Civil Engineering Job Tier List, Best Jobs for Engineering Graduates

Best jobs for engineering graduates Civil engineering is arguably one of the oldest engineering disciplines in the History and it started the first time that someone created a shelter over their family or used a tree trunk to cross a river and now civil engineering permeates into all facets of human society every building that we live and operate in all of the transportation networks that we use to get around.

 the air quality the water quality environmental systems in general including protection of the environment, as well as the subsurface systems all the pipes and utilities and tunnels and everything that is a foundation for the infrastructure that we live and operate on is handled by civil engineers, it's an incredibly broad field you can work in any sector and industry, that you like so in this Article we're going over the top nine best occupations within civil engineering and we're starting right now.


on this Article i talk about tips for engineers college and career advice so if this is you make sure, you reflect the base median salaries of civil engineers that were surveyed by the asce's salary survey report, and we're starting off with job type number one which is structural engineering. we're starting here because structural engineering is without question the primary focus and absolute foundation within civil engineering structural engineers calculate test design analyze modify redesign and continue to estimate and calculate things within any sort of structural engineering realm down to a small individual structure or a larger complex ones.


 They work with a variety of structural types including buildings and bridges which are the most common but these engineers also may design towers tunnels dams railway facilities waterways reservoirs power stations and even offshore structures like oil rigs. some structural engineers have unique careers that enable them to work with the structural analysis and design of things like big ships and large aircraft and even things like satellites and the international space station.


 Their work takes into account mainly safety technical economic and environmental concerns but they also consider aesthetics and social factors the difference between structural engineering and architecture is that architects are more concerned with these aesthetic features with the integration with other buildings and the built environment and all the social ramifications that are included within a design or project.

 structural engineers ensure that all buildings are strong enough and capable enough to handle all of the loads that may be present on that structure, for example these may include gravity wind snow rain seismic loads earth pressure temperature and traffic loads in order to prevent or reduce the loss of life or injury they also design structures, not to vibrate enough to deflect beyond acceptable limits. Human comfort is an element that is regularly considered within the limits of structural engineering.


 Design fatigue is also an important consideration for bridges in aircraft design or for other structures that experience many stress cycles over their lifetimes, not only is structural engineering the primary foundational element within all of civil engineering it is commonly considered its own discipline within its own right. In the united states most practicing structural engineers are currently licensed as civil engineers, but the situation varies from state to state some states have a separate license for structural engineers which is required to design special buildings like skyscrapers or with locations out west with earthquake design being a concern hurricane considerations down south and so on.


best jobs 2021

 There's a lot of jobs available for structural engineers it has a median base salary of nothing too flashy at one hundred thousand dollars the median of all civil engineers by the bureau of labor statistics is $87,000  so not too bad and because there's so much flexibility and opportunity in this field this is an a tier job option, next up we have utilities engineering.


 Utilities engineering focuses on the planning position design construction operation maintenance and asset management of any and all utility systems, as well as interaction between utility infrastructure and other civil infrastructure. there are a variety of types of utilities out there including power water steam gas sewer storm and more.

 These engineers work to improve the way utility services are delivered to homes and businesses often engaging in public works projects that provide new service to communities and work to improve existing services with updated technology and best practices, during situations that cause outages or loss of services these engineers help to direct and manage work crews that restore the utilities in as fast and safe a manner as possible.

 Utilities engineers manage certain risks associated with utility mapping at appropriate quality levels utility coordination utility relocation design and coordination utility condition assessment communication of data for concerned parties relocation and estimates implementation of utility accommodating policies, and utility design utility engineers might design plans and operations for utility systems they may identify and resolve system failures perform and oversee preventative maintenance direct project groups and or technicians providing activities and guidance within the utilities process and various other tasks that have to do with the protection of existing systems or the maintenance of the system.


best jobs with high payout

 Utilities engineers make a considerable amount more than a lot of other engineering types you may be surprised because this is not talked about enough there are a decent bit of jobs out there there's about 10.000 openings on glassdoor right now and with a median salary of 118 thousand dollars you can pretty much work wherever you want all over the country everywhere has utilities and because of these reasons this is an s-tier job option for civil engineers.

 okay next up we have architectural engineering and this message is brought to you by our sponsor penn state university and their architectural engineering department, architectural engineers apply practical and theoretical knowledge to the engineering design of buildings and building systems.

 The goal is to engineer high performance buildings that are sustainable resilient economically viable that ensure the safety health comfort and productivity of occupants, uniting scientific principles from structural mechanical electrical lighting acoustical and construction engineering architectural engineers apply their discipline-specific expertise to conceptualize design construct operate and maintain built environments in interdisciplinary team scenarios.


 Graduates of architectural engineering are widely considered to be creative systems engineers with formal training in creativity and design through architectural design studios married with a solid engineering education, the employment opportunities for architectural engineering are endless and they regularly accept job offers from architectural engineering firms consulting engineering firms real estate developers building equipment designers manufacturers designers and producers of building materials and products. facilities engineering and management groups and beyond you might like architectural engineering if you have an aptitude for math and science have an appreciation for the artistic and emotive aspects of buildings, you are fascinated and passionate about design and construction about sustainability climate change and building related illnesses like asthma.


