High Demand Job in 2022 because The Great Labor Shortage Crisis in 2021


Job in Demand for Next year, Just over a year ago in march of 2020 unemployment in the u.s spiked to 15 percent as the fallout of the coronavirus forced many businesses to close and many more to take drastic cost-cutting measures to survive the turbulent times that lay ahead.

 Today thanks in part to government stimulus and a new acceptance of the status quo in the workplace this figure has fallen to six percent, which is still far higher than the 3.5 percent was hovering around before the economy shut down but it is obviously a massive improvement.

High Demand job after pandemic

 in fact today the USA is facing a completely different somewhat paradoxical problem, people are no longer struggling to find places to work… workplaces are struggling to find people reports of massive labor shortages have compelled some of the nation's largest employers to offer potential recruits $50 just to show up for a job interview.

High Demand job after pandemic

 in Australia uber is offering people a $500 bonus just to sign up as a driver and do 20 deliveries, what's more is that those same companies are having to offer higher salaries and career progression opportunities beyond the minimum wage they have typically paid to entry level employees, so this sounds like a good thing unemployment falling, wages, rising, conditions improving, what's not to like unless maybe you're a fast food franchise owner.

High Demand job after pandemic

 However these seemingly positive headlines have actually got a few economists pretty worried to understand why we need to as always look at a few things in detail and properly understand what this could all mean to the recovery of the american economy as a whole.

 So why are economists concerned about people having their choice of jobs with better pay and conditions, what could this situation do to the wider economy and what is the best way to take advantage of this apparent surge in demand for new employees. This episode of economics explained is brought to you by skillshare thanks to skillshare you can learn valuable skills that will make you a marketable asset no matter what the world is doing.

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 so you have probably heard the phrase full employment it gets thrown around a lot by politicians economists and it's even one of the central goals of the federal reserve bank, but the actual phrase itself full employment is a bit misleading you would be forgiven for thinking that this means zero unemployment, but it doesn't for starters that's never actually been achieved because in an economy as large as the US there is always going to be someone out of work.

What does it actually mean well economists kind of disagree on this, they all agree it is a low rate of unemployment but it will never be zero the first approximation of this is based on what is called the natural rate of unemployment, what this means is that the only people who are willing and able to work but are not currently working are either temporarily between jobs like let's say an executive taking a week off before starting a new role at a new company, or are training up to work in a different role.

High Demand job after pandemic

 Let's say a blacksmith learning to write code so they can go and work at google yeah okay extreme example but you get the point….. 

This is known as frictional and structural unemployment respectively these are normally seen as the good type of unemployment or at least the type of unemployment that isn't terrible like the alternatives. 

Cyclical unemployment is the one that we are normally afraid of this is unemployment caused by changes in the business cycle if an economy goes into a recession there is naturally less demand which means fewer employees are needed to meet that lower level of demand people are laid off and lose their income, so they can't afford to purchase as much which in turn reduces demand and the cruel cycle of cyclical unemployment continues.

High Demand job after pandemic

 You must quickly add before anyone corrects me in the comments section that cyclical unemployment is so core because it is caused by the short-term business cycle not because it compounds on itself like demonstrated here, that's just a nice little piece of irony that i like to point out….. Anyway this is why to try and avoid this the central bank is tasked with among other things maintaining full employment but that role can sometimes spirit odds with another responsibility of the fed which is maintaining low inflation.

High Demand job after pandemic

 There is another idea of what full employment is and it has to do with a term that you may have heard thrown around in the news recently, the NAIRU which is just an acronym for the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment this is the reason that economists don't want zero unemployment.

 First analyzed by william phillips he found that there was a relationship between the unemployment rate and inflation notably higher levels of employment higher levels of inflation but it's not a linear relationship, sure as employment levels rise so too does inflation but it only really starts to become a problem when it passes this arbitrary point.

 the NAIRU now this graph may look daunting but the actual fundamentals of this theory couldn't be more simple it's supply and demand, imagine a world with 10 unemployment it shouldn't be that difficult it was literally the world a year ago if you are the unlucky one out of every 10 that finds themselves involuntarily out of work, then you are in trouble.

High Demand job after pandemic

 Any job opening is going to have a lot of potential applicants and a lot of applicants that will be willing to work for rock bottom wages just so they can get a job at all, it's worth mentioning that this also really sucks for the frictionally and structurally unemployed as well, because they might be training up for or transitioning into jobs that don't exist anymore.

 Ultimately the labor market is a market like any other and more people looking for fewer jobs means that there is more supply less demand and ultimately lower wages, now the opposite is also true but to a more extreme degree, say your unemployment drops below this NAIRU level then we will have a situation where almost everybody that wants a job, has a job, if you are an employer and you post a job opening you might find that literally nobody applies.

High Demand job after pandemic

So maybe you have to offer a slightly higher salary or poach people from other workplaces with attractive signing bonuses or you know maybe even pay people fifty dollars just to show up for a job interview, now a little bit of this is great….. 

it gives the working pool of labor a bit more negotiating power it means that people don't need to work 80 hours a week in a coal mine or deal with environments that will obviously impact their long-term health, but too much can cause a problem there is certainly a good argument for a higher minimum wage, but what happens if restaurants need to turn around and start paying all of their employees 15 20 40 100 an hour ?

 Just to attract enough staff to make sure the operation runs, eventually the salary expenses of these businesses would just make it infeasible for them to keep on running, which means they will close down which reduces the supply of tasty burgers in circulation which means that the burger places that are left in operation will get to charge a premium for their products been sold in the burger market that they have now cornered.

 Of course this is an extreme example but even gradual increases in income can lead to gradual increases in the price level of goods and services, if a company needs to pay a plumber $30 an hour to get them to show up to work they're going to be passing that cost along to you and on the other side of that equation if that plumber is looking for a brand new truck to celebrate his pay rise.

High Demand job after pandemic

 He's going to be competing against every other plumber that just got a pay rise and wants to buy themselves a brand new truck, now i know what you might be thinking oh mr economics man just wants to complain about inflation again, didn't you make An Articles on this last month and well while that is half true there is more to this whole problem than just inflation alone.

