go back in august where were we august we were roughly where we are now.

labor participation rate

 We were yeah pretty much the exact same a little bit a little bit worse off i think so either way either way we we've gained just a little tiny bit since then, what are the reasons um by the way all sources will be listed down in the comments section below so feel free to lead a read through these articles yourself there is some actual good information in here.

 But i think they're wrong on a lot of things i don't have an answer as to why the labor shortage is so low um i have my opinions but let's read their opinion because we like opinions, so if we scroll down there so automation they're blaming automation for the reason for no for a lack of jobs.

 well this is just talking about manufacturing payroll so i don't think you could call something since that's been you know developing since the 80s, it even says it here job loss in the u.s since the 80s because of automation i don't buy it, yes manufacturing jobs are going to decrease but what about the other jobs that increase what about the engineering jobs.

labor participation rate

That have increased the software developer jobs have increased you know and lately there's been a lot of graphic designers or you know i think they call themselves something different now.

  We're the people that are making the posters and stuff i would call that graphic design they're making a lot more money now than they were just a year ago, you know just a year ago you'd have certain personalities say what are the three best jobs you could get you know what are what can you do what should you go to school for, and you would hear engineering engineering engineering.

  Well that's not the case anymore we're in a shift of what matters and i would argue graphic design the arts in that retrospect are increasing and you're seeing a lot of lucrative you know a lot of people make a lot of money in the arts.

 Which is great i'm glad to see that we need artists in this world, we need people to be good at what they do, we need inspiration the problem is not everyone is in manufacturing and that's all they're saying is decreasing that's just called a market shift and once again that's been happening since the 80s.

labor participation rate

 So i don't think bloomberg hit the mark on this one i think they pretty much missed it swinging a miss all right, let's go to their next point drug addiction okay here we go so they're gonna blame the opioid pandemic here and they say all these people taking all these opioids they're the reason why the market is short.

  That doesn't make sense opioids are prescribed companies don't test for opioids they test for hard drugs cocaine meth sometimes marijuana lately not so much marijuana depends on what your job is, when i got my current job they tested for every drug in the book at least that's what they told me.

 Definitely cocaine they definitely tested for even alcohol for that matter they test for cocaine they tested for pot they tested you know all kinds of stuff and pot is definitely something that employers just aren't testing as much as they used to and  i think that's fine.

  You know smoke some pot man but i don't think drug addiction is the reason yeah you see jumps but look at that you've seen jump since 2015. so people they got on you know i'm gonna call it a pandemic high because everyone's sitting there in their house and they got nothing to do and so they're like hey let's smoke some pot since we gotta pass the time away two weeks to slow the spread it's been three months.

 Maybe that has something to do with it but i don't think drug addiction is the reason for the labor shortage i think bloomberg got it wrong here again that's strike two.

labor participation rate

 Child care, so this goes into um how people are no longer putting their children in child care, i think there might be some merit to this one nowhere near as much as they're giving it though they throw out some numbers there i don't believe it, not the numbers but the fact that this is causing a labor shortage, i just i'm just not buying it school's still in session in 99 percent of the country.

 i'm pretty sure it is over here they're going into schools still here even though oh scary omicron right so i'm sorry but i don't think child care is the answer i wish this was the answer i really do um because if child care was the answer that is great, that means wages must be at an all-time high that must mean you know people could afford to pay for more food oh wait inflation wages have actually gone down in comparison deflation.

 This is not the case child care is not the reason people are leaving the workforce because how are people going to pay their bills if they had such a hard time before, so i'm sorry i'm just not buying it bloomberg great article i think bloomberg touches up on some great points, where they may think this may be the case but i don't think that is the case.

 i think part of it is the child tax credit how people are getting paid monthly for having kids, all for people having kids if you are having a kid you know i hope you have a healthy child and i hope they have a great education and a great life and congratulations of course.

 When the biden administration started paying people to have kids or for having had kids whichever way you want to put it i think that took people out of the workforce, along with destroying the keystone pipeline, along with pushing towards a higher minimum wage, along with everything else.

 All these points here i think they have this much merit and i hope the child care thing is more accurate because i would love to see one income households again that would be great we could have a 50 percent labor participation rate.

 where all you have is people you know people with one income households hell yeah but that's not gonna happen not for a long long time if at all, you know wages aren't going up with inflation so people actually have to work more job now than they did you know a year ago just to make up just so they could feed their family put food on the table.

 They could you know hey christmas out oh man that fifty dollar toy is now you know sixty dollars now, what am i gonna do right so i just don't think child cares the reason um i see their point they're making child care has always been expensive it hasn't just oh it's expensive.

 it's always been expensive but here's something i want to talk about fine ads to 20,000 guest worker visas and labor shortages AXIOS NEWS they claim that biden is allowing immigrants to come in and now they're giving them worker visas for coming in.

 They are just going to give these people the ability to work after crossing our border illegally now i could be wrong let me be clear i hope these are people that have came in legally.