 You like to organize parts of a system or process and solve problems that help others penn state's program features four varying disciplines, construction structural lighting slash electrical and mechanical because the asce salary report features both structural and construction engineering as options architectural engineering graduates from penn state can go into these career paths as well.


 Why do i support penn state university's architectural engineering program there's plenty of reasons first of all they've had nearly a 100 job placement rate for 30 years for their graduates. they're home to the largest architectural career fair in the world where 135 companies come, every single year to attend and they have 60 more companies that are on the waiting list they have the lowest unemployment rate of engineering majors by a usa today poll at 1.49 percent.


 They offer a bachelor's program of course but also a master's degree program with just one extra year where 93 of those students graduate on time within five years, half the penn state students study abroad at places like rome or china 90% of their students obtain internships and finally they have an opportunity to compete in the aei student design competition where in 2009 penn state swept the entire competition and won every single first place prize last year 2020 they got three top place and three second place pretty good.


 Learn more at the median salary for architectural engineers is $101 and with such a low unemployment rate plenty of job flexibility and a lot of growth going forward this is an eight-year job option for civil engineers. okay next up geotechnical engineering, from a scientific perspective geotechnical engineering largely involves defining the soil strength and deformation properties.


 Clay silt sand rock and snow are important materials in geotechnical engineering this type of engineering includes specialist fields such as soil and rock mechanics geophysics hydro geology and associated disciplines such as geology geotechnical engineering uses scientific methods and principles of engineering to collect and interpret the physical properties of the ground for use in building and construction. its practical application or foundation engineering has come to require a scientific approach the term geotechnics is sometimes used to describe both the theoretical and practical applications of the discipline.


 Geotechnics is applied when planning infrastructure such as roads and tunnels as well as buildings and other construction onshore and offshore, the discipline also involves performing numerical calculations analyzing the stability of slopes and cliffs assessing load-bearing capacity and settlement and deformation in man-made structures, research and development in geotechnical engineering is carried out to improve and further refine equipment and methods for carrying out ground surveys geotechnical engineers may work with equipment and methods for surveying and testing sediment and rock samples in a laboratory they may work with methods for calculating and analyzing the behavior of bearing capacity of soil and rock when planting structures offshore installations tunnels and subterranean spaces.


They may also work with methods of measuring instrumenting and subsequently documenting whether buildings and other structures behave the way they were designed to, we have all seen geotechnical engineering failures the most notable is probably the leaning tower of pisa along with riverside block number seven in shanghai where the entire building just fell right over, because of a foundational failure check out the sinkhole in guatemala city along with plenty other leaning towers that are more modern to our world like the millennium tower in san francisco big band and london was actually leaning.

 the two towers of bologna the tiger hill pagoda and the church of saint mary and all saints plenty of leaning structures even to this day geotechnical engineering is one of the more complicated types of engineering one of my professors in the university always talked about how you can do as many samples as you want. collect as much data as you possibly can with all of your budget and you still can easily make mistakes because you just can't tell what's going on under there.


 it's a pretty exciting field it is decently niche though because the salary is just $100,000 medium and i can only find 4,800 positions on glassdoor right now this is gonna have to be a b-tier job option for civil engineers.


Okay, number five is environmental engineering environmental engineers use the principles of biology and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems, they are involved in water and air pollution control recycling waste disposal and public health issues, environmental engineers conduct hazardous waste management studies in which they evaluate the significance of that hazard advise on its treatment and containment and develop regulations to prevent mishaps. they design municipal water supply and industrial wastewater treatment systems conduct research on the environmental impact of proposed construction projects analyze scientific data and perform quality control checks.


 Environmental engineers are concerned with local as well as worldwide issues some may study and attempt to minimize the effects of acid rain global warming automotive emissions and ozone depletion they also may be involved in the protection of wildlife, many environmental engineers work as consultants helping their clients to comply with regulations prevent environmental damage and clean up hazardous sites.


Environmental engineers typically do the following prepare review and update environmental investigation reports, design projects that lead to environmental protection such as water reclamation facilities or air pollution control systems they may obtain update and maintain plans permits and standard operating procedures, provide technical support for environmental remediation projects for legal actions analyze solutions to the data that they capture and more there are 55,000 jobs existing for environmental engineers the bureau of labor statistics actually reports on this field in its own right its median salary is $109,000 which is pretty good.


 it's super flexible you can work anywhere it's going to be growing in the future because we have done a lot of environmental damage to this planet because of these reasons this is an a tier job option.


okay next up we have my industry which is transportation engineering transportation engineering is the application of technology and scientific principles to the design operation planning and management of transportation infrastructure, mobility service traffic and travelers for various travel modes the travel mode is something like car rail transit air seaway things like that in order to provide for the safe efficient rapid comfortable convenient economical and environmentally sustainable movement of people and goods.


 Transportation engineering is super broad and involves all of the various fields including highway design urban planning travel demand modeling intelligent transportation systems public transit seaports airports railroad engineering traffic engineering user safety pedestrian facilities freight pavement engineering pipelines and more. As a civil engineer in university i focused on transportation engineering because of its connection to technology i was writing papers on driverless vehicles back then we could already see the future of connected vehicles, and vehicle to infrastructure communications.