 Beyond that this is ignoring the glaring elephant in the room which is that unemployment is still almost twice of what it was before the pandemic, if this wasn't a problem back then why is it a problem now the short answer is that the NAIRU has shifted but that only makes sense when you address the bigger picture you are never going to see a politician campaign on a platform of increasing unemployment and offering less jobs to less americans for a few reasons.

High Demand job after pandemic

 Obviously it would be incredibly unpopular with 99% of the people who either don't know what NAIRU is or think at the very least it's a tiny micro nation in the south pacific, but beyond that increasing unemployment is very easy….

 it's as simple as cancelling a few government projects the challenge is more so in keeping unemployment as low as possible without racking up too much debt or inflation, the government tries very hard to get this figure as low as possible because it is politically popular this is either done directly through employing people in government roles as government contractors or indirectly by generally running an expansionary fiscal budget.

 Where not a lot of money is tax but a lot of money is given away the problem with this second option is that it can create a whole new category of unemployment that doesn't get nearly as much attention as these other ones, institutional unemployment : 

This is unemployment that is caused by institutional policies that impact the labor market this can be anything from a mine getting shut down because the workers threatened to unionize to companies refusing to hire workers of a particular race or gender, but more commonly it has to do with government intervention in markets…. There is an argument being made by a broad group of economists today that the measures taken to protect people from the direct economic repercussions of the coronavirus were too generous.

High Demand job after pandemic

 Unemployment insurance combined with supplements of up to three hundred dollars per week compounded by multiple stimulus checks have meant that people are making more money by not working, than they would be making in the industries which are hurting, when it's also considered that going to work also includes hidden costs like paying for transport to and from the workplace child care eating out more because you don't have time to cook at home then this decision makes logical fiscal sense.

High Demand job after pandemic

 What's more is that there is still a global pandemic going on given the choice between staying home or working in food services where you'll come into contact with hundreds of people in a given day, i think i would know which choice i would take, i know this is anecdotal but i would like to think i'm the type of guy that values a solid day's work and normally given this decision i would choose to earn my own money rather than take assistance.

 Even if the earning potential was the same but given the context of the world that we live in right now you would need to pay me a pretty healthy premium for taking that risk, now this entire process effectively means that the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment that we were studying earlier can shift, and indeed it shifts all the time….

 Following the recession in 2008 this race spiked up by one percent to just under six percent, of course that never really became a problem because unemployment at this time was hovering over eight percent, but today we are in a potentially worse economic situation than we were back then given that there are real material constraints on the economy.

High Demand job after pandemic

 There are not enough computer chips not enough lumbar not enough cars and not enough of basically everything we use to run an economy, which is kind of to be expected let's not ignore the fact that we are still in a crisis right now, it surely makes sense that unemployment should be higher and the relentless obsession by governments to drive this figure to be as low as possible.

 is driving it beyond where it actually should be in a properly functioning economy which is giving us all of the weirdness that we are seeing in the world right now, economists support this theory primarily those that subscribe to the austrian school of economics we'll also point out that these distortions will cause knock-on impacts in the economy, that will end up doing more harm than good.

 If that plumber from earlier who is currently earning thirty dollars an hour has to go back to working for $20 an hour he might default on the payments for that new ford f-150 he overpaid for, which causes more issues than these temporarily higher wages solved.

High Demand job after pandemic

 a Rough analogy would be that covert hit the global economy like an unexpected breakup, now there are two ways to deal with a breakup…. You can realize that this is gonna suck for a while take some steps to try and make yourself feel better and get over it or you could go on a bender which will almost totally eliminate the pain and suffering in the short term but inevitably make things much worse in the long term.

 it must be noted that not all economists agree with this rather pessimistic view some argue that this is simply a systematic issue that will sort itself out over time, this also does make sense when you look at the figures as we saw at the height of the pandemic millions of people were laid off in a very short period of time.

High Demand job after pandemic

 in the months since then most people have had to find alternatives to support themselves this could be anything from going back to school to retrain to living off government welfare to simply just getting a new job, life finds a way so to speak fast forward to today and those same businesses are reopening and looking to fill out their staff base all over again only to find that all the people they'd let go had found these other arrangements.

 Job openings right now are at the highest point in history and sure some of the people that were laid off will either be happy or be forced to come back to work, but some will end up sticking with the alternatives that they have found during the lockdown over time this will even itself back out new people will join the workforce and eventually there won't be as many businesses that need to hire staff to reopen.

High Demand job after pandemic

 Everybody lives happily ever after so to speak, but what can you do to capitalize on all of this well now is the perfect time to start shopping around for a new job with a better salary, for the first time in a long time it is the employers fighting over the employees rather than the other way around. Studies suggest that employees who stay with their companies for longer than two years get paid 50 percent less on average than their peers who are more happy to job hop for a promotion.

High Demand job after pandemic

 a pay rise or just better conditions getting the best value for your hard work is always good advice, but maybe never more so than right now…. of course this process is made even easier by being able to leverage an ever-expanding set of valuable and marketable skills, like the ones that you can learn with skillshare.

Every applicant we went through just didn't have the skills that we were looking for but obviously we did end up finding someone who learned everything that they know online with skillshare, this is a good job that can be done from anywhere in the world and it goes to show the power of having an in-demand skill that is taught by an engaging teacher who truly knows their craft and uses it themselves in the real world.

THE HABITS OF SUPER ACHIEVERS Motivation & Inspiration for Works, for increase of Big potential on yourself

Motivation And Inspiration for Works


 Time is precious……….

Life is not just the passing of time……….. 

Life is not just the passing of time………… 

Life is a collection of experiences…………. 

Their frequency and their intensity, life is not just watching the clock tick away, life is a collection of experiences their intensity their frequency when my friend mark died at age 44 someone says that's young to die but what if he lived four lifetimes in one it might not be too young.

 Whatever the span of your life turns out to be here's what you want to fill it up with experiences and the intensity of those experiences, but now let's talk about the management of time :

Here's the first one ignore the subject i mean that's good advice don't let anything overly bug you, because you remember now you don't have to do anything so i got to get a handle on my time the answer is no you don't if you want to let it all go you can let it all go.

