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www.markir-lagi.com in this Article we're going to talk about what are the top five high demand jobs in germany and what kind of salaries can you expect, to get with all of these along with the salaries i'm also going to tell you what are the general companies in which people in these particular fields work in germany so make sure to Reading this Information till the end.

 it's not going to be a very long Article and if you like it share it with your friends so that they can also know how many opportunities Jobs are available for engineers, and for people who are from the management field in Germany. if the response to this Article is good, i'm going to make a part 2 where we are going to talk about the non-engineering and non-management or commerce fields, and what kind of opportunities do you have.

 There for example for nurses caregivers doctors and so on the first high demand job in germany is electrotechnic engineer or electronics engineer, again in this field having a degree a university degree, and if you have a master's your chances of getting higher paying jobs become better.

 in germany the simple rule applies the more specialized you are generally in a field the higher you will be getting paid, there so the same is true with electronics engineer the monthly median salary of an electronics engineer is 5167 euros, if you're an electronics engineer there are very interesting companies that you can find in Germany.

 for example you have siemens, you have bosch, now these two companies are also conglomerates that means people from other fields will also be working there and they will be having industries in different kind of sectors, but this is also lucrative for electronics engineers, you also have a very interesting company nxp semiconductors which are having their headquarters in hamburg.

 and i know personally a lot of people who were in the were studying with me in the electronics field they ended up working at that place afterwards, the second high demand job in germany is software developers, I.T engineers, or computer science engineers, again if you have a master's degree it is better but in this industry at least like having a degree does not play such a huge role what plays a huge role is what kind of portfolio you have so far

 what kind of projects you have worked on and the employers in this industry are still very lenient so they might allow you to shift from one place to the other, i've talked to many students who came in as electronics engineer, and they really specialized themselves in programming, and then afterwards they were able to make the move.

 Now keep in mind making the move directly in your studies that means if you're from electronics background and you want to study something in computer science that is very difficult to do in Germany. Because they need a very specific ects requirement but if you're from electronics background you want to just do your masters in electronics further, then afterwards find a place to get a break towards. Computer science that would be a much viable option for you

 The monthly median salary for software developers is 5,424 euros which is a very very nice salary according to german standards, because again many people compare here with the life in usa and so on and what you have to keep in mind is usa is very very expensive to live, like you talk about like just the standard grocery stuff and you can use this website called nambio.com and you will see most of the prices in u.s.

 For rents for groceries ,for health insurance, everything is a lot more expensive. than when you compare all of the same things in Germany, in germany if you're a single person and you want to live a very decent life you can do it very nicely with like 1 200 to 1 500 euros, and everything on top of it is essentially like fun money you can just like do whatever you want with that, and i always recommend that you invest that money.

To work it is going to be very lucrative because first of all for you the barrier to enter is going to be very less because companies which are looking for other people in the computer science field. They do not have such heavy requirements for german.

You can also enter just with your english proficiency again i do not recommend it i really believe that you should learn some german on the side, that is always better and is going to give you higher paying jobs afterwards, but in the starting you can still start you can continue your masters in any of the computer science fields and then when you're doing your masters you can learn german on the side.

 that is also a better way to handle this now many of the people that i have actually worked with for my other course which is complete course of finding jobs in Germany, they actually were able to find jobs also from india directly in Germany, but again the success rate is always higher if you come to study in Germany, have a german university degree and then afterwards you can essentially look for these kind of jobs.

 now some of the larger companies in this sector which hire people from computer science are essentially just like everybody i've talked to like many startups and over linkedin i talk to many hr managers, many recruiters, and so on and every single person has the same problem that they are not able to find enough people in the computer science field who can do something well.

 So this could be very interesting opportunity for you to start your career in germany and also have the freedom to not be stuck in one single country like you would have if you go to U.S, Canada, Australia, uk, and so on. and we have seen like how the kobet regulations are right now for australia and so on where you are not even allowed to go outside your house for more than one hour.

 You cannot go farther than five kilometers from your house of residence which is just absolutely, nuts where as if you compare this with europe we are traveling around anywhere we want we were in Romania, for a while then we were in Germany, for a while then we went to Denmark, then we went to Norway, now we're back in denmark then we're going to go to turkey and all of this we are doing just by road and the nice thing about some countries in europe is that they really.

 let you be as free as you want because in denmark for example we don't have to show any kind of covet certificates, we don't have to show any kuwait passports absolutely nothing, so life is completely back to normal in denmark whereas countries like usa and canada are.

 About to fire people from their companies if they are not vaccinated or if they are not fearing a mosque, and this is personally what i believe speaks a lot about the personal freedom you have in those countries, now the third hyderaman job in germany is of course mechanical engineers so you are having so many companies in Germany.

 which are heavily recruiting mechanical engineers and again this is a field where i believe that having german proficiency is better because most of the mechanical engineering companies that you would see are smaller and medium sized companies, you of course have your massive ones such as continental daimler foxwang group and so on.