Everybody knew that because of sci-fi that cars would be flying and we would have drones delivering packages one day and this was one of the coolest things for me within transportation engineering so i pursued that field, i ended up working in its intelligent transportation systems and spent most of my career doing travel demand modeling where we would win a study within a large infrastructure project usually a multi-billion dollar bridge. and we would have to forecast what the -year horizon would look like and choose the best alternative of this bridge.


 it's a super cool field as you can see connected to tech you can work in all types of sectors and in any city all across the world because of its attachment to tech you can use a lot of programming skills, and there's so many jobs out there it's really exciting the median salary is not that bad at $106,000 and for these reasons this is an s to your job option for civil engineers.


 okay number seven is general civil engineering or as some people would call it a municipal engineer or public works engineer general civil engineers plan design supervise the construction of operate maintain inspect and manage many of the physical facilities and systems in both public and private sectors. These facilities include buildings commercial facilities industrial facilities power transmission facilities transportation tunnel water collection facilities water treatment and waste disposal facilities.


 General civil engineers are often responsible for site design which may include grading facility location studies utility design environmental compliance issues code enforcement public decision making and project management issues. Some general civil engineers also become registered professional land surveyors and are engaged in land surveying as well as civil engineering professional activities.

 as such general civil engineers must have a broad base on their education and knowledge around civil engineering specialties engineers who work in general civil engineering are often employed by areas such as land development public works and even military engineering.


 They may end up working for a city a county a state agency a federal agency a utility company and various other industries, a general civil engineer is a person who has a strong foundation for choosing any other specialty within engineering that they may choose and a lot of general civil engineers go on to grad school after a few years if they want to galvanize their skills.


 it's hard for me to get excited about a general civil engineering job especially those that are in the public sector which again means you might work for a government or state body or a county agency where you're not going to have as much salary which is reflected here with a median of $100,000 a year because it's too general it's not too flashy this is a b-tier job option.


 next up number eight we have water engineering there are two disciplines within water engineering you have water resources engineering and hydraulic engineering, water resources engineering is the quantitative study of the hydrologic cycle the distribution and circulation of water linking the earth's atmosphere land and oceans. Subsurface runoff is measured as the difference between precipitation and abstractions.


 Such as infiltration which replenishes groundwater flow surface storage and evaporation applications include the management of the urban water supply the design of urban storm sewer systems and flood forecasting, the other form of water engineering as stated is hydraulic engineering which consists of the application of fluid mechanics to water flowing in an isolated environment such as a pipe or a pump or in an open channel, such as a river lake or ocean civil engineers are primarily concerned with open channel flow.


 Which is governed by the interaction between water and the channel applications include the design of hydraulic structures such as sewage conduits dams and breakwaters and management of waterways, such as erosion protection and flood protection and environmental management such as the prediction of the mixing and transport of pollutants in surface water.

Hydroelectric power development water supply irrigation and navigation are some familiar applications of water resources engineering and may involve the utilization of water for beneficial purposes, water engineers make a median salary again of a hundred thousand dollars a pretty common type of salary on this list.


 Because a lot of water engineering roles are connected to environmental engineering there's a whole lot of jobs out there so despite a not so flashy salary this is an a tier job option.


 Okay, last and certainly not least on this list which is the highest salary that we have to offer which is construction engineering, construction engineering concerns the planning and management of the construction of structures such as highways, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings dams, and reservoirs. Construction of such projects requires knowledge of engineering and management principles and business procedures economics and human behaviour, construction engineers engage in the design of structures temporarily cost estimating, planning and scheduling, materials procurement, selection of equipment and cost control, construction engineering is differentiated from construction management from the standpoint of the use of mathematics science and engineering to analyze problems and design a construction process.


 A good familiarity with reading blueprints is necessary because construction engineers build many of the things that people use every day, construction engineering involves many aspects of construction including commercial residential, bridges, airports, tunnels, and dams. it is an extremely large industry that provides jobs to many and continues to grow.


 Construction engineers are in high demand so it's easy for a civil engineer to get a job in most of the country, here are some of the tasks that they may work on which includes analyzing reports maps drawings blueprints and aero photography and other topographic information. they may monitor costs and estimate calculations monitor budgets and schedules they could communicate with contractors construction staff or other engineers they might use software to design systems and structures while following construction codes.


 They have to calculate load and grade requirements liquid flow rates material material stress points they have to monitor the site safety monitor site cleanliness they might have to look at survey data and document inspection and more. construction engineering is a unique field where you might have to travel it's pretty long hours and it's sometimes high pressure and intense work and that's why the salary for construction engineers is the highest on this list at $119,000 for a base median salary.


 it can be pretty exciting you're always working on something that's connected to the local area and oftentimes you're working with big projects with big budgets with big pressure and big salaries to come with, it so if you can handle the heat and you want to work in a cool industry i encourage you to check out construction engineering and because of all these reasons this is an s-tier job option for civil engineers.