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

 I mean this is good advice somebody says you ought you what you ought jot this down ignore all the you oughts or you should only if they're giving general information we should it's better to say if you're teaching we should, not you should we should then you let me listen in without it being too confrontational, if everyone did this see that would be great and then you give a person a chance to choose to do it or not to do it, but when you start the you ought you ought now see if i don't now see we got some tension and maybe some problems.

 So you oughts seem to always create problems because this is personal dignity and you don't want to destroy someone's dignity by doing all the odds and they feel reluctant to do it now we've got problems, so if you want to just ignore this subject on time management now. 

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

Here's the next one step down to something easier the guy's in sales and he says oh i want to own the company finally owns the company now he's got no time to play golf he said when i was in sales i was making big money playing golf three days a week, heck with disowning something, heck with managing my life was never my own after i started to manage.

 i'm going back to sales see this is the key if you're getting too pressed you might consider stepping down to something with a little easier time pressure little girl says to her mother daddy comes home brings his briefcase and pats me on the head and says hello disappears and works on these papers.

 How come my daddy doesn't play with ? me and her mother said look your daddy loves you very much but he's so busy at work he can't get it all done he has to bring it home he loves you but that's why he can't play with you, and the little girl said why don't they just put him in a slower group.

 So jot this down now if you don't have time for your kids you might consider joining a slower group, remember when i said some things i went for cost me too much so reconsider….. 

Next key to time management and that's work longer and harder but see there's a limit to that i almost lost my health the first year i went so crazy about personal development and achievement i just went bonkers, you know i told you i was skinny by the end of that first year i was a walking shadow and then it suddenly occurred to me what if i got rich and too ill to spend it.

 i mean that was a shocker so i started developing a little more reasonable because i said if 12 hours won't do it i'll work 14 if that won't do it i'll work 18 i mean how many hours it takes, and sure enough it cost me too much so see working longer and harder for some might be appropriate, you know if you're just sitting around not doing that much this might be good work longer and harder… but you can only work so hard here's the key not to work harder but smarter, when you've worked as hard as you can doing the best you can in terms of physical output in the time reasonable time.

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

 Now here's the ultimate in the management of time and that is you simply become more skilful, when i first got into sales you know i was around people that could get you know nine out of ten eight out of ten and when i first started i could only get one out of ten, but here's what i did i worked around the clock around the clock so that i would make up in numbers what i lacked in skill that's good in sales you got to jot that down when you're new you make up in numbers which you lack in skill.

 Now when you become more skillful the numbers can go down because now your persuasive ability and all of that is now so high that you don't need to put as many numbers out, but at first if you want to compete or if you want to really get good you got to put in the numbers but if you get more from yourself develop more of yourself now the time management becomes an easier task.

 Now here's the next thing either you run the project or it runs you i found out when you start something at first you're in charge all of a sudden a year later it's in charge, some of the companies i started i'm telling you i'm in control a couple of years later i'm out of control.

 at first i've got it on the run two years later it's got me on the run haven't got enough time i'm dizzy with trying to get it all done, so here's part of the key and that's to get in charge, teach you to start something first thing you know you're out of control it's in control the enterprise you get started now runs you ragged. because i did that when i had the whole 13 offices and the big entourage i'm telling you it was like short nights and long days and just sort of the never ceasing demand for time and activity which was fine.

 at that time in my life it was fine and created a lot of good results and laid some good foundation for a lot of future careers that came from those unique times, there's a pretty long list of people who were inspired by it and educated by it and participated in that program i had going…. and i re-changed the format to sort of rearrange my own life personally which has paid off for me now i have a heavy workload but if you finally get to the place where you have most everything done for you.


 i still farm in idaho but i'm what's known as a gentleman farmer a gentleman farmer gives orders and other people do the work, it's different than being a farmer doing the work yourself i know that because i was raised in the farm country where i still have my farm but now i have the luxury of participants who look after my agriculture, look after my home building, my daughter looks after all of my accounts, and my residences and my real estate and i have good partners in business that's extra luxury….

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

 Where you can do your specialty and other people working make it valuable, here's what i discovered that happens to you in life that you will go through things and while you're going through them you can't understand why it's happening to you, but after you go through it you get back and you look at it and you say oh now i understand why i needed that lesson…..

 Vave you ever happened to you raise your hand it ever happened to you that that i did i couldn't understand it there, but after i got through it then i saw that that was preparing me for bigger and better things, that as you go through the challenges of life and you look at it and embrace whatever comes to you don't run from it, step toward it don't try and duck it like most people do see most people want it easy.

 see easy come easy what easy go see but when you go at what you're going to deal with and you deal with the difficult difficulties of it, when you handle those hard things close at hand making those hard decisions right now. That you don't want to make ? learning those things that you don't like to do but you know that in order for you to get where you want to go this is one of the hoops that you have to flip through. and i'm saying to you whatever you got to do, do it because if you don't life is going to whoop you until you surrender.

 and say okay all right all right all right all right……….. i cooperate okay i learned okay they had to wear me out a long time, so if it's hard then do it hard.

 i want you to live the life you were meant to live you hear me not the life that was given to you i'm a high school dropout because that's the life my daddy gave me but i've been married almost 28 years and two kids by the same woman which is not my experience i got brothers and sisters none of us had the same parents…

 Because i made up in my mind that's the life y'all gave me, i'm not that i'm not taking that no more, i still want i don't want to be on crack, i've never drank i never smoked and i'm not against it i just didn't do it because my family was doing it and they wasn't winning doing it….

 Uncle died of cirrhosis of the liver i'm like bro i'm not going out like that uncle's in prison i'm not going i wasn't meant to be in prison i got married at 19 y'all i was meant to live with a woman i'm not i'm not just being real bro i ain't mad at you bro, i'm just being real it's some dudes they like i'm hardcore i'm not hard i'm not hard bro i promise you i'm not hard i want to be with no dudes all day every day.

 i'm gonna need a break i'm gonna need a break from that i'm just being real i'm gonna need a break for me and my man in the same bunk and i ain't got no privacy i'm gonna need a break from that i'm just being real i'm gonna need a break from prison food i'm gonna need my grandma cooking at some point i'm just being real just be honest when you walk out of here some of you are not transitioning.