 Last thing i want to see is an illegal immigrant cross our border gets through border security they get sold here's your court date and then biden comes and say hey here's a job i hope that's not the case, i think immigration is wonderful and great we have a legal system i wish these people would use the legal system, this administration needs to stop incentivizing illegal immigration.

 That is not the answer in my opinion that is wrong that's part of the labor shortage because look what's going to happen these 20 000 people are gonna get put into the workforce okay granted percentage-wise that's not a lot but that's still 20 000 american jobs going to immigrants and i'm led to believe that is illegal immigrants so maybe these are part of the reasons why the labor shortage is bad.


Why is There a Worker Shortage in USA? best challenge for youth

New  challenge for youth career

Hey everyone welcome back to today we're going to be trying to find 4 million missing american workers since this whole incident has occurred we still have not gotten back to full employment.

 For the american population 4 million workers less are working now than they did in in 2020 at the early, so where did these workers go ????

Are they all sitting home eating bon bons on unemployment or something else going on…..

 i'm going to dive into the numbers that i'm pulling from the federal reserve and from the BLS that's the US bureau of labor and statistics so we're going to be taking a deep dive into some of these numbers and really just looking at not only the cause or causes of this worker shortage, but we're going to be looking at um some of the implications it has for the market and the main street uh type businesses.

New  challenge for youth career

Such and it really has some very interesting implications and it kind of explains a lot of what's going on ? so let's dive right right into it….

if you've been anywhere outside your house in the last number of months you've probably seen the help wanted signs everywhere you go, you've probably also run into some businesses that have been closed or telling you that they're restricting hours because they don't have enough workers.

 This may at first seem really odd but then when you start seeing the prices for everything going through the roof it becomes even odder you're like if they're charging me this much money why can't they pay enough to get workers in the doors.

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 What we're seeing now is that there is literally just a shortage of workers, there just aren't enough workers to go around and so these businesses may steal those workers from each other but those willing to work have declined significantly.

 all right let's take a look here this is from the federal reserve in st louis they or st louis or however you pronounce that, i say st louis but as you can see here the peak at the very beginning of 2020 down to where we are we've recovered quite a bit but we're still four million less workers now than what we were at before and yet um while we our neep knee-jerk reaction is probably going to be and we've heard this from a lot of people.

 Basically all these people are just sitting on unemployment and when i dug into the numbers and dug into what's going on, the answer is that's that's not true they're not sitting on employment anymore…

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 We're seeing headlines like this why unemployment claims are at their lowest in decades and when you look at the statistics behind all that we're seeing that initial claims for unemployment are rapidly dropping.

 In fact we're seeing that employers and companies are not firing their workers and people are not getting onto unemployment benefits and the people that are on unemployment benefits are falling off like rocks because those extended benefits fell off.

 When those extended benefits fell off most of the workers that have been sitting on it for a while they all got bumped off and so we're actually seeing the unemployment claims are actually quite low, that's not where we're going to find our 4 million workers.

 So let's take a look at this statistic here so before in february 2020 we were looking at a labor participation rate of 63.3 percent, now according to my back the envelope math and pulling this from other places, we have 157.5 million workers um i believe that was in 2018 so it's like slightly higher than that in 2020.

 but we were at 63.3 percent labour participation rate but then still today as of last month we were at 61.8 percent labour participation rate and now that is adults and such that are working.

 Some of these people should be retired right if they're like 75 plus or something like that and you know they maybe shouldn't be working so it's not saying that everyone should be working and women at home with children and such like that.

 it's not normal for it to be at one hundred percent but where we should be looking at about 63.3 percent to get up to the 2020 rate, Here's a graphical show of the civilian labor participation rate and this is seasonally adjusted all that voodoo math they do over there.

 You can still see that it is significantly below where it ought to be it has been declining over the last number of years as more and more people have found permanent employment in unemployment.

 But still that is way significantly lower than what it ought to be, now we're not going to find this to be uniform across age demographics, we're going to and this is going to be our first point that's going to really start to show us what the one of the serious problems that we're facing.

 is that of the 25 to 54 year olds we're back up to 82.1 percent labor participation rate that's down from 83.1 percent so down one percent, overall of the labor participation rate that's a small drop right, whereas age 55 and above is still down 1.9 percent.

 Almost double the rate but when uh we're talking about our labor participation rate from 40.3 percent down to 38.4 percent currently, we're looking at a comparative difference for the 25 through 54 year olds of 1.45 lower labor participation rate.

 okay where as the 55 and above-year-olds they are down 4.71 percent, now back of the math, back of the envelope math uh shows that basically the senior citizens age 55 and older are going to account for almost 2 million of our 4 million missing workers.

 i said we get into some of the implications here because there are going to be some serious implications, a lot of people and we're seeing this across the board they were considering retirement earlier but they were kind of waiting for an extra point.

 They got bumped out, they got fired, they got laid off, they they got pushed out, or they got told that they had to work from home and use technology that they weren't really comfortable with or whatever it was, but basically a lot of them just decided fine i'll just retire now.

 i've been thinking about it and now i have the opportunity a lot of them used the unemployment benefits as kind of like a on-ramp to retirement, so there's that going on some people got pushed out of jobs and they just didn't think that they were up to learning a new job and so they just let just be a permanent retirement.