 What do you guys think of the nine jobs listed here for civil engineers ? comment below i respond to every comment nowadays so if you have a question about civil engineering …..!!!! or any type of engineering career or student question drop it in the comments and you will hear from me leave a like on this Article. bye-bye


How to get a job in the Mines, Life with a FIFO worker I wanted to talk about today was how to get a Job into the mines I've had that's probably the biggest question I've had how to get into the mines, how do I do it what do you do what do you need to do many people say that you need to know somebody to get in - you don't need to know anybody to get into the mines that's not my experience anyway I mean it depends what kind of position you're going for at the end of the day a solid recommendation


Mines Job in australia

it's always a good thing but you're going to get it on your own merit because if you get in on someone else's name and something goes wrong with you mess up for some reason that's on their name as well doesn't reflect very well. So I'll tell you bit about the story of how I got into the Mines and don't mind my jocks there's no holes I swear so back when I was I had a mate.


mines job 2021

mines job in australia 2022

I've still got him as a mate funny enough, he's still with me and he went for a job with a contracting company and he'd asked me to go along with him, when he chucks his resume and finds a little bit more about it. Now he was green to Mining and so was I - I was working in a pizza hut at the time yeah I was only young, fresh out of school so I said to him "yeah mate, I'll come along with you and we'll see what it's all about" and that is how I got my Start in Mining


Just on the topic of socks these are years old and they get punished these things good socks they mean a lot, Anyway yes so we went along and funny enough the first place that we ended up coming as contractors was out here where I work now and neither of us had any idea we walked into the planet, and just were absolutely amazed we're in awe of the size the sheer size of it and what goes on we had no idea that that pipe goes there and you know it was all such a blur and we were basically told "yeah this is what you're going to do you go over here fix this repair that whatever" - we had no idea, we had no trade skills or anything, but we managed to fumble our way through I think was a days shutdown we came here for then and so you know that's the start of the process getting a foot in the door.


 So if you want to get into the Mining Game you got to find a way in so you can look on websites in Australia we have, that's a pretty good one and you might find that there's a job going that says you know not a lot of experienced required or no forklift ticket required or things like that that's a good way to get in, and don't knock me for the way I'm following this stuff - if you OCD about that I'm not doing it for the Queen so that's the start there you can also go through a contracting company just to name a few but not all of them obviously you've got mobs like Dawson's and over in Western Australia, Barminco are pretty big.


mines job in australia

 Just depends what you want to do so you need to sort of find out what you want to do in the mine there are a lot of roles from stuff that's like even spare parts interpreters at say your local Toyota Dealership, could do so you could warehouse you could do some warehousing you could be a cleaner if you you know it anyway in the door you can there are people that work in the plant.


 Such as myself I Work in fixed plant and then you've got Underground Mines you've got you've got truck drivers in the haul trucks there's there's a whole heap thing so first thing you need to do, is find out what you want to do and where you want to go with that if you had a management level then potentially you could you don't even have to work on the floor you could go in and become a superintendent or something along those lines even if it's maybe an accounting superintendent or something like that.


 So the way that I found it quite good to get in was through a contracting company and it was very lucky so we came out here this was the first place that I came, and we ended up coming back for a couple of shutdowns throughout that year and that was really good that was a good foot in the door I started to make relationships on site here with people who were I was working with directly who actually worked for the company.


mines job 2021

 So they got to know me a little bit you know working one-on-one with them usually you form that kind of relationship, and then we went out to a couple of other mines with Tony when me-old-mate Tony in this contracting company and we were doing things again all of these things were well within without outside of my own realm of skill like I had no mechanical trade, I didn't know anything I don't know the first thing about rebuilding a pump or things like that but anyway I had a go and that's that's a good thing you need to have a go, and we end up coming back here again so we did I think we did four shutdowns out here in the space of about months.


 In that time we developed a few good relationships with the people here to the point where I thought I'd sit down and talk with one of them which happened to be the superintendent, and he was a very good bloke he was very easy to chat to - and they all are, these guys are people at the end of the day got to remember that sometimes it's like and sometimes it's not but you're talking to this superintendent he said I like your work Keith.


 You're good you rock up you do what you've got to do to go above and beyond he said how would you like a position with us and that right there my friends is history for me so obviously what I showed was that I come to work I do my work I do a good job I'm friendly I'm approachable you know all of those things working in my favour, to the point where they wanted to take me on which is good as in a in a way it sort of like headhunting yourself making yourself an asset and that's what you got to do, and I didn't go out looking for that initially I didn't even think oh maybe I should talk to these guys and get a job.


underground site mines in australia

 That would be good so that's how I got in what i'll also say - if you are getting recommended for a position by a mate, make sure you do right by your mate and you know you come to work every day do what you've got to do and keep your nose clean because at the end of the day that person's word is what got you in the door so if you screw up or if you're always having incidents or not turning up to work things like that then you're not making that person look really good, and that will have an impact on their career as well because people talk in the Mining Industry.


 So keep that in mind if you've got a long distant friend from seven years ago that you saw at a party that you sort of remember their name, I wouldn't ask them for a reference to get in because they probably don't know you well enough and be honest even if they say they're gonna recommend, you they're probably not going to so don't get your hopes up on that. Best advice - go in as a contractor establish relationships work hard do what you've got to do and then see what you've got from there but always keep your eye on those websites to see if there are any jobs going because that's your ticket in especially if you've been out there as a contractor so you've got I'm in Western Queensland you've got Mt Isa, you got the Bowen Basin, you've got coal you've got all the way down through Rocky, Moroonbah and all of that kind of stuff I don't know a lot about Western Australia.