 But you also have a lot of like you know smaller companies and there if you have german proficiency it is better you get better paying jobs and your chances of getting a job is also much higher, the median salary for mechanical engineers is 4,930 euros.

 the fourth high demand job in germany is account managers or business analysts again these are all the people coming from business administration, management studies commerce backgrounds, and so on if you're coming to germany you can expect a median salary of 4,679 euros now from my personal experience.


i know that the starting salaries in these professions are generally much lower so like you would start with anywhere from like you know 4 200 or like 4 000 euros, but with experience of course you are getting paid more, that is something very interesting and also another factor like i said.

 Plays a huge role which is german proficiency in business fields if you have native german proficiency, then sky is the limit but otherwise if you don't have german proficiency they are, coming into german companies and doing something in business there is very very difficult.

 So that's what i say that learn german and it is not so dramatic i also learned german in five months and in the last semester of my bachelor studies, in india so if i was able to do it like there is no reason why you can't too, because i have been an average student myself my entire life so i don't see a reason why you can't do.


it too now some of the major companies where people work from these sectors are pwc, deloitte, Accenture, kpmg, mckinsey, boston consulting, and many other. Local german companies where you can also work as a business analyst or an account manager, So these options are available for you. 

Now the fifth high demand job in germany is civil engineers architects, now again you must have seen uh in this entire Articles i have clubbed different kind of professions together because this is how the data is available on the german platforms, so this is the reason it is difficult to differentiate between these two, i mean of course i completely understand the difference between civil engineer being a civil engineer myself, and an architect the same you would feel between account managers and business analysts and the same with like id csc and so on but let's run with the numbers and see what we have for civil engineers you're again not having the best salaries and this is something that you would see anywhere in the world.

job opportunities in german 2021

 Civil engineers are unfortunately one of the least paid engineers in germany but you can still afford a very nice lifestyle in Germany, with this kind of salary which is 4,099 euro, median salary again i'm calling it median salary because the starting salary for civil engineers go somewhere around 3 600 to 3 800 euros per month.

 So if you have more experience of course you will be paid more in those kind of regards, a master's degree is highly relevant here it is better that you do a master's degree and have native german proficiency, that's very important especially when you go towards designing fields, you want to go to site inspections, and so on here some of the larger companies which are available in germany for civil engineers is hok thief bill finger.

 and sibling are gay there are so many more companies especially in the civil engineering field this is a very budding country especially for civil engineers, because many of the things which were built previously in the times of like you know 1900s and so on they are being rehabilitated, that means they're being demolished and like are being built new or retrofitted or something like that.

 So they do need a lot of civil engineers for these kind of work, i know from my studies no matter what kind of grades you have in your studies in your masters as long as you were able to finish your studies and were able to pass the exams you would find a job, and you would find a job of at least like 3 300 euros to 3 600 euros per month.

 Which was also very nice for people because they never had to worry about if i will be able to find a job afterwards that never happened, and the same thing was emphasized to us by our professors, so this is something interesting and something you should watch out for.

 Of course there is a lot of like you know information online and you will have like people from different kind of fields talking about Germany, in different areas but they do not have any kind of experience about germany themselves, and they haven't lived.

 there so this is the reason why it makes sense that you actually listen to the people who are actually living in germany and are giving you all of this information, so that you can make a better decision for yourself. in a specific region and see what kind of job opportunities are also available there, because that could also be relevant for you and it will help you make a better decision for yourself.

 Now before you end this Article keep in mind that we have a lot of free resources on our website pirategermany where you can go and download these free pdfs you have pdfs for job search, you have pdf for studies, you have pdf for investing, all of these different things you will find directly on our website and are completely free to download. thank you so much for Reading this Article.

 if you want to see a part two or you have some specific suggestions or requests for further Article please let me know i'll take a look at that i'll see you in the next.


job opportunities in canada


www.markir-lagi.com Welcome to my Media, information Here talk all things Jobs, Opportunities and education in the world living abroad and much more, and today we'll be talking about the best paying jobs for international students in Canada.

 if you are a student in canada or you planning to come study in canada you might want to get a job to cover some of your expenses, so if you're interested in learning more about making money in canada then keep on reading. But make sure to stick till the very end of this Article and i'll share my top secret for finding a job in canada as an international student.
job opportunities in canada for international strudent

 First things first the minimum wage in canada depends on your province but let's say the average minimum wage is $14/Hour because in ontario the minimum wage is $14.35/Hour in british columbia it's $15 20/hour. in quebec it's $13.5/Hour.

 You get the idea you can always find all these wages online second thing people who work at restaurants, they might get paid less this is totally legal if you google that stuff you will find all the information on province's website, why so because if you work at a restaurant you will get tips, so they might pay you let's say 12 dollars per hour instead of 14 but you will compensate with the tips.

 So if your employer offered you let's say 12 bucks don't comment me be like this is less than minimum wage, yes and it's totally legal here in Canada. The most popular job for international students is a taxi driver, here we're talking about uber lyft you can make anything from $16/Hour to $19/Hour, if you work for example for uber and you can make up to $22/Hour dollars if you work for lyft, but the thing is lyft is available in toronto and not available in montreal so before you apply, please check what cities do have lived and which cities do have uber.

 so what do you need to become a driver first of all a driver is licensed, preferably a canadian one so if you are still thinking about moving to canada and maybe working as a driver, make sure to get a driver license in your home country and then once you get to Canada, don't forget to exchange it for a local one.