 Because you're okay with the life you have and i'm telling you, i when i walk out i want to be an example of you can start from wherever and get to wherever you want to get to….. that's what i'm asking you to do what fuels you the reason why you're so lazy is not because you don't have the ability you're so lazy because your dreams so small…….. 

Freshman year in college uh me and my boys start like this like christian like organization get that goal get that dream and i'm just been telling you drive it and drive it and drive it and drive it what i've been talking about is consistency, you must come up with a morning routine……!!!!! 

that you do every single morning or at least more mornings than not that puts you in control of yourself and in control of your day, this is what i do and i cannot explain the power that i get… from starting my day off and being bigger than my excuses and being in control first and foremost wake up on time when that alarm goes off get your butt out of bed five four three two one go…..

 Why is that important for persistence the reason why is because the first decision that you're making of the day is to actually get up and get moving….!!!! 

That means you are persistently bigger than your excuses you are persistently bigger than feeling lazy and you are persistently beating the feelings that typically stop you, the second thing that i want you to do before you look at your email, before you answer your phone, before you start surfing vox and vice and buzzfeed and you know team stream and checking out the sales on zappos and looking at your facebook news feed, before you pick up the damn phone. 

Please….!!!! Please….!!! Please…..!!! figure out your two priorities for the day…. these are the things that matter to you whether it's saving money and and making sure you're focused on that or showing up at work and being a contributor or whether it's changing how you treat your spouse or your kids or the person that you're with or heck getting to the gym because you said you would 

Whatever it is that your two priorities are put them in your head before you pick up the phone why the reason why is because of persistence the reason why…??? is because i want you to have a good day do you know what makes for a bad day what makes for a bad day is snoozing, starting your day off late, starting your day off tired, starting your day off by mainlining everybody else's news feed on social media and looking at everybody else's life and and saying to yourself oh my god…

 They're on vacation or gosh they look so great or their friends are so fancy or my gosh they've got some money you start off your day looking at that you're never gonna have a good day you gotta start off your day by getting up on time figuring out your priorities and then getting to work on them, do not pick up your phone until you have done those two things i think the single biggest reason why people have bad days.

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

 is because they start them off by looking around at everybody else and seeing what they're doing instead of having the focus and the discipline…..

 to actually start your day off with you in control and with your priorities front and center, so you want a bonus round exercise every day that's right get up on time figure out your priorities and exercise……. 

You do those three things you'll be kicking ass every single day…….

 Part of the work that i love to do now is is really help people understand what is your story, like what's the story you're telling so because we all have a story we have a money story a relationship story a health story we have a story for everything and then that story keeps recreating our lives over and over and over again……

 and we have beliefs that support the story we have habits that support the story we have people that support the story we have systems that support our story, and so my question i always ask people who would you be with a different story..?

 so for the next 90 days your first 90 minutes at work, make it focused on your single most important project……!!! 

i'll repeat that again for the next 90 days the first 90 minutes of your work day focus monomaniacally on your single most valuable project….

 i call it your game-changing move so it might be, it might be creating a new piece of code that will revolutionize the marketplace, it might be a new product that when you launch it will fill a need within your industry that no peer is currently providing, i don't know what your game-changing move is but this is your poetry this is your magnum opus for the next 90 days…..

 So what most people do is you know people who are playing at victimhood people who are in the 95 percent people who are making excuses about ordinary results in their life a lot of them are not doing the things that would give them legendary results,……. and what they do is they get to the office.

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

 Rather than using prime time for a activities they use their best hours watching dancing cats on whatever it is, whatever the video platform is, they spend their best hours surfing the internet looking at blogs….. 

They spend their best hours playing with notifications reading notifications chatting with friends who are not really their friends but really they're just bored so they're distracting themselves which is just a form of medication because potential onyx unexpressed turns to pain and they're in a lot of pain and it's subconscious and they haven't done the work to know it so really 

They've created these drugs of choice like too much email too much web surfing too much chit chatting too much looking at funny looking videos that make them laugh in the moment that make them feel happy and give them a short burst of dopamine and maybe a little bit of serotonin which is the pleasure neurotransmitter and that's how they get through their day. 

Motivation And Inspiration for Works

all i'm saying is there is so much distraction available to you out there that if you are not acutely careful it will dominate your days, what i'm really trying to say is this a ritual for you to run and dial in and hardwire to the point of automaticity that's the word the researchers use when a habit becomes your new normal.

 Over 66 days is the 1991 rule and to give it to you again so you really remember it for the next 90 days your first 90 minutes create a tight bubble of total focus so that no one can distract you turn off your devices put them in a little plastic bag put some reminders on your door maybe some post-it notes that this is my tight bubble of total focus for the next 90 minutes. Tell your team tell your loved ones maybe get a put a do not disturb sign on your door……..

 They'll laugh and explain it to them that for the next 90 days i will spend 90 minutes away from distraction, away from technology, away from interruptions….

 Focusing on my magnum opus focusing on the genius project that i want to bring into the world because i will never mail it in i will always bring it on and i'm going to do this for the next 90 minutes.

and i'm going to optimize it and iterate it every day and i'm going to bring my full bandwidth because what makes a genius they all have one trait in common they were able to spend extended periods of time in isolation focused monomonically on their most valuable project.

Some people spend their entire lives wondering how to be successful in out life you be surprised to find out, that the secret really comes down to four key areas well it does….. 

See personal success is achievable for anyone who practices the four areas or keys to success everyone wants personal success and to learn the keys to success everyone wants to have a happy.

 Healthy life do meaningful work enjoy a career and achieve financial independence everyone wants to make a difference in the world to be significant to have a positive impact on those around him or….