 I know that I know a bit about it but not locations and such you've got a lot of coal in New South Wales not too familiar with Victoria I know that there's hard metal in South Australia, so that's your copper your gold things like that excuse me but at the end of the day you need to go in with a plan so you need to go okay this is what I want to do if you want to work underground, good for you a lot of dollars in underground.


People always talk about drillers and that is a that's a Good Paying Job but at the end of the day if you're just chasing dollar signs and doing work that you don't you don't know anything about and that's probably not interesting to you you're gonna fail at that so keep in mind don't go just chasing the dollar signs you're gonna get in and do something that you like doing and I like working on cars as you probably see a few if you watch my article, so I'm a bit of a mechanically minded person I like to use my hands or like something that's going to keep me going I do like to think so that's where my job really suits me as well.


 I mean you also get these these people that are like fly-by-nighters in the mining industry. Same with oil and gas and fertilizer and things like that in construction, now there are a lot of people who sometimes just want to chase the Dollar signs so they'll get to a Mine Site, they'll work there for six months and go yeah I've got a better offer you know here, then go work there for six months got a better offer there and then just keep moving around and that's all good if that's your cup of tea just keep in mind bouncing around like that there's not a lot of job security so you can go between the big mining companies.


 You could end up on good money with a small Mining Company - a very small one but there is also a risk associated with that as seen with the (BLEEP!!) virus a lot of people got laid-off, contractors lost their jobs things like that you need to sort of balance where you want to go in life. If you want to just chase dollars signs that's all good yeah but have your focus before you start before you get in - keep your eyes on the job network and see what's out there.


Thanks for read this aticle, if you want to have a chat to me one on one without all the comments down here, feel free to jump over onto Facebook and @chillinkeith - I'll put a link up here in the description and probably put something on the screen there no doubt as well and you can just chat to me. I've had blokes from overseas talking to me about getting jobs in the mines here in Australia I've had wives who are having problems at home if you watched my last article there was old mate who was having some dramas - he's finally got that sorted which is really good.


 No body is immune from that but anyway keep your eyes peeled guys and yeah if you want to chat, feel free, otherwise, I appreciate your time have a good one


WORKING ON CRUISE SHIP Working on a cruise ship is without a doubt one of the most unique and interesting experiences anyone could ever have think about it you pack your bags to move somewhere for six months or more where you'll never be in the same location never have the same people around and you'll never be in a normal environment. 

while working on board cruise ships you'll have to settle for a new normal just like we have during this pandemic, except of course we're talking about a good new normal anyway working on more cruise ships is an experience unlike any other. and today using my personal experience i'm going to tell you things that i absolutely loved about working on board cruise Ship.

Working on a cruise ship is without a doubt one of the most unique and interesting experiences

Now i do have to put a little disclaimer out there everything that i'm going to mention in today's video is not going to be for everybody opinions and experiences may vary based on personal likes and dislikes and other factors like of course the cruise line you're working for and even what position you were working in on board also keep in mind that all this is pre-pandemic.

 so things possibly could have changed by the time you see this video so the first thing i loved about working on board cruise ships is that you are paid to travel obviously this one is a no-brainer it's always a plus when you get to travel on the company dime, now imagine having your flights your living accommodations your food taken care of you cannot go wrong with that anybody that hasn't had a job like this, you are missing out now obviously this is a big selling point for cruise lines this is how they get a lot of the members that don't really necessarily need to work on board cruise ships.

 to actually get on board they tell them that they can travel and they get to see the world and all these amazing places now given i'm not gonna lie to you there are some people on board that get to see more of these destinations and ports and islands than the other however working on board a cruise ship on the ship alone it's an experience in itself, which leads me to the second thing that i loved about working on board cruise ships, the second thing i loved is that life on board a cruise ship is its own world within itself imagine planet earth condensed into one small area.

 it's literally like that you're talking about anywhere from to in my case when i was working on board cruise ships 70 different nationalities all in one place, i'm telling you it's insane you also live in a world where your social life becomes your work life and honestly i know that sounds bad but it is a lot better than it sounds, it's cool to see all this actually mixed together you're living where you work on top of that you're around all these different cultures you have these international parties which i'll talk about later, anyway we'll talk about that but also just from a cultural standpoint you get to learn a lot, i honestly didn't learn a new language i was working on board a cruise ship or anything like that honestly i was a little too lazy to be doing that.

 however i did learn a lot of bad words in about seven different languages now speaking of that you get a lot of experiences which leads me to my third point the third thing that i love is that you get to try new things for those of you out there that have already worked on board cruise ships you know what i'm talking about, and for those that haven't just stick around for a second i'll explain.

 so working on board a cruise ship is similar in a weird way to like a college type environment you get your own cabin which is similar to your own dorm room and you get to do a lot of self-discovery and soul searching and try a lot of new experiences, for some those experience may be just going scuba diving for the first time in one of these islands or ports, for others it could mean playing spin the bottle or truth or dare at one of the cabin parties which could lead to other grown adult things.

