Job Opportunities for Entertainers on Cruise Ship Jobs, it's a High paying jobs

high paying jobs on cruise ship Are you a talented performer looking to take your career and show business to the next level ? have you dreamed of having steady bookings in world-class showrooms, do you crave a life of travel and adventure then you're going to want to pay very close attention to this presentation.

 if you are like i was you might be hearing from people who are telling you that show business, is a nice hobby but you need to get a real job, there can be a lot of obstacles in your path when you are trying to achieve your dreams, but i'm here to tell you that a career in show business is a reality and in fact it is a real job.

 it's true fred and i have been traveling the world for many years living like jet setters treated like celebrities, because we are guest entertainers on cruise ships and you can be too, i know what it was like to want a place to perform in front of enthusiastic audiences in grand theaters.
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 i myself dreamed of working in las vegas and having my own showroom that is until i realized it was a ton of work requiring me to wheel and deal with ticket brokers and to four wall the showroom. Who needs that ? i would have gone bankrupt in my early years i spent many a day sitting by the phone waiting for a job to come in, then when it finally did it was a gig in a hotel ballroom for 50 people and the stage if i even got one was a set of risers that creaked and buckled as i walked on them.

 you probably know exactly what i'm talking about maybe you are currently working the fair circuit on an outdoor stage that is really a flatbed trailer, with the wind blowing you all over the fairgrounds whatever your situation is i have a feeling that you might be getting discouraged, but you haven't given up completely because you are here and by signing up for gigs on ships you've taken the first step in a series of steps that could change your life forever

 keep reading this article so we can provide you with valuable information as you set sail on a voyage into travel adventure and stardom, let's talk about one of the number one benefits of working at sea which is what is it for you ultimately the sea this is going to be something that you see on the regular every day and whether you like the waves lulling you to sleep or just the sound of the ocean.

 this is a top benefit for me and it may not look exactly like this it could be more like getting paid to travel and see the world is a top benefit of working on a cruise ship. Right and if you're a headline entertainer you probably work at most what two nights a week and the rest of the time you get to enjoy all the amenities of the cruise ship and all the great ports that you get to visit.

 so it's an amazing opportunity in that respect what other job will pay you to travel the world even being a flight attendant takes you to exotic locations but you're working for the majority of it, you have to turn right around and go back where on this situation you unpack you move into your cabin and you're visiting exotic destinations all over the world and somebody's paying you to do it and you stay for a relatively lengthy period of time.
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 so that you get to enjoy that experience but maybe more important for an entertainer is the audience and boy that's such good news isn't it, built-in audience that basically is there to have a great time they're already in a good mood. so um let me paint the picture for you on a cruise ship you have a captive audience you have a number of people that have literally nowhere else to go except the theater that night you have one of the most beautiful well-equipped theaters you've ever seen in your life.

 everything is laid out perfectly they have the very best in lighting and sound there's a team of people backstage that are willing and able and it's their job to make you look really really good, so you have a rehearsal you lay everything out and then come show time you have a beautiful dressing room you get yourself ready people file in they fill up every room in the house in this beautiful theatre.

 the lights dim the mc the cruise director he comes out everybody already knows him they like him he's uh he talks about things that are going to happen and he says you know what i have a very special friend who's going to come out and entertain you next, he introduces you you get a great round of applause that the curtain parts spotlight shines on you all eyes are on you.

 to me that was the dream of show business and show business has moved out to sea, so we aren't yeah we're not schlepping tickets four walling too well and none of that it's all done for you all you have to do is show up with a great show, have a great time with that audience and here maybe a benefit number three is there's um sort of a recurring booking, so if you go out to a good job and we'll talk about that in future Article, then you're asked back so it's not like you're hustling new gigs all the time.

 Right you can work for the same cruise line for years on end which is exactly what we've done right ? right and while we are coming to you from the beautiful island of hawaii we have seen most of the world and somebody else has paid us to do it. what other opportunities are or great parts of being a cruise ship entertainer are they ? well i know one thing that i love is not having to worry about what to cook every day it's really nice knowing that the you know food is there for me somebody else is thinking about it and all i have to do is decide what i'm going to eat that day.

 world-class chefs making your meals for you and i mean a lot of the benefits of working on a cruise for a guest entertainer are similar to those as being a guest on a cruise, because essentially we have guest entertainer status which means we have passenger status and have a lot of the same privileges that the passengers have, we just also get to do our show while we're.

 there so it's a really great situation and unpacking once having somebody else cook for you clean for you and pay you to see all these exotics they make your bed, they take out the garbage you don't have to worry about any of that stuff in fact in a our next Article perhaps we'll take you inside one of our cruise ship cabins so you can see what it's like to actually live on board.

 A lot of the cruise ships also have fitness centers and gyms so if you love to work out then you can take advantage of that, if you're like fred and myself where you like to get out into the ocean and be active we take advantage of scuba diving and hiking and a lot of other outdoor activities that we've been fortunate enough to do all over the world. that's a big one for me it's a life of adventure i always wanted to do that and this allows me to.

 it's hard to find anything that is negative about taking your act out to sea if we're gonna be honest in this first Article though i would say one thing is it is a lot of travel so decide whether or not you love to trave,,l you don't like to travel, i mean i assume if you're here watching this article that you have an itch to travel and take take your act out to see, so some people might consider the traveling the worst part of the job but that lasts one day.

 and then you're on a beautiful cruise ship and and life is great i would say travel is involved in most entertainment um in this case so you get to go to your venue and unpack your suitcase, and then you're only what it's like a five minute walk at least to work, right every time that you do it so your commute your stress level goes way way down.

 in a cruise ship type job so i think that's a benefit it's really tough to come up with negatives for working at sea, possibly seasick but guess what there's a cure for that and we're going to tell you about it in gigs on ships. Well basically we're going to tell you how to overcome anything that might be a perceived negative about working at sea.

 and we're going to highlight all of the positives because we've been doing this for a combined many many years, yeah let's not put a number on that right now yeah hey but i want to talk about the elephant in the ocean right there's an elephant in the ocean well yeah so cruises have shut down they've been closed for a number of months almost two years really because of this virus this pandemic yeah so right now.

 is a unique opportunity there's been a reset in the industry cruise lines are slowly sending their fleet back out to sea and that means they're right now stocking those ships with entertainers, and it's a new opportunity if you've never been in the market before it is a new opportunity and let's talk about why there are a couple of factors that are affecting the talent pool that was already at sea, one of those being that some people aren't comfortable getting vaccinated or some people just simply maybe they are vaccinated but they're not comfortable going back to sea yet.

 For whatever reason maybe their family situation changed maybe they found a permanent job during the pandemic and they've decided to transition out of the entertainment industry, there are a lot of factors affecting um the the going back into cruising, so but it opens up opens up a lot of new opportunities thank you for entertainers who are looking to break into the business now is an excellent opportunity.

 i would say there's even been a little bit of a change over or shuffle in the um entertainment booker's side, so there are new people in charge and um so they're looking at new acts people that they haven't had a history with, so again that opens up a different kind of opportunity than we've had before and that could affect you so, stick with us come back for our other article and we'll explain those opportunities a little more deeply and in the meantime enjoy this beautiful hawaiian ocean.