 Her everyone wants to do something wonderful with his or her life over and over i have found that the keys to success are a single piece of information a single idea at the right time that can change your life in the right situation i have also learned that the great truths are simple

Job opportunities for trucker How Much Money will Truckers Make in 2022 For Long Haul, Regional, Dry Van, Reefers, and Flatbeds

Job opportunities trucker For Long Haul, Regional, Dry Vans, Reefers, and Flatbeds

 www.markir-lagi.com How much will truckers earn next year as 2021 comes to an end there's so much happening in our industry that's affecting our driver rates, companies cannot keep up with the amount of change that's happening into the in the industry.

 So in today's Articles i'm going to be talking to you about what's happening in the industry and then i'm also going to be showing you pace statements of drivers, i'm going to show you what a city driver makes, what a van reefer driver makes, what a flatbed driver makes, what a lease operator makes, and what a flatbed owner operator makes.

Five different pace statements i'm actually going to be showing you, but first let's talk about what in the world is happening to our industry. 

The first and foremost let's talk about new drivers entering the market okay, so for some reason people are delusional and they think that self-driving trucks are right around the corner, so because new people are not entering at the same pace as they were 10 years ago and 15 years ago. it's causing a huge crunch and a huge demand for truck drivers. 

This is the best time i've seen in 15 years and i think that it might just only get worse in the next couple of years, so i think it's a beautiful time to be a truck driver i think it's an amazing time to be a cross-border driver or local driver or a highway driver or a long-haul driver but definitely definitely we have a really good next 12 to 18 months ahead of us, and that's one of the reasons the second thing is the mandate on vaccines is causing a big big big problem in our industry.

 For example we have a hundred drivers in our fleet, we have four percent of our drivers are not vaccinated, now i've talked to other owners of other companies and their stats are sitting around between six to eight percent, now half these drivers are on the fence whether they're going to get the vaccine and then the other half are saying absolutely not, they are not going to be proceeding with the vaccine so they're going to be transitioning more into a local role okay.

 so cross-border drivers, long-haul drivers really really really big demand, so i think over three million truck drivers in the US we have 250 approximately truck drivers 250 000 truck drivers here in canada if four percent or three percent walk out, that's going to be a big big problem for our industry. We have enough problems as it is but that's another thing.

Demand number three so what's happening CN and CP are not hauling right now from british Columbia, all of our containers in canada are coming into BC, CN and CP because of the flooding because of the avalanche have stopped hauling or stopped their service from Vancouver.

 so it's causing a huge uptick in demand for truck drivers again it might be short-lived it might take him three months to fix it it might take him six months but us in trucking the longer it takes them to fix these rail lines the better it is for us, because there's going to be a huge demand for truck drivers right now….
 cross-border drivers across canada and even into into the us, you know the us the normal rates for americans is between three to four dollars a mile for round trips.

 Here in canada our rates are sitting between 210 and 215 round trips, okay so round trip we work at 2.10 two dollars and 15 cents per mile, well now with all the stuff that's happening in the industry, we're seeing an uptick in our rates so we're getting about 2.5 2.6 right now.

 Hopefully it'll jump up to the way you guys are in the U.S it would be great for us but that's what's happening and now the demand for drivers whether it's in the U.S whether it's in canada it is a big big problem and companies are fighting over truck drivers.

 so if you're about to get your license you proceed with it if you're thinking of getting your license you need to proceed with that because this industry is going to be extremely lucrative over the next couple of years.

 Let's get into the pay statements things that you guys love to watch first we'll talk about a local driver, so local drivers here in ontario are usually getting paid hourly our hourly rate here for our local drivers is $23 an hour, now we are seeing because of the vaccine mandates we are seeing more drivers are applying for local positions right now especially okay…..

 So i do feel that over the next um 18 months over the next six months the hourly rate for local drivers is going to push down okay, so right now we're paying i mean on average let's say 25 dollars an hour for companies around here we pay 23 an hour there are companies that pay 20 and 21. 

But we're seeing the rates are going to be a little bit more competitive for local drivers all right, so here's a pay statement for one of our local drivers, we're going to block off his name we're going to block off here are his hourly rate is $23 an hour and if he does run anything over 100 or 200 miles and he gets 50 cents per mile. 

Job opportunities trucker For Long Haul, Regional, Dry Vans, Reefers, and Flatbeds

So as you can see here the driver worked so this is a pace statement from the first to the 15th, he grossed out 3 100 110 dollars…… he has his payroll deductions so cpp E-U-E-I um you know drivers or any employee here in canada has to pay taxes.
his net here's his payroll statement he got in 15 days 2 315 nets into his bank account that's after all the deductions. 

how much money will Truckers Make in 2022

So yes we do pay out vacation pay every 15 days we do not hold on to it, so here you can see 124 of his vacation pay which accumulated to 2 315 which he was paid out so that's number one that's what a local driver makes.

The next one we're gonna talk about is a unit number 670 who does a van reefer and he gets paid 62 cents per mile, so i want you to know that we've adjusted our rates three times in 2021. 

How Much Money will Truckers Make in 2022

we were paying 55 cents per mile then we upped it to 58 or 59 cents per mile and now they're up to 62 cents per mile which is their base rate okay, the driver produced 6 600 miles in 15 days and here is his pay statement so the driver grossed out four thousand one hundred and ten dollars.

job opportunity fo trucker in florida

 He had thirteen hundred dollars in payroll deductions and the driver took home two thousand nine hundred and forty one dollars and that's in 15 days, all right so our next driver let's talk about our lease operators what in the world does a lease operator make, so here's our lease operator a lease operator is basically somebody who leases the truck from us so they're in a 36 month lease or a 48 month lease.

 they purchased the truck from us and we're doing the financing for them and they're paying us for the truck every single month until the they finish their contract, so this unit number 343 he is a cross-border van reaper driver our rates right now for bannery for drivers are 1.55 per mile.