Now i'm not gonna talk about it in this video because we're gonna keep it pg but you get the idea you also have an opportunity to put a little money aside if you have the self-control, which leads me to the fourth thing that i loved about working on board cruise ships, number four is that you get to save money and we all love money right…… now being completely honest with you chances are regardless of your position or the cruise line you're working for.

experience working on cruise ship

 You're not going to make a million dollars during one contract however the benefit of working on board cruise ship is that you have the opportunity to save money, depending on how your circumstances are at home and other factors of course now of course there are people out there that have to send money home for their kids or what have you, but the truth is while working on board the ship you don't have rent you don't have food you got to pay for and you don't have to put gas in your car to drive anywhere.

 so if you're a younger person for example that doesn't have a lot going on fresh out of college working on board a cruise ship is not a very bad idea, personally when i was working on board i used the time to invest i also put a little bit of money aside as well but i did make the mistake of during my first contract and when i was working for the harlem globetrotters, i kept my apartment so i had to pay for an apartment that i wasn't even living in for an entire year while i was working on board the cruise ship and while i was on tour, don't make that mistake 

Number five is that you can build a career for yourself the beauty about working on board cruise ships is that you have all the resources in the world that you need in order to take whatever it is that you're doing a step further, for example of course on the ship you can go from let's say waiter to manager or even captain with the right choices who knows.

 But this also goes outside of the cruise ship you gotta understand that every position just about on board the cruise ship is available on land if you work in a casino on the ship you can work in a casino on land, beauty parlor anywhere else on board do you have it obviously of course things change and vary here, and there but my point is also you're taking this experience from a cruise ship and taking it on land and in my opinion and the opinion of others working on board a cruise ship and doing these jobs sometimes 12 hours a day is a lot harder than being on land where you're only working eight hours a day and commuting back and forth home, in a nutshell all this looks good on a resume.

 Number six is that you can learn new skills now i know somebody's gonna say this is similar to building a career however this is different because i'm talking about the things that maybe you hadn't planned on learning or something you always wanted to learn, however you didn't have the right resources around but on board the cruise ship you got people from all over the world that have a ton of different skill sets and can teach you a lot of different things.

 For example when i was working on board the ship i learned how to dj and then i was djing over at the crew bar for practice i also learned how to do youtube i started, and now i do it full time thanks to somebody that understood google and youtube really well now also on top of this guys there is an unlimited amount of options on board, you could learn how to play poker you could learn a new language the sky is literally the limit.

 The seventh thing that i loved about working on board cruise ships is the international connections now this is something that is often and unfortunately overlooked for a lot of crew members because typically people working on board cruise ships, will hang out with the people they work with and they kind of have their little click like i said it's like a college environment. Now this is something that shouldn't be overlooked because this could benefit you both from a professional standpoint and a personal standpoint.

 I've seen people from different countries form companies together i've seen people use other people and use the bad word, but they've been able to have the opportunity to visit other parts of the world because they have friends in those areas, and when it comes to of course relationships i've seen people from countries across the world get married and live happily ever after and this is a great thing because whether it be friends or for a romantic relationship who doesn't love foreigners.

The eighth thing that i loved about working on board cruise ships is that you're going to without a doubt find out what you're made of, while working on board the cruise ship some people get seasick, some people get homesick, some people get drunk sick, now aside from all that it's notoriously known throughout the cruise ship industry and the rest of the world that people working on board cruise ships work a lot.

 Sometimes up to hours per day almost every day and in saying that at some point you're going to find out if you can cut it or not, if this is actually worth the money or the time experience that you're getting on board the ship, now i gotta say with all this in mind of course if you can do this if anybody is strong enough to work on board a cruise ship because it does take a lot of strength, you can work literally anywhere.

 Number nine is that your home life does not matter anymore all that matters now is ship life and what happens on the ship stays on the ship, no i'm just kidding just to clear this up guys i'm not saying your friends and family whatever it is you got going on back home doesn't matter, what i'm saying is that everything as far as your status you know how rich you are and what you do back home, doesn't matter to everybody on board the ship.

 Everybody is living in the same place and chances are you may have potentially the same cabin as everybody else, or even if you got your own or anything like that nobody really cares. now given there is a factor of what you do on board the ship that gives you some kind of status. but it isn't as bad as things are on land.

 Now i have seen some people use this to their advantage during their contract for example somebody may have a girlfriend a husband or wife over at home, and they get on board the ship and they are on the other team they are i guess happier but at the same time they can kind of pretend to be somebody that they're not, or maybe they're just revealing who they really are. it's an interesting place i'll tell you that all, right so you've survived another episode of the ship life.

 Well almost we got one more to go so the th thing that i loved about working on board cruise ships is the perks and bonuses that come with it, now working on board cruise ships of course you get all kinds of discounts, and all kinds of free stuff, for example as a crew member we have crew parties not every cruise line does this but when you do it is absolutely amazing. because at these crew parties you get free drinks now the thing is there are limits to working on board creatures as far as you can drink however as long as you can kind of skirt by security, and you don't have to work the next day usually you're pretty good.

 unless you get called for a random drug and alcohol test then uh anyway also looking at this too whenever you go to the ports and islands you get a lot of discounts, so for example if you're a crew member the people in the island the locals they will give you a discount for being a crew member on war cruise ships, if you want to rent a car you can rent a car for like for the whole day you want a jet ski you can get it for like for the whole day. the amount of discounts are endless also on board the ship if you let's say off contract you want to go on a cruise you get a discount for that too as well as bringing somebody on board. I

 brought my girlfriend on board the ship and i got a ridiculous discount and it was absolutely amazing, so to conclude working on board a cruise ship is something that i would recommend to literally anybody, naturally just like everything else in the world there are pros and there are cons i also did a Article talking about the things that i hated about working on board cruise ships if you want to check that Article out .

i hope you enjoyed it were you surprised by any of this or did it all make a little bit of sense now on the way out guys all i ask that you of course hit that like my information.