 It might not affect your employment situation but it's better to have a canadian driver's license if you're planning to work as a driver in Canada, also you will need to speak good english or good english and french if you're planning to work let's say in montreal, but again they will not ask you to pass an ielts exam or something like that just make sure that you can communicate well with people and that's all that matters, you can always go to uber website to lyft website and then find a page work with uber, work with lyft.

 The second category is kinda relevant to the first one and it is deliveries anything from ubereats to fedex dhl good food deliveries you name it, again you will need a driver license because most of the deliveries are made by car but let's say in montreal uber eats delivers by food, so you can walk or buy bicycle. So if you don't know how to drive you don't have a driver license or you haven't exchanged it yet you can always ride your bike or even walk, but again check your series requirements.

 Job number three is a call center representative, so if you're good with people if you like communicating or maybe you want to practice your english i mean call center is not the best place to practice your English, but let's say you have good english knowledge, but you want to talk more you can always work as a call center representative. Basically anyone literally anyone will have a call center from bank still cell phone companies, tell malls or like stores.

 So if you go to careers section on any website any company you like you can find call center jobs, again you'll need good english for those type of jobs but don't worry if you have an accent because i know many people are like oh i'm super shy i have an accent my english is not perfect, don't worry it's totally fine as long as you can talk to people understand them and help them solve their problems.

 You'll be totally fine call center representatives salaries start at $15 dollars per hour and they can go up to 20 dollars per hour, again it all depends on the company because if you work for like government of canada i feel like their wages might be slightly higher than if you work for i don't know ikea call center something like that.But again check all the wages check all the compensation online because this information is available, speaking of helping people.

 Number four is a tutor basically if you want to help your peers with some school subjects you can always work as a tutor on campus, off-campus, i know you can even work as a teacher's assistant in some colleges. When i went to the college we had some people from second year third year helping teachers, with teaching so they were helping other people they were making money another good thing is that you will not need to leave your campus.

 So basically you study and then you go work on the same campus this is perfect i think, how much can you make as a tutor i think it all depends on you because if you work let's say on campus, your minimum wage can start at 15 or 20 per hour but if you teach in let's say online, if you work for a company if you just teach let's say your mother language and you offer your services, i don't know on facebook you can ask for like 30 bucks an hour 40 bucks an hour.

 Again it depends on what you're teaching because if let's say you're trying to teach english for 50 bucks an hour, i wouldn't pay that amount of money for an english lesson. But if you're teaching something i don't know like physics quantum mechanics i don't know whatever, some difficult stuff yeah 50 bucks an hour sounds reasonable to me, and if you're a fan of talking you can always work as a receptionist.

Number five is a receptionist any place basically will need a receptionist, my tip will be go to smaller places to like local places because if there is let's say a chain restaurant, it's gonna be so long to do all the like hiring and stuff like that. If you go to a small family owned restaurant in little italy and you say giovanni i would like to work for you, and giovanni will be okay yeah that's good that's good you don't need to be like you know doing all this corporate hiring stuff he's gonna be like okay show me what you can do that's.

 So again a receptionist is pretty much the same as a call center agent, but with the receptionist job you might need to make reservations for people, take reservations maybe, even order some you know office stuff again it depends on the place you work at again just go to your local gym to your local restaurant and ask them if they have any receptionist jobs.

 as a receptionist you can get anything from 18 to 20 bucks per hour because if it's a corporate job yeah it might be like you know 18 - 20 bucks but if, you talk to giovanni and be like giovanni i don't want 20 dollars i would like 21. giovanni might be okay with it but i don't think you should be aiming for like i don't know 30 bucks per hour because it's not reasonable but anything up to like 22 bucks is perfectly fine for receptionist job.

Speaking of restaurants you can always work as a server as a waiter as a hostess those jobs are available all the time everywhere, because people always eat no matter if it's coveted no covet restaurants they're always hiring yeah maybe not, during the coffee times but you know what i mean restaurant jobs will start at around 11 to 12 dollars per hour but you will always make tips.

 Unless you work in the kitchen or as a dishwasher but if you work on the floor meaning serving people you will always get tipped don't forget about that, too for this one you might need some experience because if you're a new server it's gonna take so much time to train you, but if you have experience at least you know what's going on in the kitchen, on the floor, on a bar, so you will not spend like you know weeks just of training.

 The next one is for my corporate folks if you would like to build a career try working at big corporate stores for example ikea or canadian tire, you can always start as a i don't know sales associate and then make your way to becoming a manager or something like that. So the entry-level jobs will start at around $13 - $14 again depending on the province.

 But if you become a manager you might make up to like 20 bucks which is a good thing and i know some people who started as salespeople and now they're managing a whole store, i mean that's a good one especially if you're studying for like four years you will need a job for four years that's perfect.