  There is a fuel surcharge on top of that but i won't get into that right now, um the driver drove 7945 miles in 15 days so that is a very high production mileage. here's his pay statement that's his holdback that's how much he pays $1,700 713 is what he pays on his lease.

 that's with hst every 15 days here is his disability insurance his buy down insurance uh his fuel canadian his fuel us and driver took home $5,487 in 15 days.
job opportunity for trucker in florida

 So this is our lease program all right, now let's look at our flatbed driver what did he do ? so this flatbed driver drove 6493 miles this is unit number 340. the driver grossed out $11,754 his truck lease is 1,235 so again this is also a lease operator in our flatbed division

job opportunity for trucker in florida

 You can see he drove a lot less miles than the other driver in our lease program he was able to net i'm not going to go into all of his deductions but, here's this fuel canadian here's a fuel us he did have 581 dollars worth of a repair so that was deducted from him, so the driver made net into his bank account five thousand one hundred and twenty two dollars in 15 days.

job opportunity fo trucker in florida

job opportunity for trucker in florida

 all right unit number 645, so this is a little bit of a tricky one he's an owner operator drives with his wife sometimes he takes the wife with him sometimes he doesn't take the wife with him, so he was able to produce 8,637 miles, so a single driver will not be able to produce somewhat this much you know max i've seen single drivers produce, is if they're lucky about 8,000 miles but let's look at this pay statement so the driver was able to gross out $13,855 again that's in 15 days.

job opportunity for trucker in florida

 Here's all the deductions disability insurance buy down insurance fuel Canadian, fuel U.S and then the driver was able to net take home $7,254 again this is an owner operator working in our van reefer division all right, 

  Guys so flatbed owner operator unit number 981 this driver was able to produce 6,626 miles in our flatbed division the driver grossed out $11,711 here is his deduction so he just has fuel canadian fuel us and 65 dollars in cash advances.

job opportunity for trucker in canada

 The Driver took home $6,981 again this is a driver in our flatbed division as an owner operator and he was able to take home six thousand nine hundred and eighty one dollars net…… so now you have it now you know what do all these drivers make you have your local driver, you have your highway drivers, you have your flatbed highway driver, you have a lease operator, and you have an owner operator in the van division, and in the flatbed division so i went through all the pay statements i hope you enjoyed this Articles….. bye 

How to get a Job with NO Experience for Students & Graduates

www.markir-lagi.com Today i'm going to be talking all about how you can get a job without any work experience, now at some point in our lives we all find ourselves in the supposed chicken and egg paradox whereby we can't get a job because we don't have experience and because we don't have experience we can't get a job.

 So what are we to do about this awkward situation well don't worry in this Articles i'm going to share my tips for helping you to overcome this situation in what i like to outline and call the get hired framework, so today we're going to be focused on how you can get a job with no work experience particularly with an emphasis on students because that's where i'll have most of my own experience.

 so whether you've written your cv you have a few job roles in mind or whether you're just approaching this totally fresh and you're not sure where to get started on your job search, this framework is going to help you…..

  i've gone back to my very first cv which i prepared when i left university, so i'll be sharing some of that to give you an idea for students who are either in their final year or looking to perhaps secure a work experience or an internship placement, this will be really helpful for you and for those of you who may be on a career break or looking to get back into work after a period of time you can draw some of the key insights away to apply to yourself.

 Depending on what stage you're at in your own career, so i think this framework is really crucial to help you get off to a flying start so that you can get the results that you're seeking, and it will allow you to approach this in a more methodical and more structured way, so let's get into it so the g in get forget tired stands for give examples now this is important throughout any of the documents that you prepare in terms of your cv your cover letter and also more importantly when you get through to the interview stage.

 it's important to not just give one example and overuse that many times but to give several different examples, so if you're a student you might be thinking about giving examples from say a part-time job, it could be through a university project that you did as part of your course or curriculum, it could also be something that you did as part of a sports team or university society and in all cases when you're thinking about giving these details these examples always use something called the star plus method.

job opportunities with no experience for student and graduates for 2022

  so i'll outline what that means here and if you're not familiar with it it stands for situation task action result and the plus stands for the implications so think about setting the scene, so to give you an example let me give you something from my own experience which was working in a society called engineers without borders, whereby we made a wind turbine for a local small community project.

 so that's the situation the task i was responsible for coordinating a number of students to build different aspects of this wind turbine so that we could make it within 12 weeks the action, i took was to organize various workshops within the electrical engineering department, and also to work with the local community to get planning permission to find out where we were going to locate and source it.

job opportunities with no experience for student and graduates for 2022

 in terms of the result we were able to achieve this within the 12-week period and the implication was that it was used a nearby allotment in the local community to power generate, so that kind of wraps everything in a nutshell and it's really good to show potential hiring employers what you're able to do and also interview stage it really wraps up your experience and your and your competence, without maybe not having had a any work experience.

  so now let's move on to the e in get so the e stands for expectations, so i think this one is very very important and this one actually comes back to some of the reason why i didn't get many of the 10 job roles that i applied when i first was looking for my graduate role after university, so it's very important to understand what you're applying for.

 i know that sounds obvious and maybe common sense but actually a lot of people are very keen to jump into roles that they've seen online due to very good marketing from very large companies, large corporates and they can often go into positions that they're not really aware of, so for myself being a physics graduate many people going to banking, to consulting companies, of course due to the large salaries that are offered, and also because they think that it's going to give them the best chance of success in their career.

 However when i applied to a number of these different type of roles early on in my application process i really had no idea what the role would entail, i saw something like you know banking graduate, technology graduate, but i had no idea what it entailed. So if i was doing this again what i would advise you to do is try and reach out to people either in your network through friends through family or even just contacting people on linkedin who may actually work at the company that you're interested.

 in and just ask them a few questions you know what is it like what you do day to day, what kind of people do do you normally hire what kind of skills are you looking for and you know almost interview them but at least it will give you the benefit of understanding what is expected from you, and also to understand really is it worth your time applying. after all your time is valuable and it can be a lot of time spent in doing one application which you're not really 100 for.

  okay so that's two of the points let's move on to the third point in get to the t which stands for transferable skills, now please hear me out i know you've heard this pulley all the way through gcses through college and even in university transferable skills communication all of these things.

  However there is some truth to it and i think what you need to emphasize here and be mindful of is think about all those common skills that are needed for any typical job such as, can you work with other people can you communicate in meetings in reports in written words spoken word can you manage and plan your own activities in your own time.