Job opportunities in car detailing workshop 2021 Joe here, at JP details with the needs average day in the life of an automotive vomit rent detailer today is a little different from the usual which I guess is the main reason I’ve written snippets throughout my day as I knew, it would make good information the title was going to be called something like first mobile job in the Focus RS what I ended up writing information throughout the day so I can turn into Day in Life. i love this Job

 It has tempted me to do one of these for quite some time so here we are my days usually start around a.m. with the alarm clock buzzing I grab some Weetabix or Special K and flick the kettle on for a morning coffee, and brush my teeth. Have a wash and decorate me in JP details a uniform whilst not forgetting the snapback cap the coffee..... 
Gets drunken and it's off to a mobile job somewhere in Staffordshire or straight to the unit I mentioned that today is going to be a little different from the usual and to begin with I only had two jobs booked in the first being a simple wet sunder machine polishing job from the Land Rover Discovery to remove some unsightly scratches on the boot lid the job is only down the road.

I was planning a visit to ripples aquatics this afternoon before my next job so I thought why the hell not and let’s take four focus a ten-minute drive down the road and I arrived at my first destination in record-breaking time and also record-breaking fuel usage valet runner who is based in stone in Staffordshire of a running and cycling store and I was there to attend to the managing directors' wife’s vehicle. I’ll show you inside their store shortly myself voted the Land Rover Discovery the day before.

However, I ran out of time so I needed to pop back to sort out the Troublesome defects on the boot lid the following day which is today these marks were caused by the garage door closing down on the boot lid but godless of how they got there I needed to get them gone wet and dry Sun paper grit was deployed in the way I went with the required sanding block saturate the panel often infrequently to keep it lubricated and good for Sun paper across the Troublesome defect thoroughly with medium pressure laundry the paintwork is very thick and mostly.

They are pretty hard this area could well in truly take one heck of thorough wet sand before breaking through the clear coat the aim is to get the Troublesome area completely fluttered down so that it’s a complete light shade of grey essentially until the clear coat is fully rough up if I could give you one word of advice for wet sanding then it would be to simply try it you will be surprised with how easy it is to do in reality you must be doing something incredibly wrong to break through the clear coat or if you did happen to break through the clear coat then the chances are it will be a problem with the car.

 That you didn’t notice beforehand experience is key but regardless of that you still need to get the experience in the first place I’ve forgotten that I’ve left my pads to bucket the unit so I’m gonna have to go back and each Dorio little politic Christmastime yeah this I’m not gonna be able to get away yeah I should get it good after the West something was complete the area was given an initial cutting stage using the reap has many Bigfoot and a three-inch microfiber cutting part and the repairs green medium compound when refining wet sanding marks in automotive paintwork.

 it takes more time to fully restore lots of passes a nice amount of compound yourself being incredibly thorough with the machine polisher is going to work wonders be aim with the cutting stages to restore the paintwork to finish back to a nice and glossy one and to obviously remove all of that light gray haze when I was satisfied that the cutting stage had done its job I selected a repays barked three-inch finishing pad in the repairs white finishing polish to maximize the gloss level on the Troublesome area when you compound paint work it tends to be behaves a bit same behind and even some identical or uniform swirl marks from the cutting abrasives the finishing stage is going to make sure that all the dust is removed and that the paintwork is completely refined.

 Once again with the finishing stage you want to be nice and thorough making sure that all of that polish gets worked into the areas with obsession [Applause] with the Troublesome area wiped down with IPA so I can inspect the results followed with the white paper with detail spray it was time to pack up the gear in the back of the Focus before heading goth before we leave let’s take a quick look around the Velo Verona store shoot some footage inside your talk about the company.

 and what you do Valley Runner who are based in stone specialize in cycling and running equipment and everything seems to be top-of-the-line they are a small independent store in the heart of Staffordshire just minutes away from them.

Finally, insure the car or choose car detailing to take care of its appearance



MEDIA ini dibuat untuk kalian - kalian yang sedang mencari informasi Lowongan kerja, Kami akan terus MengUpdate informasi - informasi terbaru seputar Peluang kerja di Tanah Air.

Untuk kalian - kalian yang Baru pertama kali Merasakan Sulitnya mencari lapangan pekerjaan, kalian pantau saja terus informasi - informasi yang akan disuguhkan diMedia ini.

Para Fresh Graduate pasti lebih sering mendengar sulitnya mencari Lowongan Pekerjaan, itu sangat Wajar karena itu adalah informasi pertama yang kalian dengar dari Teman, keluarga yang lebih dulu Lulus dari Kalian.......