 Another way to make money as an international student is to work at hotels, hotels have a whole bunch of different jobs from housekeeping to front desks again the salaries would be around $16/Hour, i would say you will need good english for sure you might need some experience. Because making and taking reservations is for i guess responsible people who are very detail-oriented.

 Because if you mess something up people might not have a place to sleep that night or something like that, so if you're good with people, if you like talking to people, if you are very you know detail oriented then the front desk would be perfect for you. Also they hire a lot of bilingual, trilingual people, so if let's say you speak english and you speak chinese and you speak i don't know Ukrainian, that would be even better because there would be tourists coming from different cities and countries staying at hotel, So your three languages might be a huge bonus for this position. 

next job is for tough guys like you know sergey from russia so movers if you are a strong guy you can always move furniture again you can work for a store like ikea, they always hire delivery slash movers you can always work for moving companies, so basically they come they wrap the whole thing and then they move some companies even move houses.

 Literally take the whole house and move it salaries start at $16 - $17 / Hour. again it depends on the company it depends on the project because if you move in a three-floor house, like i don't think they're gonna pay you like 16 it's gonna be like 20 or 30. if any of you have worked as a mover let us know what are the salaries because i feel like it's a minimum wage kind of job but if you move in a lot of stuff or it's a huge project you might get more than that.

 and a bonus job for lazy people it's any work on campus starting from starbucks, cafeteria, library, tutoring, like anything that is on campus you will be literally studying and working in the same place. So if you study from i don't know nine till three you can work four to six four to seven, like this is perfect and if you live in a residence or next to your college or university.

 You don't need to move at all and here's my pro tip for finding a job right away start with seasonal positions, and then they will offer you a part-time job, a full-time job, or will just prolong your contract. Because there are always ads for black Friday, black friday is a mess everywhere in Canada, in the USA, stores are hiring extra people because they cannot handle the amount of sales going on.

 mother's day, valentine's day, christmas easter, easter maybe not that much but like christmas and black friday you will get a job right away. Also for any flowery holiday like mother's day or valentine's day, i would literally walk in montreal there would be huge signs on the window saying we are hurrying please come help us.

 Because people buy a lot of stuff during the holidays so stores will need extra help, so keep that in mind if you come in let's say in september they will be hiring for black friday and Christmas, so that's your moment when you need to go and apply and be like hey i would like to work for let's say black Friday, and then be like oh i want to work for Christmas, and then for easter, and then you get the idea okay and this is it for today, i hope the Article was helpful ……….

Job Opportunities for Entertainers on Cruise Ship Jobs, it's a High paying jobs

high paying jobs on cruise ship

www.markir-lagi.com Are you a talented performer looking to take your career and show business to the next level ? have you dreamed of having steady bookings in world-class showrooms, do you crave a life of travel and adventure then you're going to want to pay very close attention to this presentation.

 if you are like i was you might be hearing from people who are telling you that show business, is a nice hobby but you need to get a real job, there can be a lot of obstacles in your path when you are trying to achieve your dreams, but i'm here to tell you that a career in show business is a reality and in fact it is a real job.

 it's true fred and i have been traveling the world for many years living like jet setters treated like celebrities, because we are guest entertainers on cruise ships and you can be too, i know what it was like to want a place to perform in front of enthusiastic audiences in grand theaters.
high paying jobs in the world

 i myself dreamed of working in las vegas and having my own showroom that is until i realized it was a ton of work requiring me to wheel and deal with ticket brokers and to four wall the showroom. Who needs that ? i would have gone bankrupt in my early years i spent many a day sitting by the phone waiting for a job to come in, then when it finally did it was a gig in a hotel ballroom for 50 people and the stage if i even got one was a set of risers that creaked and buckled as i walked on them.

 you probably know exactly what i'm talking about maybe you are currently working the fair circuit on an outdoor stage that is really a flatbed trailer, with the wind blowing you all over the fairgrounds whatever your situation is i have a feeling that you might be getting discouraged, but you haven't given up completely because you are here and by signing up for gigs on ships you've taken the first step in a series of steps that could change your life forever

 keep reading this article so we can provide you with valuable information as you set sail on a voyage into travel adventure and stardom, let's talk about one of the number one benefits of working at sea which is what is it for you ultimately the sea this is going to be something that you see on the regular every day and whether you like the waves lulling you to sleep or just the sound of the ocean.

 this is a top benefit for me and it may not look exactly like this it could be more like getting paid to travel and see the world is a top benefit of working on a cruise ship. Right and if you're a headline entertainer you probably work at most what two nights a week and the rest of the time you get to enjoy all the amenities of the cruise ship and all the great ports that you get to visit.

 so it's an amazing opportunity in that respect what other job will pay you to travel the world even being a flight attendant takes you to exotic locations but you're working for the majority of it, you have to turn right around and go back where on this situation you unpack you move into your cabin and you're visiting exotic destinations all over the world and somebody's paying you to do it and you stay for a relatively lengthy period of time.
high paying jobs 2021

 so that you get to enjoy that experience but maybe more important for an entertainer is the audience and boy that's such good news isn't it, built-in audience that basically is there to have a great time they're already in a good mood. so um let me paint the picture for you on a cruise ship you have a captive audience you have a number of people that have literally nowhere else to go except the theater that night you have one of the most beautiful well-equipped theaters you've ever seen in your life.