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 A lot of things happened but age 55 and above we lost a lot of workers we lost 2 million of them as workers, now this is going to have some serious implications let's take a look here this you're gonna see fifteen thousand ten thousand five thousand over here but of course this is in thousands so we're talking about millions.

 okay so 15 million but this is kind of a these are the leading sectors that age 55 and older are actually working in historically now this is back to 2016 but i believe 2020 is not too too far off, let's see the sectors that are going to be hit the hardest if we were just to lose them across the board right.

 Management professional and related, so contractors who do trainings CEO higher level businessmen and business women we're looking at 15 million of them are 50 55 years and older.

 A lot of this has first off a lot of these people probably wouldn't retire just because a lot of these people would make the adjustment, in addition to that a lot of management positions and such there's always people underneath of them chomping at the bit to kind of move into their positions anyway.

 If it's a large organization those places those spots can be filled relatively seamlessly and so we wouldn't really see that across the market, marketplace a lot of turnover that way however we do see a lot of uh upper management companies turning over.

 Will the people taking over will they run things as well as the people um that ran it before and that remains to be seen because that is going to take some time to play out, the next group here of about 8 million workers is sales and office personnel.

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 we are seeing that but then again we're also seeing a very big change in how offices work right so we're having a lot more work from home, a lot less people working in offices and sales once again you can replace those pretty fast.

 There's always more sales people coming in now are they going to be the quality people probably not but this next one.

 Service includes retail but it also includes a lot of things like electricians plumbers five million of these people are age 55 and older and i think we could probably safely say that a lot of these people really did seriously consider retirement.

 Some of them did retire next one production transportation and material moving, anyone hear about any trucking shortages anyone here about um issues in the supply chain ? nah right okay so that has some implications there.

 Next one natural resources construction and maintenance we're having a lot of work these are the top categories that they're going to be impacted by a large number of age 55 years and older, a lot of younger people are not getting into the trades most of the trades are dominated by older workers and so as this happens i talked to a factory manager not too long ago.

 They were saying that their biggest problem is that they can't get workers who can fix the machines because the machines are old, all the new workers are getting trained on machines that they don't have they're being trained on new machines and new robotics and all this kind of stuff like that.

 But the problem is a lot of these factors are running with machines that are very old very archaic, it takes workers who actually understand how these machines work and people aren't being trained to to replace the workers that are retiring and as these machines continue to get older and older they need more.

 More tender love and care right ? so that's a little TLC right and the more TLC they need the more workers need to know how to give that TLC to these machines and yet we're finding that these workers are like enough of this garbage i'm just going to retire i'm not going to wear a mask i'm not going to submit to a mandate i'm not going to put up with all this bs and all this political correct junk that's going on.

 i'm just going to retire i have enough money i have enough and i'm just sick of this whole game and so a lot of these people are just leaving, they're leaving us in a lurch now if we have a significant number of deadbeats who don't really work at the job anyway.

 They're deadbeats do we really want to force them to work anyway are they really going to help the economy maybe not but then when we talk about highly productive members of the economy very experienced workers who have 30 40 sometimes 50 years of experience in their field working on machines.

 Working on things that new workers don't know how to work on, we're seeing a tremendous impact on factories and such like that not only can they not purchase the parts but they don't have the people who can replace repair and install those parts.

 let's just take a look here real quickly this is a list of industries that one third of the industry is made up of over 55 plus year olds, some of these are going to make a lot of sense some of these may just get you thinking.

 Activists curate curators and museum technicians so basically people having to do with museums and that makes sense right, bus drivers over one third of them are age 55 and older clergy furniture finishers furniture finishers make sense.

New  challenge for youth career

 Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers that makes sense as a okay legislators, well i don't think they're productive members of society onward medical transcriptionists interesting proofreaders and copy makers only people trained over 55 plus years ago actually know how to use punctuation so that that makes sense as well.

 Property real estate and community association managers all the professional karen's out there right now, we got the sales people real estate sales people there and everything like that but your housing association is possibly run by a 55 plus year old, real estate brokers sales agents right, tax preparers because the tax code hasn't gotten any more complicated right.

 i've seen this firsthand in in the tax industry is a lot of people are getting out and there's tons of clients and nobody wants them, that's an interesting situation if you're looking for work uh good paying work tax preparation might actually be your ticket, it doesn't take too much to get into it if you're good with numbers and there's a lot of clients out there and not a lot of people who want to service them.

 Travel agents as well so we can see some of this implication here now some of the younger folks aren't working but once again i think a lot of them are possibly still sitting unemployment but they should be shaken off relatively quickly or people.

 Who have come off unemployment and they just haven't gotten back into the workforce now i know some of you folks are hard workers and some of you have not been able to get back into a comparable job to what you had before

 I want to sympathize with that i know that not everyone who wants a job can get a job and not everyone who wants a good job can get a good job, so there's there's always going to be a segment of the population which is kind of caught in that lurch until they can find a good place and  i hope you all find good places, good employment.