Tidak semenakutkan itu kok aselinya, karna banyak informasi lapangan pekerjaan di Media Online saat ini, kalian hanya perlu Rajin membuka portal - portal yang berisikan informasi Lowongan Pekerjaan, dan jangan selalu punya pikiran lapangan kerja hanya banyak tersedia di kota - kota Besar saja.

Untuk kalian yang berada di Daerah yang jauh dari ibukota, sebetulnya kalian juga bisa melirik UKM yang ada disekitar lingkungan dimana kalian tinggal, karena UKM memegang peranan penting untuk pertumbuhan perekonomian Negara juga pemerataan lapangan pekerjaan di Tanah Air ini. So.... Lapangan pekerjaan tidak sebatas Pabrik dan Kantor saja.

Biasanya persyaratan untuk Lowongan kerja Skala UKM itu tidak Serumit Persyaratan kerja di Perusahaan besar, jadi kalian bisa dengan mudah ambil peluang tersebut. Oh ya..... Kalian dan teman dekat biasanya akan selalu bersama sampai waktu dimana kalian janjian untuk mencari kerja bareng, tapi perlu diingat. Saat sesi interview kalian dan teman itu secara tidak sadar sedang bersaing, bisa jadi kalian yang diterima sedangkan teman yang sama - sama bareng berangkat interview akhirnya tidak Lolos tes....... Itu hal yang sering terjadi dan sangat sering terjadi

Persiapkan diri kalian untuk masuk persaingan lapangan pekerjaan, kalian perlu mengasah kemampuan diri sejak dibangku sekolah/kuliah seperti penguasaan Bahasa Asing, penguasaan pengoprasian komputer dll.

Untuk yang baru Merasakan cari kerja saran Admin sih jangan terlalu memilih, ambil saja peluang yang ada didepan mata (kalau lolos interview), kalian bisa gunakan waktu selama bekerja di Tempat baru itu untuk mengasah skill dan pengalaman..... Karena pesaingan kerja setiap tahunya bukan hanya diisi oleh Fresh Graduate saja tapi juga ada pesaing dari orang yang sudah bekerja tapi resign/keluar karena ingin mendapatkan pekerjaan yang lebih Tinggi dari sisi gajih/Salary.

Jangan buang masa Muda kalian hanya sebatas Main, Rebahan atau Malas - Malasan ya.......

Banyak hal yang perlu dipelajari karena memang tidak diajarkan saat pendidikan Formal.......

Kita sama - sama Berdoa agar Indonesia Tercinta Segera Terbebas dari Wabah Covid ini, AMIN.


Admin, Markir-Lagi 



LOWONGAN KERJA ini dibuka Kamis tanggal 11 November 2021 

Pulish tanggal 15 November 2021


CONTACT : 081511884370

Atlantis Pack adalah Workshop Pembuatan Packaging Box Skala (Home industri)

Atlantis Pack adalah usaha yang bergerak di bidang pembuatan Rigid Box Custom Box, Packaging Box

Kami sedang membutuhkan Pegawai/Karyawan untuk posisi sebagai berikut :

Bagian Produksi.

Persyaratan :

-Pria Atau Wanita

-Lulusan SMP / SMU / STM usia maksimal 35 tahun untuk operator produksi

-Prilaku Baik, Sopan, Rajin

-Berpakaian Sopan 

-Membawa Surat lamaran kerja dan pengalaman kerja dapat dikirimkan langsung ke :

Komplek Pergudangan Multiguna Bizpoint Jl. Pemda Tigaraksa No. 1 Blok B No. 37 Sukamulya Cikupa – Tangerang

-Calon Karyawan Harus sudah di Vaksin Covid 19 ya

-Bertemu dengan Ibu Iin/Bapak Ahmat

Pandemi Covid-19 telah membawa perekonomian Nasional dan Global ke arah resesi ekonomi. Hal ini ditandai dengan pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional dan global yang negatif atau kontraksi. 

Perekonomian nasional sendiri, baru mengalami kontraksi pada triwulan II tahun 2020 dengan pertumbuhan ekonomi di -5,3%.

Pemerintah mengupayana dengan melaksanakan program Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional (PEN) yang diharapkan mulai efektif di triwulan III. PEN tersebut terdiri dari 3 (tiga) kebijakan utama yaitu peningkatan konsumsi dalam negeri (demand), peningkatan aktivitas dunia usaha (supply) serta menjaga stabilitas ekonomi dan ekpansi moneter. 

Ketiga kebijakan tersebut harus mendapat dukungan dari Kementerian/Lembaga, pemerintah daerah, BUMN/BUMD, pelaku usaha, dan masyarakat.

Ayo bergabung dan bekerja di UMKM dan semangat kebersamaan di tempat kami.

tidak punya pengalaman bekerja tetap punya semangat dan loyalitas yang tinggi

gak usah khawatir, nanti akan kami latih untuk cara bekerjanya.

Datang langsung dengan membawa surat lamaran kerja, KTP ke :

Komplek Pergudangan Multiguna Bizpoint Blok B No. 37

Jl. Pemda Tigaraksa No. 1, Sukamulya, Cikupa - Tangerang

Sesi Interview akan dilaksanakan setiap Hari pada Jam 14:00 WIB.