 everything is laid out perfectly they have the very best in lighting and sound there's a team of people backstage that are willing and able and it's their job to make you look really really good, so you have a rehearsal you lay everything out and then come show time you have a beautiful dressing room you get yourself ready people file in they fill up every room in the house in this beautiful theatre.

 the lights dim the mc the cruise director he comes out everybody already knows him they like him he's uh he talks about things that are going to happen and he says you know what i have a very special friend who's going to come out and entertain you next, he introduces you you get a great round of applause that the curtain parts spotlight shines on you all eyes are on you.

 to me that was the dream of show business and show business has moved out to sea, so we aren't yeah we're not schlepping tickets four walling too well and none of that it's all done for you all you have to do is show up with a great show, have a great time with that audience and here maybe a benefit number three is there's um sort of a recurring booking, so if you go out to a good job and we'll talk about that in future Article, then you're asked back so it's not like you're hustling new gigs all the time.

 Right you can work for the same cruise line for years on end which is exactly what we've done right ? right and while we are coming to you from the beautiful island of hawaii we have seen most of the world and somebody else has paid us to do it. what other opportunities are or great parts of being a cruise ship entertainer are they ? well i know one thing that i love is not having to worry about what to cook every day it's really nice knowing that the you know food is there for me somebody else is thinking about it and all i have to do is decide what i'm going to eat that day.

 world-class chefs making your meals for you and i mean a lot of the benefits of working on a cruise for a guest entertainer are similar to those as being a guest on a cruise, because essentially we have guest entertainer status which means we have passenger status and have a lot of the same privileges that the passengers have, we just also get to do our show while we're.

 there so it's a really great situation and unpacking once having somebody else cook for you clean for you and pay you to see all these exotics they make your bed, they take out the garbage you don't have to worry about any of that stuff in fact in a our next Article perhaps we'll take you inside one of our cruise ship cabins so you can see what it's like to actually live on board.

 A lot of the cruise ships also have fitness centers and gyms so if you love to work out then you can take advantage of that, if you're like fred and myself where you like to get out into the ocean and be active we take advantage of scuba diving and hiking and a lot of other outdoor activities that we've been fortunate enough to do all over the world. that's a big one for me it's a life of adventure i always wanted to do that and this allows me to.

 it's hard to find anything that is negative about taking your act out to sea if we're gonna be honest in this first Article though i would say one thing is it is a lot of travel so decide whether or not you love to trave,,l you don't like to travel, i mean i assume if you're here watching this article that you have an itch to travel and take take your act out to see, so some people might consider the traveling the worst part of the job but that lasts one day.

 and then you're on a beautiful cruise ship and and life is great i would say travel is involved in most entertainment um in this case so you get to go to your venue and unpack your suitcase, and then you're only what it's like a five minute walk at least to work, right every time that you do it so your commute your stress level goes way way down.

 in a cruise ship type job so i think that's a benefit it's really tough to come up with negatives for working at sea, possibly seasick but guess what there's a cure for that and we're going to tell you about it in gigs on ships. Well basically we're going to tell you how to overcome anything that might be a perceived negative about working at sea.

 and we're going to highlight all of the positives because we've been doing this for a combined many many years, yeah let's not put a number on that right now yeah hey but i want to talk about the elephant in the ocean right there's an elephant in the ocean well yeah so cruises have shut down they've been closed for a number of months almost two years really because of this virus this pandemic yeah so right now.

 is a unique opportunity there's been a reset in the industry cruise lines are slowly sending their fleet back out to sea and that means they're right now stocking those ships with entertainers, and it's a new opportunity if you've never been in the market before it is a new opportunity and let's talk about why there are a couple of factors that are affecting the talent pool that was already at sea, one of those being that some people aren't comfortable getting vaccinated or some people just simply maybe they are vaccinated but they're not comfortable going back to sea yet.

 For whatever reason maybe their family situation changed maybe they found a permanent job during the pandemic and they've decided to transition out of the entertainment industry, there are a lot of factors affecting um the the going back into cruising, so but it opens up opens up a lot of new opportunities thank you for entertainers who are looking to break into the business now is an excellent opportunity.

 i would say there's even been a little bit of a change over or shuffle in the um entertainment booker's side, so there are new people in charge and um so they're looking at new acts people that they haven't had a history with, so again that opens up a different kind of opportunity than we've had before and that could affect you so, stick with us come back for our other article and we'll explain those opportunities a little more deeply and in the meantime enjoy this beautiful hawaiian ocean.