 Do you have time management and organization skills, can you be a leader when required, all of these kinds of things are common to any job role that you're going to apply for and often the best way when you're a graduate or somebody with very little experience of working in these kinds of positions, and or having these experiences in a in a kind of professional job, one of the things that you're taught to do on your cv is to create something called a skills profile, whereby you can say each of these key skills that i've just mentioned and then you might go through and say one to three examples for each.

job opportunities with no experience for student and graduates for 2022

 That you gain through you know part-time work through your degree through societies, through sports clubs, think about everything that you can use to build out and round out your applications, and that's really going to help you and actually to give you some examples and to illustrate this point further.

 i'll show you a few excerpts from my original cv as i've mentioned before so you can see a few ideas of what i actually use myself to give you some food for thought, okay so that's the first section of the get tired framework we've covered to get so let's move on to hired so the h in hyde stands for hobbies, now you might be thinking okay well why would the employer be interested in my hobbies and what i do outside of you know my studies and maybe even when i'm working what they're going to be interested in.

 Sso this serves a number of benefits first of all it allows you to round out and build out your cv and your profile so they you know they can see what you like outside of work who knows you may even have something in common with the person interviewing.

  You and if that's the case that's really good for you to strike up a rapport um for them to find out a bit more about you outside of work and connect with you on a kind of more social level which will really work in your favour, the second thing is obviously many many people nowadays are doing lots of different side projects, so you might actually be interested in something that might be complementary to the job that you're applying for so just consider that.

 Perhaps you might be applying for a software engineer role and you've recently learned some programming language python or c plus or java or something on the side or an online course definitely mention that you might be playing with raspberry pi's, you might be building projects from scratch you might have a 3d printer, so just think about the various job roles that you're applying for and are you even doing anything.

job opportunities with no experience for student and graduates for 2022

 That is you know a side project a hobby and interest that could really allow you to accelerate your application and show that you have got experience just from things that you do for fun, okay so moving on to the i in hired now this stands for information, now it's very very important when you're applying for any job or any company at any stage in your career to do the necessary, market research, and the research on the company.

 There's so many questions that are common for interviewers to ask you and i know this myself haven't interviewed many candidates so many graduates myself, you know kind of chief among them is who are the company what do they do, what do they sell, are you aware of the role what are your strengths for the role.

  As well so just make sure you've researched the company you've visited their website you understand what they do, what kind of people they hire, what their values are, what kind of size there are, what the turnover and profit might be and many recent projects have they been in the news, just think about anything you can use that will really give you ammunition when you go into that interview so you know what you're looking for and you can really impress them.

 Okay so now the r in hired that stands for recommendations now this is something that is often overlooked, now even though you might not have worked formally for different companies, for different organizations, you can still get recommendations from people you have worked with.

 So these could be part-time work, these could be your university tutors professors, teachers, people you've worked with in volunteering charities or organizations just think of anybody, and ask them if they'd be happy to write a short recommendation about you just detailing some attributes that they like that helped you do the job, or maybe a personality or character recommendation and if you do have linkedin definitely post them on there, and if you don't do get linkedin and do post them on there because it's a great way people to do their research on you before they've even interviewed you. and just seeing a candidate having all these recommendations just really stands out so definitely consider doing that for your profile too.

Okay so moving on to the e in hired now that stands for education, so don't be afraid to really sell what you've done in your university degree or any of your previous formal education, think about projects that you may have done that are significant that might complement and be relevant to the role that you're applying for, identify key modules that you've applied and that you've studied at university or in your formal education that can really support your application

Don't be afraid to say the marks that you've got say that clearly and again just give any other detail of any other extracurricular courses or modules that you've taken just, so you can show off really what you've done and go a bit more deeper into what you've studied because most interviews might not be aware of your prior educational experience, it's a really good opportunity for you to sell that on your cv.

 Okay and now the final step in the get hired framework which is the d in hired, now this stands for demonstrate so in this case think about your key strengths,, and think about your key weaknesses, now a lot of people don't like to think about what they're not good at myself included, however this is really an opportunity for you to think about where you excel, where you stand out, and also what you might need to work on and having this benefit of self-reflection and self-assessment is really going to help you when you get these questions which becoming you know more and more common.

 in terms of competency and behavioural to see how candidates cope with these questions that might be asked in an interview now if you can identify, your key strengths just think about those and maybe you might draw on those from your recommendations that we discussed before, or ask your friends and family and just you know brainstorm or maybe mind map a few of those that you think are really relevant, and pertinent to you, and definitely include those in your bios for your social media profiles on linkedin, and maybe even your personal profile on your cv as i've done here, and similarly you might also want to think about your weaknesses things that you find challenging and maybe steps that you've taken or things that you can do to work on those.

 and definitely think about drafting or crafting a small answer for that because it may be a future interview question, so if you've made it to the end of the Articles thank you so much for Reading i hope that this content has inspired you and will help you to overcome these pain points of getting a job without any work experience.

 i hope that you can overcome this chicken and egg paradox and definitely give yourself a better chance of securing the job that you want at least getting there in a shorter period of time than i did when i was applying after university, so if you found this content useful please do give it a like please do share it i really would appreciate it if you could subscribe so i continue to push out my content to more people and help more people just like you so thank you and i hope you can join me in the next Articles, take care bye for now you………….

7 Essential Canadian Jobs with No Experience Required

job opportunities in canada in 2022

www.markir-lagi.com  Have you ever wondered what kind of jobs are available in canada with absolutely no experience required, well you're in luck because the canadian government has just released a new foreign worker program where they have removed all the minimum requirements for hiring, the foreign worker program was actually introduced last june during the pandemic when there was a huge rise and urgency for more workers to fill in the essential jobs in Canada.

 Even today there are still a huge gap of unemployment and a lot of jobs that people are looking to fill up so that's why they're looking internationally to hire foreign workers to come to canada and work some of the essential jobs available, so this is excellent news for a lot of foreign workers who are looking to come and live in canada and just looking for a pathway to start a new life here.