How To Be A Truck Driver In 2021, Got High Paying in Texas Truck Company

Got High Paying in Texas Truck Company

Welcome back to www.markir-lagi.com Article i'm going to talk about how to become a truck driver and the first tip that i have for you well it's probably going to shock you so, stick around now the first place that most people start is how to get your cdl. But i'm actually gonna back it up before that uh before you get your cdl the first thing that i'm gonna recommend that you do.

 is take a self audit and what i mean by that is look at yourself you know you need to look at your finances and you need to look at your personality and this is this is something that is extremely extremely important both both of those two things, you know you don't want to put yourself you know if you're coming from some other career or if you're young and this is the first career that you're looking at you don't want to run out and build up a bunch of expenses where you have to make you know a certain amount of money every single month.
working on Truck company in USA

 Now we all have you know we all have cell phone bills and we all have you know small bills here and there that we have to pay, you know but if you have you know high mortgage and you have four cars and you have five children, well you know beginning a new career especially in in trucking well that might not be for you. uh you know you don't want to put yourself in a position where you are forced to work all the time.

 Because you're going to get miserable you know someone there are some truck drivers out here that they can be out here for 11 months and not phased them whatsoever but those are few and far between, i mean you know looking at those same lines every day and dealing with being cut off all the time and and being told that you're number one all the time, you know it can wear on you.

 So you know don't put yourself in a position where you're forced to because of your finances and and then the other one you know really look at your personality, figure out are you an introvert or an extrovert you know an extrovert needs to be around people that's how they recharge themselves that's how they feel good about themselves.

 You know introverts they actually need that solitude you know having that solitude actually recharges them, you know believe it or not i'm actually an introvert i know it doesn't look like it it might not appear like it and uh probably not even in some social situations, but you know for me i actually need i need my alone time i i need to recharge that way and that's because i know myself i've come to learn myself.

 You know i'm a little bit older you can see the gray in the beard but you know it's something that you you can do uh there are tests online but it's something i highly encourage you to do a little bit of research in, and it's gonna let you know if truck driving is even for you it may not be it may not be worth your time to go to truck driving school and then go through all the training and deal with you know someone else living with them in an 8x8 for you know six weeks or so you know you can save yourself a lot of stress if this job is not the right fit for you.

 uh but for you know people like me well you know we can uh you know we truck and we love it so, you know it's it's something that most people don't tell you to start there but i highly highly encourage you to actually start there. the second thing that you need to do is you need to you need to understand can you afford to get obtain your cdl on your own. That's going to be your best option.

 Now is it going to you know mean that you're going to get a much better job well no not necessarily what it actually does is it doesn't tie you into having to work for a certain company for the duration of whatever that contract is typically one year. if that company provides you your cdl so look at your finances and see is this something that i can afford can i afford to not either not make as much money or not make any money, but go to truck driving school that's not paid and you actually come out of pocket for your cdl yourself.
Truck Driving School in USA

 Like i said before if you do obtain your cdl yourself you're still looking at entry-level companies and the reason just real quick is because of insurance, i mean that's just what it boils down to uh if the insurance cost for you know a company that has five to ten trucks something like that, it's astronomical for them to have someone on their insurance that you know that doesn't have any experience it just it almost doubles the amount of insurance.

 When you're talking about doubling the amount of insurance once again does it sound like a lot but when dealing with new truck drivers new truck driver problems, you know they're generally going to drive slower they're not going to be able to make as many deliveries. Ultimately bottom line they're going to make less money for you and in the end you know at a small company if they're costing you a lot of money well it's just going to jack up the csa and it's not going to be profitable for you to actually drive for them.

 So that's why we call them mega carriers you know they uh they, they're a thousand plus trucking companies that's just a random that's an it's a that's not an exact number it's just a a rough estimate, but they they have multiple thousands of trucks and drivers and that's how they can afford that insurance cost for you to go and drive for them, and a lot of them own schools and they even get a kickback from the government if they provide you that cdl and that's kind of why uh they get a kickback at the end of that year.

 If you remain with them that's why they put you in the contract and say you know what drive for us for this amount of time and uh you know the government's going to take care of you, because believe it or not without trucks out here our nation would stop. 
Best Salary Truck Driver in USA

So you know if you're using it at home if it's food if it's clothing if it's retail a truck brought it to you, so if you're not a truck driver please i encourage you to remember that but i highly recommend if you can get your cdl on your own do that, if you can't afford it there's no shame in it i couldn't afford it so i had to go to a company, i had to sign up for a year and i put in my time.

 and then at that point once you get that year that you that one year is kind of like that golden benchmark from that one year mark you almost can go anywhere you want, you almost have the ability to buy your own truck and go anywhere you want uh you know the interest is going to be a little bit less, but i don't necessarily recommend that just quite yet but we may get to that later in the Article stick around.

 Once you've made the decision yes i can get my own cdl or yes i need to go through you know someone to get that, then you need to start looking at chunky trucking companies and you know if you've got a family or you know that you're kind of extroverted you know that you relish your home time and you don't want to be out here six weeks eight weeks at a time, then you need to look at trucking companies that are local to your house or you know where you live or where you reside or the the closest major metropolitan area to where.

 You are you need to make sure that they have some kind of uh some kind of yard that way you can you're you know that you're gonna be through the house if you know you live in kentucky and you're hiring out out of Washington, well it's gonna be difficult for you to get for you to get home i mean that's just the bottom line that's common sense, so you know don't look at those companies unless you know that's something that you look at you've done your self-evaluation and you're okay with you know being out here on the road getting that experience and uh making a little bit more chatter than the next person i guess.

 But you're going to be much much happier if you look at these companies and you go with someone that has a terminal that's close to you and also when you're talking to these recruiters ask them, you know ask them how many accounts do they have that are close you know to this house, or this home or how many loads come in and out of this terminal and you know as you talk to the different companies you're going to find that you know well this person said 20 loads this person said 100 loads geez these guys over here said a thousand loads.

 So you know that's going to give you a nice barometer as far as making that decision what trucking company is right for you, something you have to understand is a trucking company that's right for you know a friend of yours that lives one state over well they might not be the best bet for you. Somebody that lives across the city and is is hired onto a trucking company they might not be the best bet for you.

 so don't rely on someone else to say oh this is a great trucking company you should go check them out take that with a grain of salt and do your own research highly highly recommend, that you do your own research and look into you know the pay of course and the amount of home time and then also you know the uh the terminal that's respective to your house, i'd like to take a brief moment to let you know uh that this hat is now on sale i think most of you have actually seen that live feed you've seen that they've gone on sale.

 Just really quick some details this hat is the first edition driven trucking hat and i'm only going to offer it this one time i feel like you know those of you that are here you know with me kind of from the beginning, i feel like you guys should have something special so this hat will never be produced again after this batch of hats goes out. This is the middle towards kind of the end of november they should go out probably sometime in january although once i do reach a certain number.

 which i'm sorry i'm not going to let you know but once i reach that number i'm no longer going to take any more orders, so if you're interested you can email me, driven trucking hats and that is hats with an s at yahoo.com let me know that you're interested i am going to limit the purchase to no more than two, because i just don't want that many out there to be perfectly honest with you.

So once you've narrowed it down to a few companies that you feel comfortable with that are around you well at that point then start asking about pay and just because they're giving you a higher number on you know most of them are going to be a cent per mile type of deal, just because they have a higher number there does not necessarily mean that you're going to make the most money there.

 You have to ask them and this is one of those things just be careful but ask them how many miles are the average beginner truck drivers making the rookies how many are they getting, because you know you're it's a huge learning curve out here you know it takes a long time it even takes you have to build up your stamina in order to be able to you know work a full day.

 it's just one of those things you know some people do come straight out of the gate they're able to drive all day long not get tired be able to deal with the road uh other people it's kind of a learning process or you know you got to work it out just like a muscle, so you know ask them what's the average and then i encourage you to ask them for people that you can call, now this is another thing take what they take take what they say with another grain of salt because those are their people those are their you know those are their favorites, so you know you just kind of kind of got to take what you know just think about what it is that they say and uh evaluate what's going to be the best situation for you, and once you have all of that information then i mean the last thing i mean i just recommend you know go with go with who pays the most

 and if you're thinking about whether you want to do a dry van or refrigerated freight or reefer for short, or open deck which is flat better step deck then i'm going to post this Article right here, i go over the kind of the pros and cons of the three different types of major trucking.

 This will be the only ones that are pretty much pretty much the only ones that are options to you as far as beginner truck drivers so anyway i hope you enjoyed this Information. 

Oil and Gas layoffs career strategy

 www.marir-lagi.com This Article we’re gonna talking about the oil and gas layoffs and the decision that most people are having to make which is to stay or to leave the oil and gas industry, so for newcomers to the oil and gas industry the industry goes a little something like this you have upstream you have med streaming you have downstream, upstream you explore and produce oil and gas midstream you transport it and process it and compress only gas to the stations or to the refineries and then downstream you have the refineries that processes all the crude and all the oil gas and all everything that's involved in the oil and gas operations to be sold in the market.

oil and gas jobs Career

 When I got into the oil and gas industry was back in 2011 almost ten years ago and the industry was right around $110 barrel today we see all hovering around 20 to 30 dollars a barrel, a place where most companies are not able to make profit what does that mean that means oil and gas aren't that the layoffs are eminent and if you're part of that or if you're watching what's happening right now.

 You might fear for your job if you're in the oil and gas industry but for people that are not in the oil and gas industry they're probably asking themselves is this a good time for me to get in, well like I said ten years ago roughly is when I decided to ditch my old my degree and I got a degree in exercise science and human nutrition and when I got my first job in the fitness industry I realized that there was going to be a big cap and pay, and I was never going to be able to really reach my financial goals.

 So I decided to get an industry the thing is I got in industry at its highest pretty much at $110 a barrel and now we're sitting at 20 again all ungass layoffs are a real thing right now and if you ask me was it a good decision to get into the industry 10 years ago, yes now the question is is it still a good idea to stay within the own gas industry ? I say yes is….

oil and gas jobs career

 it a good industry is it a good idea for you to get into the oil and gas industry if you're looking for a job right now yes maybe right now at this exact time wouldn't be such a great idea for you to try to get in but right now is definitely the best time you have to prepare yourself to get in, so let's talk about the steps that I did when I had to reinvent myself so if you're trying to get in the industry or if you just got laid off you're going nuts right now, you try to figure out what job you can apply to but there are no jobs available right now but they're going to be you see this is an industry that's volatile and that rebounds, right…? 