 Today i will be going through a list of seven essential jobs under different categories that the canadian government is looking to hire internationally, all of the occupations i will be listing are within the farming and agricultural industry, so if you have any experiences working with animals, meat production, and farming this is the right Information for you.
Stay along and Reading the seven occupations in demand in canada right now that you can apply for easily. Let's get started.

The First Occupation under our list is a butcher or meat cutter, this type of job doesn't require too much experience and there are a lot of stores frequently hiring for this position, workers under this category work to prepare standard cuts of meats, chicken, fish, and shellfish.
job opportunities in canada in 2022

 You may be employed in supermarkets or grocery stores and even butcher shops sometimes even self-employed if you have the right skill set for this type of job they do require you to at least have completed your secondary school, and on-the-job training is provided in the food stores especially when it comes to retail butchers and cutting more high-level meat.

 if you are required to do a more higher level preparation of the meet you will be asked to join an apprenticeship in Canada, these types of apprenticeships can also be provided by your employer so the payment will be done and the training will be done by your employer, so there is no need to worry about this.

 the next occupation on our list is agricultural service contractors, this occupation in particular is a little bit more of a higher level because you'll be in a supervisor position or a specialized worker position, it is a big category so inclusive of this category you can be applying as a farm supervisor or specialized livestock workers.
job opportunities in canada in 2022

 When i say farm supervisors your job will be to manage and take care of other farmers and other laborers who will be working under you, and managing them as well as improving the harvesting practices in the canadian company. The specialized livestock workers work to carry out feeding and breeding programs, so you will specialize in learning how to take care of the animals in the farm as well as how to make sure that the livestock is at its best level.

 the employment requirements are not very strong you do need a college certificate or some sort of experience in your home country, working on a farm but specifically working with animals and plants so that they can understand that you have a great knowledge in agriculture and can bring a lot to the company, You may also be required to have a certificate in first aid. 

Third on our list is general farm workers this type of occupation is quite popular in canada especially amongst foreign workers looking to migrate under a more lower skilled experience, general farm workers here are different from the first occupation i had mentioned because they primarily deal with planting and harvesting crops as well as raising the animals, and chickens in the farm, and maintaining and repairing farming equipment and buildings.
job opportunities in canada in 2022

 So if you do have experience working with heavy machinery or farming related machinery like tractors, this is a great opportunity because it's a very easy job to apply to and you will most likely get a callback, the employment requirements for this is very low as well there is no specific education or training requirements needed just basic farm knowledge which most people can attain from their home country, or working in a farm in their home country. If you do want to increase your level you can always take specialized courses and training to really up level your job and perhaps get a promotion on a later date.

 Next on our list is nursery and greenhouse workers, these type of workers are a little bit more specialized than your average farm workers because you do need knowledge on how to take care of plants, trees, and flowers, in all of what it takes to grow them and make sure that they're growing successfully throughout all the seasons, especially because there is a very long winter in Canada, a lot of places are looking for greenhouse workers to help maintain their plants around the city as well as their designated stores.
job opportunities in canada in 2022

 At this type of job you'll be responsible in planting flowers maintaining inventory as well as trimming plants, it's a very relaxing job as well as easy to apply to as long as you have some knowledge in your home country, when it comes to taking care of plants and greenery, for canada sometimes you do need specific provincial licenses to take care of plants because they need to know that you understand how to use these chemical fertilizers and other fertilizers needed to make sure that they're growing strong throughout the season.

 However you do not need any additional training because all the training is provided on the job, so this is a great opportunity to apply if you love plants and you're willing to learn how to take care of them to the best capability as possible.

 Next up we have harvesting laborers, these are considered more general laborers so if you have any experiences working with crops and farm work such as vegetable packing, or fruit picking, this is one of the most easiest jobs available in canada and is constantly hiring.
job opportunities in canada in 2022

 You'll be required to do things like loading crates with apples, or getting supplies, and moving all the crops from one farm to another farm so it's a lot of transporting, and almost like an assembly line work no experience is needed for this type of job at all so it's one of the most popular jobs when you're starting off in Canada,
 i would highly recommend looking for harvesting laboring jobs because there are a lot of farms around the city or even the outskirts of canada that always are hiring.

 Number six we have industrial butchers and meat cutters, so this type of occupation is a little bit more gory and you're doing more of the nitty gritty things when it comes to being a butcher as you will also be responsible for slaughtering the animal as well as trimming and packaging the meat, this type of job is not for everybody because you really need a tough heart to be doing this type of job and it is long hours however there is a huge opening in canada available if you are willing to work as a butcher, and really work at the distribution level.
job opportunities in canada in 2022

 For this type of job you'd only need a secondary school completion and they will be there will be on the job training as well as other programs available to learn how to cut industrial meat and package them in a way that can be easily transported. 

The last occupation in our list today is labors in food and beverage, this is going to be in relation to the service industry in canada except you will be behind the scenes making sure all the products are 100 quality before being distributed, this is a very popular occupation because the food and beverage industry in canada is huge and they're always looking for people to help with packaging, assembly line, as well as quality assurance, 
job opportunities in canada in 2022

You'll be working in bakeries, breweries, flour mills, and even dairy production centers and what's best about this is there is no employment requirements and no experience needed as on-the-job training will be provided. 
So there you have it those were seven in-demand occupations within the farming food and beverage and agricultural industry, this is honestly one of the top ways foreign workers can enter the country and start working and building their canadian experience.

 We all have to start somewhere right ? and if you do have some experience in these industries working with farming, working with food production, this is an amazing opportunity for you to use the skills that you already have come here and grow on your skills.

 You can obviously within these occupations also advance into higher positions, as there's so much development happening within these jobs, all of the jobs listed start with the minimum wage and can be increased according to your experience and your qualification, you can always aim higher and go for a higher level position like a managerial positions within these industries.

 So please don't lose hope these are still available for you and you can apply using pwg services and we can find the right placements for you, if you have any more further questions in terms of what these jobs are what the salary price is or need more clarification for what is expected within these jobs.

 Feel free to give us a message and we'll be here to clarify for you these are one of the top jobs for you to find easy immigration pathways to canada we're here every week giving you immigration updates and news so stay tuned and give us a like and share and we'll see you next week bye.