Just like other commodities like gold silver copper whatever commodities have volatility to it and right now we're sitting at its lowest pretty much you could go lower but pretty much when you look at 165 going to 110 going to 70 60 50 30 20, now it's time for you to start looking hard and to get into the oil and gas industry. but first thing was the educational piece maybe you're thinking okay so do I have to go to college to work at an oil and gas.

 To have an oil and gas career the answer is yes and no depends people are making six figures plus without a college degree so my college degree wasn't really necessary, for an oil and gas sales professional having a finance degree or having a degree of sorts really helps check that first box if you want to get promoted within that segment, but I want to talk about the second piece of it which is not the education which is the technical aspect of it that's something you can pay for if he the way I got in the industry was first and foremost to connections people that were already in the industry and second it was through technical expertise that I didn't have but I had to pay for it.

 and I got through another struct of testing I pay for my own certifications and I got into the industry as an inspector, but maybe you want to be a welder maybe you want to be a coding Spectre or a weld inspector whatever you want to do. now the thing about the oil and gas industry is that you have to be a hustler you see doesn't matter what you do if you're gonna be an inspector if you're gonna be an engineer.

working on oil and gas 2021

 You have to learn how to hustle you see people that come from the tack industry for example are probably not a good fit for the oil and gas industry and here's why ? you're not gonna be sitting behind the desk chilling or working from home mostly and having a good life here and I have to work hard the first couple of years to get to where you want to be. right now I'm sitting ten years of all and gas industry experience, and what I've learned the most from being in the only gas industry is that first you have to know people second you have to have some sort of technical expertise my question to you is what value do you want to add to the industry so my question to you here is if you're trying to get into the oil and gas industry ? 

 What skills do you think are missing from you go to the Internet go to Google and do your homework about the industry and figure out if you're trying to get in what certifications can you get, what courses can you pay, that will add the extra layer of value-added skills that you can then use to leverage you're only guest career, and then what people and where are those people at that you can network with to get you into the oil and gas industry because.

 One thing is for sure the only s industry will rebound and when they rebounds you could be positioned at a very good place to get in and start your own gas career just like I did ten years ago, and the reason why I suggest you do that now is because oil and gas layoffs are happening you see when people are selling when companies are letting go. is the best time for you to invest time in because when they start hiring back up again they're going to be looking for qualified candidates.

 They're not looking for bodies to fill a position they're looking for candidates that know what they want that know why they want it and they're ready to make an impact in the industry now, getting into the industry through upstream I found out how volatile the exploration aspect of it is. what happens is when you're sitting at $20 a barrel people stop exploring oil and gas.

 So I navigated my way from upstream to midstream which is where people transport crude and gas or oil and gas, or liquids and gas, you see the only gas industry separated into two oil and gas right now I'm supporting projects that transport yes and that's a lot less volatile than exploring form on the gas, you see when there is a big supply of all I guess in the market there's still a need for you to transport all of that for you to store all of that.

 and that's exactly where I said today the refiner today they are also suffering because the profit margins are a lot lower because people are just not using crude, or gasoline, or diesel, and jet fuel, as much as they were even a couple of weeks or months ago. now if you just got laid off and you're going through the oil and gas layoffs or the round of layoffs right now.

 You're probably wondering what's left for me what should I do my suggestion here is if you're in up strength start looking into midstream there are positions such as project management you know pipeline engineering and construction and other things associated with the midstream industry coding inspection whatever welding that could be beneficial to you but you have to be willing to get out of the pedestal. you see a lot of people that I've known in the upstream industry where in a pedestal they were making too much money when the industry was making too much profit, and now we're way down here and those people are sitting down now wondering where's my job at your job is gone.

 You have to acknowledge that right now so first face reality and then figure out what steps you need to do just like a newcomer to the industry except now you have the third layer, you have the experience, so you might have the education you might have the technical expertise now have the experience and you might know some people.

 So if you're already in the industry we have the two components that are missing from the people that haven't still got into the industry and your chances of survival here it's even greatest, but you have to get out of your soapbox in a sense. and you really have to figure out what do I do to go from upstream to midstream start asking people that are mid stirring those questions.

 If you're an oil and gas sales professional and you want to know how to sell from upstream - midstream to downstream or you want to know how do I transition from fitness to the oil and gas industry. reach out to me in the comments below we'll get together we get on the phone and we'll talk about it but my thing is if you don't do anything different right now the outcome is probably going to be the same if you want a different outcome.

A more successful outcome start making the changes now and start writing down and with a piece of paper what steps you need to do start doing your own research because that's what I did I started asking around before I got in industry what was going to be a good place for me to get in and exploration at the time was that its highest was pain at its highest so that's where I got in.

 But eventually I I got in at about two to three years down the road where I felt like I was gonna get laid off and what did I do I transition into upstream exploration to upstream production then a couple years later I transitioned from upstream production to midstream. so anyways I hope you enjoy the Article.